Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Care of Your Heart

I remember the last time I felt some pain in my chest, I wanted to have an exam. It reminds me that we should take care of our heart. My sister gave me a BP monitoring machine last year and I wish there is an affordable ecg machine or something that can check if something is wrong with the heart or maybe that pain was caused by something else. Healthier eating should be one option I should be taking a step too aside from getting my heart checked. 

Well I just thought about it now again after hearing of someone I know younger than me that my sister shared to me yesterday. He has died of pulmonary cardiac arrest last Wednesday and it had me thinking I should get a test soon just to rule out any worry on my mind. People are passing on early. Two causes I heard recently were cardiac arrest. That should have us thinking of the importance of taking care of our heart. 

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