Sunday, May 15, 2011


My classmate in college is into running and has been frequently participating in fun runs in the city which is more often now than I could remember years ago. It is a healthy activity anyway so I say go and run.
Then another classmate of ours who is now based in Singapore has taken interest in running too. 

The other day, we get to have a little chat over at Facebook. I am just as surprised when they both asked me if  can recommend any testosterone supplements that work. It seems the other friend remembered I mentioned something about reviews on this supplement. I am no expert but there are resources I know where one can read more about on these products known to increase muscle and strength fast. 

I need strength and endurance indeed in order to run just like those two friends do. Yes of late I have been thinking more of doing running as an exercise given we are just near a new mall that has just opened and we could run in their grounds suring early morning. I can start with just walking anyway then work my way until I can just like them go running! I wish!

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