Thursday, April 21, 2011


I just bumped into my friend at the mall a few weeks ago and she had been asking if I had any idea on where she could find the new iPad2 around town. I said most of those who got it already here had friends, relatives and contacts in the US and elsewhere abroad who got the units for them. She was planning to get the iPad but decided to wait it out for the latest one.

I heard that the iPad2 officially coming to Hong Kong and Singapore this weekend. And they say it is coming here in the country sooner than most of us think. Oh well I am still very much satisfied with our Samsung Galaxy Tab which now has a newer version too. I know I am tempted with the beauty of the iPad but the practicality of these times. I might just save and invest the money on something else that is much more important and essential than a fad that sometimes do tempt me. And YOU! Don't deny it. *wink*

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