Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Smiling from ear to ear if I may describe myself now as I look into the photos of our little boy a few months ago and some latest ones taken. We feel blessed that we have the little boy. I reminisce the moments from toilet training to his first day at a M-preschool.

There are also photos of him riding his red police motorbike and lots of photos that made me realize how chubby he was then compared now that he is very active yet still quite choosy with food plus he just got well to which I say he lost weight. I really did not consider him chubby until I saw the photos and videos months ago and now. 

But then the doctor would say he is somewhat over weight for his age when he looks just fine to us. Well now that he lost weight I should be smiling. But what is most important is that he is healthy and that would make me keep on smiling. 

He now was granted his wish of playing soccer and he becomes more active now. He may not gain weight as much as he did months ago but as long as he is healthy and not sickly as I continuously pray for each day, then I would keep on smiling. 

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