Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning to Grill

We had a simple family get together yesterday. The night before a friend shared some photos of the food she grilled for their weekend get together. It made hubby and me think maybe learning to grill food on our own would be a good idea and bonding activity to do with the little boy during our weekend since our weekend usually does not fall on the regular weekend.

I know there are good choices of gas and electric grills. I like this table top or those portable grills that you can carry with you on out of town trips perhaps. I am not sure though what kind of grill my friend used. But the food she grilled especially the salmon looks so delish in the photo. We missed my brother in law who passed away already. He was good at grilling and doing barbeque. Those were years ago. 

Now it would be fun to learn to grill and do it at my sister's house. She shared last night while we were waiting for our ride home that she plans to extend her patio and make the front lawn more spacious for us to use during our family get together. She has a big space outside her house.It would accommodate enough space for us in the future where we can grill and have a simple barbecue party with the family and kids to enjoy.

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