Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Easter Basket

My nephew proudly showed me the Easter eggs and what is left of the  goodies in the Easter basket he got last Easter Sunday. I was looking into a photo of that taken by my other nephew that same day. 

It reminded me of the Easter basket store that I was shopping at two weeks ago. I was looking while wishing I can have an Easter basket myself full of these easter chocolates. My nephew had long eaten his chocolates! While I now thinking about it is craving for chocolates. 

As they say "whether as an Easter bunny, Easter eggs or a candy bar, nothing can top Easter chocolate!" Don't you just find these easter chocolates I was looking at so tempting! Even my son wanted to have that same easter basket like what my nephew had but my lil boy cannot have chocolates still being a no-no yet in his diet. Well same for me but I can take one or two you know whether it comes from an easter basket or not!

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