Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parents With Children Should Go For Healthier Lifestyle

It would indeed be good that parents and couples who have children especially those with young kids these days to think more of going for healthier lifestyle. We have a little boy and indeed I am working on living a healthier lifestyle. I hope dear hubby will be able to support me on this all the way. 

Indeed it ain't easy for parents having small children to keep up with a healthy diet and devote time each day to keep up regular exercise habits. Time flies each day for a mom with a young kid and with no other help, a day can go on spent mostly on work and house chores with not much time for exercise even more so to go to the gym. But there are ways. For us, I make it a point that we would be able to go out during the day. A walk outside or off to somewhere even the park or some place like the church grounds just doing a walk or getting fresh air is something that I value despite the busy daily life that we have.

These days parents or couples who have toddler or young kids younger than five may find less time indeed for exercise compared to those parents who don't have a child. But I have read of advices and suggestions that playing in the subdivision playground during late afternoon or early morning when the sun is not that hot anymore can be a good time for some fun and play which will serve as physical activity and good substitute for exercise for the parents as well as their young kids. Anyway this is just one of the ways. Running or jogging around the subdivision too with your kids in their stroller can be a good bonding and exercise too at the same time. Plus you both get to have fresh air too!

As with eating food and diet habits, it has been observed that those parents with kids they say would go more for food and drinks high in sugar and calories probably for more energy and as energy booster to keep up with their energetic young ones. Concerned parents are also noted to be less active when compared to those who don't have young children. I could somehow relate on this. Being with an active young child could really drain your energy physically and sometimes mentally or even emotionally for others much faster than the other parents who are childless. Stay at home moms for example find themselves drained by the end of the day balancing house chores and taking care of their young kids needs. But moms can take this as an opportunity and see it as her everyday workout. I have heard of a mom who would play with her almost a year old twins and sort of think of them as weights when she carries them around with tender loving care of course.

Based on some studies, mothers who have had children also tended to be bigger and weigh more than women without children. There are exceptions of course. Those mothers they were referring to have given birth within a period of one year. So there is at least a reason for post prenatal weight gain that new mothers usually experience. Except in my opinion is breastfeeding moms I know who seem not to gain any weight after giving birth even when they are CS. Moms should avoid those drinks with artificial sweeteners or simply those high in sugar and calories. They should also tend to control how they eat because some moms tend to do comfort eating when they are tired and stressed. make sure too that both moms and dads should avoid food high in saturated fat. Plus they should also avoid sleeping late which I am kind of guilty because I try to still catch up with pending work when the little one is already asleep at night. There are a lot more ways to live a healthier lifestyle and the consciousness and ability to apply those by the parents with young kids into their family life is truly important if we want to live healthy and longer for our family and loved one's sake.

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