Wednesday, April 06, 2011

No More Boring Uniforms

No more boring just plain white uniforms these days for those nurses and other workers in the medical profession. One thing that my sister who is working as a nurse abroad noticed these days is that there are more choices for nursing uniforms. Also one can say that there are no more boring looking uniforms that they have to make do and wear each day to their duty at the hospital. 

Even with other medical uniforms, there are more stylish designs available these days at such online nursing uniform store like BlueSky scrubs. My sister and her friends are actually looking for stylish pink scrubs. They liked still one though with a vibrant and girly pink fabric plus the added detailed white stitching  that gives a personal, feminine touch to their medical scrub uniform. Then again they wish to find more with nice prints aside from this pink one.I am sure they will find something. 

What is more important is that these uniforms are  guaranteed to be made of high quality fabric that are soft, wrinkle-resistant.

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