Monday, April 18, 2011


Here I am of a souvenir photo taken during the last sunset on the eve of my natal day taken by my dear hubby. We have just decided to visit this place where we have not been to for a long time.  We had our outdoor shoot for our basic photography here a few years ago.

We were supposed to go to a place farther but the sun was already setting and we could not go farther away from the mall where our little one was playing at his fave play place there. You may be wondering about the size of the photo and why it's dark. Oh well that was intended so you won't see me clearly! It should have been a silhouette! *Wink!*

Thank you so much Lord for a year of blessings and for another year of blessings to pour into our life! You are indeed a good provider! Praying for the best of health, peace and harmony for me, my boys and my ever supportive family!

"Sometimes you just have to look at the sky and realize how beautiful our world and our life is"

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