Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taps Damosa

One time, we got to visit and dine at Taps Damosa for the first time and in two consecutive nights. We just felt like eating at this place again after quite a long time since we have been to any of their branch if my memory serves me right. The last branch I visited was their Torres branch which has closed after which this branch in Damosa opened.


The place is cleaner and still looks good as new to us compared to the other older branch outlets that they have left in the city. It was also quiet at this place. Then we get to walk around before and after eating. The food they cook so far looks and tastes good. Maybe except for the "skrambolog" or simply scrambled egg with diced tomatoes that somehow lacks saltiness. 

We will be back here in case it's late at night and we need a quick and affordable food trip. We get to have a peaceful walk around Damosa after eating or drop by McDonald's Damosa for french fries or choco hot fudge sundae.

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