Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Longer Sleep

The little kid has been getting longer sleep as dear hubby and I observed in the past two days. Well he has been sleeping early and waking up early therefore changing his body clock for the past two days and somehow his sleeping pattern as well. Sleep is good anyway and I think he needs it while he is growing up still.

While I myself try to get some power naps when I can too especially during this time of the month when I really get sleepy most of the time during the day. I need more sleep and avoid staying awake up late at night. Still I get to ask myself how to get rid of dark circles even after I have caught up on my "less sleep nights" I should say. 

But more obvious for me are my eye bags that becomes bigger when I get to sleep late for a few consecutive nights. I can only wish I can sleep longer just like my little kid does but I got work to do around the house while he is in dreamland. I may just have to take a real vacation and do some real long sleep during those days. I wish!

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