Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sleeping Early

Maybe the little boy and the rest of us can practice sleeping early from now on with the school season about to start after next week. His class may still be in the afternoon. It gives me more time too to do more work while he is in school compared to him attending the morning class when it seems that time flies so fast.

I am no longer sleeping early tonight though good thing that the little boy slept early because he got so tired from playing at his fave funhouse for four hours. At least there he gets to play with other kids around his age. Playing there too for the past few days makes him sleep early at night. Tired from having so much fun!

Sweet Temptations


I faced these sweet temptations last night at a coffee shop and I was just as happy that I was able to stop myself from buying and eating one of these sweet treats for dessert. Thank goodness that thinking about and being reminded by that slimvox I read yesterday made me think twice about ordering any of these delicous treats. 

As a doctor would say on what good and bad to eat for one's health, he replied that there seems to be nothing bad to eat because the question lies on how much we eat and how often do we eat those kind of food that makes it good or bad for our health. If we eat too much of anything, it becomes bad for our health including these sweet temptations!

God is Good

God is good all the time and that even if there are times in life when we feel there are so many challenges and trials, we just have to have the faith and hold on. We have to be strong for others no matter how tempting it is to fall and break down. 

Life must be lived well. For those of us still living, we have to make the most of what we have for God has been and is good to us no matter who we are and what we are.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Injury Lawyers

I have been reading this from friends as well but it is indeed serious matter when someone you love like your very own child perhaps would have been physically affected by taking a medicine such as what happened with those pregnant moms who may have taken Topamax, an anti-convulsant drug which is being used to treat epileptic seizures in children and adults as well. 

Those moms who gave birth to children with a birth defect as a bad side effect of the said drug may need the help of a lawyer such as that of an Austin personal injury attorney who specializes in cases or lawsuits related to this. It ain't easy for the family so they should really get the best help from those lawyers.

Theme Hunting

I got some free time from work and I wanted to do some theme hunting. Theme for wordpress blog that is that is free of sponsored links at the footer. Are there still nice free themes for wordpress blogs out there that has no embedded links at the footer and sometimes they are even encrypted that if you remove them, the theme will not work anymore and sometimes your blog's appearance will be greatly affected. 

I cannot find nice themes anymore from the old sources. There are more nice themes for blogger blogs that I see. Anyone knows where I can find those nice WP themes I want?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Junk Food Tees

My sister showed me a link at Facebook that led me to these Coke's anniversary t shirts or what they call junk food tees. My friend's sister had been looking for something like this so I shared the link to her. 

The store who sells these so called junk food tees pays tribute to popular and favorite musicians, superheroes, and sports. Their tees are indeed stylish, fun, feel-good, and easy. I'd like to have one of these tees like some sort of souvenir and I need new casual shirts too! Love the white tee. Wish I can find one of that here or that my sister would buy one for me and just have it shipped here. Teehee!

American Idol Season 10 Top 3 Performs

I tuned in to see American Idol Season 10 Top 3 Performs

You see I missed a lot of this and I have a lot of catching up to do. I tuned in to the local cable TV channel and I am not sure if this is live or a replay. I guess it is a delayed telecast. 

The top 3 Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina sang three songs each. By the second round, American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez are all for Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. While Steven Tyler was for Lauren.

It has really been awhile since I have seen this show. Really been busy since. But hope to follow till the finals fo this show. Will they let a girl win this season? 

May 25 is the American Idol Season 10 Finale. Who will be the American Idol 10 winner?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My classmate in college is into running and has been frequently participating in fun runs in the city which is more often now than I could remember years ago. It is a healthy activity anyway so I say go and run.
Then another classmate of ours who is now based in Singapore has taken interest in running too. 

The other day, we get to have a little chat over at Facebook. I am just as surprised when they both asked me if  can recommend any testosterone supplements that work. It seems the other friend remembered I mentioned something about reviews on this supplement. I am no expert but there are resources I know where one can read more about on these products known to increase muscle and strength fast. 

I need strength and endurance indeed in order to run just like those two friends do. Yes of late I have been thinking more of doing running as an exercise given we are just near a new mall that has just opened and we could run in their grounds suring early morning. I can start with just walking anyway then work my way until I can just like them go running! I wish!


The little boy asked us to buy Stick-O, the big size, when we were at Robinson's Supermarket in Abreeza to which hubby gave in. I did not want to but since the little boy did not have this chocolate for quite sometime, and he was sincerely begging for one, I thought why not. 

Now I want to call hubby and say that we will no longer buy this one again. The little one keeps coming back to me asking for another stick. He already had more than enough and is asking for more. It seems he won't stop till it is all gone. 

Good thing now his attention seem to have been diverted to something else because I did not answer him anymore. If I would say anything the begging would have gone on like forever. Next time, I won't give in to what the boys are asking since chocolate is not good for the little-big boy.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I missed watching golf. It has been a few years since I followed news on this sport except on the Tiger Woods' talks on his marriage that affected and brought a downside to his golf career. 

Just recently though I did try to watch a bit of golf again like the recent Masters. I wonder if those professional golf players like the Masters champion Schwartzel also use those gadgets called golf gps pda or that golf gps watch that can give the player a competitive edge and strengthen their golf game. Maybe when they were starting playing golf or during practice perhaps but not now when they rely on their instincts and skills in the sports of golf.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Longer Sleep

The little kid has been getting longer sleep as dear hubby and I observed in the past two days. Well he has been sleeping early and waking up early therefore changing his body clock for the past two days and somehow his sleeping pattern as well. Sleep is good anyway and I think he needs it while he is growing up still.

While I myself try to get some power naps when I can too especially during this time of the month when I really get sleepy most of the time during the day. I need more sleep and avoid staying awake up late at night. Still I get to ask myself how to get rid of dark circles even after I have caught up on my "less sleep nights" I should say. 

But more obvious for me are my eye bags that becomes bigger when I get to sleep late for a few consecutive nights. I can only wish I can sleep longer just like my little kid does but I got work to do around the house while he is in dreamland. I may just have to take a real vacation and do some real long sleep during those days. I wish!

Free and Instant Haircut

I had an instant haircut right here at home thanks to my dear hubby turned "Hurry Cutter" as we joked earlier today. The salon I go to is just a few minutes away from where we are but I decided to just postpone having a more proper haircut in that salon until this weekend maybe. 

Hubby just cut it straight and in less than a minute he was done. He was obviously happy with what he did. I feel my hair became lighter with two to three inches off it now. Thanks dad for the free  and instant haircut!

I have been thinking of getting a really short hair cut after years of maintaining a long hair. I don't want to get anymore hair treatments in the salon as much as possible after reading about some health concerns on hair straightening products with some ingredients that are harmful even possibly causing cancer. So the best that I can get for my hair now is to have my hair "ironed" straight when there are special occasions. Other than that I'd stay away from any hair treatment for now. 

Easter Basket

My nephew proudly showed me the Easter eggs and what is left of the  goodies in the Easter basket he got last Easter Sunday. I was looking into a photo of that taken by my other nephew that same day. 

It reminded me of the Easter basket store that I was shopping at two weeks ago. I was looking while wishing I can have an Easter basket myself full of these easter chocolates. My nephew had long eaten his chocolates! While I now thinking about it is craving for chocolates. 

As they say "whether as an Easter bunny, Easter eggs or a candy bar, nothing can top Easter chocolate!" Don't you just find these easter chocolates I was looking at so tempting! Even my son wanted to have that same easter basket like what my nephew had but my lil boy cannot have chocolates still being a no-no yet in his diet. Well same for me but I can take one or two you know whether it comes from an easter basket or not!


Smiling from ear to ear if I may describe myself now as I look into the photos of our little boy a few months ago and some latest ones taken. We feel blessed that we have the little boy. I reminisce the moments from toilet training to his first day at a M-preschool.

There are also photos of him riding his red police motorbike and lots of photos that made me realize how chubby he was then compared now that he is very active yet still quite choosy with food plus he just got well to which I say he lost weight. I really did not consider him chubby until I saw the photos and videos months ago and now. 

But then the doctor would say he is somewhat over weight for his age when he looks just fine to us. Well now that he lost weight I should be smiling. But what is most important is that he is healthy and that would make me keep on smiling. 

He now was granted his wish of playing soccer and he becomes more active now. He may not gain weight as much as he did months ago but as long as he is healthy and not sickly as I continuously pray for each day, then I would keep on smiling.