Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Free and Instant Haircut

I had an instant haircut right here at home thanks to my dear hubby turned "Hurry Cutter" as we joked earlier today. The salon I go to is just a few minutes away from where we are but I decided to just postpone having a more proper haircut in that salon until this weekend maybe. 

Hubby just cut it straight and in less than a minute he was done. He was obviously happy with what he did. I feel my hair became lighter with two to three inches off it now. Thanks dad for the free  and instant haircut!

I have been thinking of getting a really short hair cut after years of maintaining a long hair. I don't want to get anymore hair treatments in the salon as much as possible after reading about some health concerns on hair straightening products with some ingredients that are harmful even possibly causing cancer. So the best that I can get for my hair now is to have my hair "ironed" straight when there are special occasions. Other than that I'd stay away from any hair treatment for now. 

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