Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stenotype Reporter

After almost five years, I met my friend, whose dad was a judge, and her aunt who used to work part time as a stenotype reporter in the local court many years ago. I have been so curious of the skills of a stenotype reporter at that time. I remember one time during those times too that I was able to watch her  aunt at work when my friend brought me with her since I was also really curious of getting inside the court room. It was an experience I still cannot forget to this day.  

Incidentally I get to read just recently about the Cook and Wiley Court Reporters who are certified and known to be seasoned professionals that comes with unsurpassed customer service to their clients. One of the founder of this firm was a professional stenotype reporter three decades ago. They also offers services such as video conferencing, electronic transcripts, and even Richmond Videography Services that includes video editing, demonstrative evidence videos, and courtroom playback among other related services.

On the other hand, not that I want to be a stenotype reporter but this makes me think years before of how much I wanted to learn stenotyping especially .

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