Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Care of Your Heart

I remember the last time I felt some pain in my chest, I wanted to have an exam. It reminds me that we should take care of our heart. My sister gave me a BP monitoring machine last year and I wish there is an affordable ecg machine or something that can check if something is wrong with the heart or maybe that pain was caused by something else. Healthier eating should be one option I should be taking a step too aside from getting my heart checked. 

Well I just thought about it now again after hearing of someone I know younger than me that my sister shared to me yesterday. He has died of pulmonary cardiac arrest last Wednesday and it had me thinking I should get a test soon just to rule out any worry on my mind. People are passing on early. Two causes I heard recently were cardiac arrest. That should have us thinking of the importance of taking care of our heart. 

Sleep Heals

I will think and believe that sleep indeed heals. Like what Kuya Kim would sometimes say "sleep heals" before he calls it a night at the Twitter world. 

Sleep and getting enough sleep of at least seven hours a day is important for our body to heal, rest and recover especially when we are sick. I am a little sick right now somehow showing the symptoms that my son had last week. No fever and I hope there won't be any. I am praying fervently to be healed now and will be getting more sleep in a few minutes from now.

God is a great healer and I believe He will heal us. Good night everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Tips

Moving to a new home in a new location can be hassle or hassle-free. It all depends on you! Some people dread moving because of all the work that needs to be done. Except in cases when you get to hire real experts and professional movers, it can be less of a hassle.

If you are doing it all on your own, then here might be some helpful moving tips that you may like to consider: 
  • Hire a mover. A professional one that can be truly trusted to do this task of packing and moving and transporting all your stuff without giving you a headache or won't stress you any other way on the moving process. Packing and unpacking should be all easy for you when you hire professional movers. 
  • Choose the right size box to put your stuff in. Big stuff goes to big boxes and small stuff goes to smaller boxes. Grouping things according to size will make unpacking a lot easier. 
  • Label properly your boxes according to the room or part of the house they will be going to in the new place. You may also roughly label boxes as to what is inside it. This will make unpacking easier even for those who does not what is inside each box. You won't spend more time looking for which box goes where in your new home. 
  • Mark with "FRAGILE" those boxes that contain breakable things. These stuff should be more cushioned so chances are they won't break while being transported. Use bubble wrap for breakable things.  Use old towels or blankets to cushion those stuff that can easily break.
  • Make sure you also check the maximum weight each box can carry. You don't want to be picking up pieces along the way. You know what I mean. 
  • Sort through your stuff. You decide which stuff to keep, donate, dispose or throw away. Garbage as in garbage that you no longer can use or recycle should be thrown away and disposed of properly.Donate stuff that you don't use or need anymore. There are still people out there who can benefit using them even if you don't need stuff like old clothes or furniture or other stuff anymore. Remember you do not want to bring old clutter into your new home. You want to start anew with more space and cleaner space that is. 
  • Unpack according to importance. You may want to unpack the kitchen and dining wares first. One can get so hungry in moving in and that is one thing I learned when we moved for the very first time. We ended up eating out because the kitchen stuff were not yet unpacked. 
  • Inform those who needs to be informed of your new address like banks, credit card companies, etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have never had any claims whatsoever for any product liability and I pray I would never have too deal with any ever. I do understand what other people may have experienced on this and the pain and concern it may have caused in their life forever. 

As a lawyer and friend of mine would tell us before, we should not take for granted just because it was given by a doctor for example that we should just take it without even asking if there could be any possible side effects. If they withhold any information then later on you would suffer some side effects then they could be liable particularly the manufacturers of the said product or medication for example just like in the Topamax lawsuit handled by experienced O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. You may be able to win and claim damages from those concerned but it is always best to prevent any of this in the first place. Manufacturers should be responsible to make medicines for example that are completely safe to take.

From Sunny to Cloudy

The weather these days can just amaze or surprise you. I just blogged about an hour ago about how sunny and hot it was outside. Now it has become dimmer inside the house since I turned the lights off to save electricity and when I looked out it is so cloudy already and ready to rain. 

From sunny to cloudy! Yes this is the kind of weather to watch out for and we should better be prepared. We may easily get sick when it shines then rains then the sun shines again. Take your dose of vitamin regularly because the last thing we need this summer or any season at that is to get sick. I don't want to get sick and neither do the boys. I am even feeling sneezy already. For those outside right now, just prepapre in case it rains soon.


I just bumped into my friend at the mall a few weeks ago and she had been asking if I had any idea on where she could find the new iPad2 around town. I said most of those who got it already here had friends, relatives and contacts in the US and elsewhere abroad who got the units for them. She was planning to get the iPad but decided to wait it out for the latest one.

I heard that the iPad2 officially coming to Hong Kong and Singapore this weekend. And they say it is coming here in the country sooner than most of us think. Oh well I am still very much satisfied with our Samsung Galaxy Tab which now has a newer version too. I know I am tempted with the beauty of the iPad but the practicality of these times. I might just save and invest the money on something else that is much more important and essential than a fad that sometimes do tempt me. And YOU! Don't deny it. *wink*

Side Effects

When the little boy was brought to the emergency room of a hospital where we usually go to for medical emergencies, he was given an injection for antihistamine to treat the allergies and viral infection he has. Before they injected it on him, I had to ask the resident pedia on duty at the ER if there would be any side effects to be concerned of. He actually got this shot about two years ago. But I had to make sure again and ask. It would be better safe than sorry.

If you don't know what the side effects are of the medications your are taking in and don't even ask, I don't want to end up like the people who had to file this Topamax lawsuit needing the help and expertise fo the O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. Those who took the medication intended for another symptom though not like my son, had side effects that affected their children. As a mother I don't want that to happen to us ever. 

So moms should really try to ask first of any side effects though we may not be as well versed or familiar with those medical terms they may tell us at times but we just have to know we don't want any side effects from medications given to our kids.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quality Preschool

Nurture your child and the potentials that you see in him or her even at a young age. We should encourage them at all times especially the interest they may have on certain things that will give a positive contribution to their growth and development because we play a vital and crucial role in their development. To help us in developing their potentials more, we can enrol them in a quality preschool where teachers are trained let your child achieve a high level of progress in terms of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development.

Parents should not forget that providing our children with a good school for their preschool year education is important. A quality Preschool to send them to in preparation for the big school should be thought of and chosen well.

There are many good schools out there for working parents who may be looking for a  quality childcare and learning center like those offering Childcare Dublin in Ireland where they can get quality childcare and early years education for their kids from infants, to toddlers, pre school/Montessori and after school childcare. Good for them there that the government, before they would start their primary school, provide those who can qualify with free preschool education that supports their development and learning in a quality preschool. Hope the same goes here in our country. 

Ultimate Vacation: Walt Disney Tours

We would love to go to our ultimate family vacation one day on one of those Walt Disney tours packages being offered. Foremost in my mind it should be a fun filled memory and will be one unforgettable fun vacation abroad for our dearest little boy.

Every family with a kid probably may have included among their family vacation plans to have a trip to the Walt Disney World. Dear hubby had somehow made our plans to travel abroad on hold until the little boy is old enough to remember all the fun rides and remember the wonderful and fun places he will see plus the best attractions including meeting Walt Disney characters that he often sees on Disney channel programs and animated shows and movies come to life.

It would be spectacular to be provided the highest quality VIP guided private tours by Michael's VIPs to such very popular places like Sea World, the Universal Orlando Resort and last but definitely not the least, the Walt Disney World Resort among the most popular vacation destinations in the world for truly fun family vacations. They will take care of all the reservations to make sure you will have a fun and stress free vacation itinerary.

Those places were among those which two of my friends have recently visited this year. One even tried the Walt Disney Cruise twice - last year and this year again when her family had a vacation there and wanted to go to Disney. I have seen their travel photos at the Walt Disney World and it brings such excitement to make a family vacation plan there hopefully in the near future. Indeed it will make having one of those Walt Disney tours an ultimate fun family vacation for us.


Here I am of a souvenir photo taken during the last sunset on the eve of my natal day taken by my dear hubby. We have just decided to visit this place where we have not been to for a long time.  We had our outdoor shoot for our basic photography here a few years ago.

We were supposed to go to a place farther but the sun was already setting and we could not go farther away from the mall where our little one was playing at his fave play place there. You may be wondering about the size of the photo and why it's dark. Oh well that was intended so you won't see me clearly! It should have been a silhouette! *Wink!*

Thank you so much Lord for a year of blessings and for another year of blessings to pour into our life! You are indeed a good provider! Praying for the best of health, peace and harmony for me, my boys and my ever supportive family!

"Sometimes you just have to look at the sky and realize how beautiful our world and our life is"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taps Damosa

One time, we got to visit and dine at Taps Damosa for the first time and in two consecutive nights. We just felt like eating at this place again after quite a long time since we have been to any of their branch if my memory serves me right. The last branch I visited was their Torres branch which has closed after which this branch in Damosa opened.


The place is cleaner and still looks good as new to us compared to the other older branch outlets that they have left in the city. It was also quiet at this place. Then we get to walk around before and after eating. The food they cook so far looks and tastes good. Maybe except for the "skrambolog" or simply scrambled egg with diced tomatoes that somehow lacks saltiness. 

We will be back here in case it's late at night and we need a quick and affordable food trip. We get to have a peaceful walk around Damosa after eating or drop by McDonald's Damosa for french fries or choco hot fudge sundae.

Used Gym Equipment

A few weeks ago I got reconnected to my old friend and office mate who invited me to join her in a gym workout because she is planning to enrol in a gym class. I am still trying to figure out my free schedule. An option for me is really to just work out at home as of this time. The treadmill that we have here at home now rarely gets to be used. But I hope that when the little boy goes back to school soon for summer camp, I can start on using it again even just for walking on it at an easy pace. 

On the other hand, my sister has been looking for used gym equipment particularly a stationary bike which I am also interested in aside from other exercise equipment that her other office mates are also interested in buying. I hear more from people wanting to buy exercise equipments for their very own so-called home gym. More people find it convenient these days given too maybe that they don't have time to go to the gym and money to pay for monthly gym fees. 

I do know a supplier who sells home as well as commercial equipment. They have many choices of fitness and exercise equipments from aerobics to balls, barbells, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills, body weight training equipments and many more used and even re-manufactured equipments. if only we have extra budget right now, I would definitely be buying a stationary exercise bike this summer especially when the little one is off to summer camp in a few weeks.

Parents With Children Should Go For Healthier Lifestyle

It would indeed be good that parents and couples who have children especially those with young kids these days to think more of going for healthier lifestyle. We have a little boy and indeed I am working on living a healthier lifestyle. I hope dear hubby will be able to support me on this all the way. 

Indeed it ain't easy for parents having small children to keep up with a healthy diet and devote time each day to keep up regular exercise habits. Time flies each day for a mom with a young kid and with no other help, a day can go on spent mostly on work and house chores with not much time for exercise even more so to go to the gym. But there are ways. For us, I make it a point that we would be able to go out during the day. A walk outside or off to somewhere even the park or some place like the church grounds just doing a walk or getting fresh air is something that I value despite the busy daily life that we have.

These days parents or couples who have toddler or young kids younger than five may find less time indeed for exercise compared to those parents who don't have a child. But I have read of advices and suggestions that playing in the subdivision playground during late afternoon or early morning when the sun is not that hot anymore can be a good time for some fun and play which will serve as physical activity and good substitute for exercise for the parents as well as their young kids. Anyway this is just one of the ways. Running or jogging around the subdivision too with your kids in their stroller can be a good bonding and exercise too at the same time. Plus you both get to have fresh air too!

As with eating food and diet habits, it has been observed that those parents with kids they say would go more for food and drinks high in sugar and calories probably for more energy and as energy booster to keep up with their energetic young ones. Concerned parents are also noted to be less active when compared to those who don't have young children. I could somehow relate on this. Being with an active young child could really drain your energy physically and sometimes mentally or even emotionally for others much faster than the other parents who are childless. Stay at home moms for example find themselves drained by the end of the day balancing house chores and taking care of their young kids needs. But moms can take this as an opportunity and see it as her everyday workout. I have heard of a mom who would play with her almost a year old twins and sort of think of them as weights when she carries them around with tender loving care of course.

Based on some studies, mothers who have had children also tended to be bigger and weigh more than women without children. There are exceptions of course. Those mothers they were referring to have given birth within a period of one year. So there is at least a reason for post prenatal weight gain that new mothers usually experience. Except in my opinion is breastfeeding moms I know who seem not to gain any weight after giving birth even when they are CS. Moms should avoid those drinks with artificial sweeteners or simply those high in sugar and calories. They should also tend to control how they eat because some moms tend to do comfort eating when they are tired and stressed. make sure too that both moms and dads should avoid food high in saturated fat. Plus they should also avoid sleeping late which I am kind of guilty because I try to still catch up with pending work when the little one is already asleep at night. There are a lot more ways to live a healthier lifestyle and the consciousness and ability to apply those by the parents with young kids into their family life is truly important if we want to live healthy and longer for our family and loved one's sake.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy and Relaxing Day

It feels great to have a happy and relaxing day today. The boys and I had our weekend. The little boy had his play time at Zoofari once again and he is getting to be a regular there. Then hubby and I get to have some time to go to a place for a relaxing photo walk plus the jump shots! 

Thank you LORD for the gift of life! :)

Stenotype Reporter

After almost five years, I met my friend, whose dad was a judge, and her aunt who used to work part time as a stenotype reporter in the local court many years ago. I have been so curious of the skills of a stenotype reporter at that time. I remember one time during those times too that I was able to watch her  aunt at work when my friend brought me with her since I was also really curious of getting inside the court room. It was an experience I still cannot forget to this day.  

Incidentally I get to read just recently about the Cook and Wiley Court Reporters who are certified and known to be seasoned professionals that comes with unsurpassed customer service to their clients. One of the founder of this firm was a professional stenotype reporter three decades ago. They also offers services such as video conferencing, electronic transcripts, and even Richmond Videography Services that includes video editing, demonstrative evidence videos, and courtroom playback among other related services.

On the other hand, not that I want to be a stenotype reporter but this makes me think years before of how much I wanted to learn stenotyping especially .

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bob Shoes in Sugar n Spice Davao

Bob Shoes is now available in Davao at Sugar n Spice 2nd Floor Gaisano Mall Davao. 

I went there today with hubby while the little kid was playing upstairs. I tried on this black shoes but decided on something else.

The shoes above that I asked Karen was there and I love it but I ended up buying the shoes with TT05 code. LOL! I suddenly feel more practical like buying shoes that I could wear more everyday. I'll be back to buy this one when I have extra budget for new shoes. The other nice shoes that I saw at their Facebook page were out of stock already. It sells fast! I hope they will have a stock of the TT06 shoes next time.
Will share a photo of the Bob shoes I actually bought when I am able to upload it. I love the light feeling it has as if I don't have shoes. I just noticed my left shoe is still quite tight but maybe after a few days of using it this summer it will loosen up a bit. It Price ranges from P675 to P795. Their shoes are perfect for summer and with everyday casual use! 

There are also Bob shoes for men. Will buy hubby his pair next time. I didn't know he was really interested buying those kind of shoes though he did look at the men's choices there yesterday. What I know is that he wants rubber shoes. LOL! Maybe Erwin will be able to convince him to buy one next time. We saw Erwin with their little girl there and had chat with him before it was time for us to go back to fetch the little boy again.

No More Boring Uniforms

No more boring just plain white uniforms these days for those nurses and other workers in the medical profession. One thing that my sister who is working as a nurse abroad noticed these days is that there are more choices for nursing uniforms. Also one can say that there are no more boring looking uniforms that they have to make do and wear each day to their duty at the hospital. 

Even with other medical uniforms, there are more stylish designs available these days at such online nursing uniform store like BlueSky scrubs. My sister and her friends are actually looking for stylish pink scrubs. They liked still one though with a vibrant and girly pink fabric plus the added detailed white stitching  that gives a personal, feminine touch to their medical scrub uniform. Then again they wish to find more with nice prints aside from this pink one.I am sure they will find something. 

What is more important is that these uniforms are  guaranteed to be made of high quality fabric that are soft, wrinkle-resistant.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Extra Precaution

Take extra precaution and discuss with your doctor when using Topamax a medication that is being used to treat those epileptic seizures in children and adults. It is also being prescribed to prevent migraine headaches. If you happen to be pregnant you might want to be very careful with this one if you do not want to be going after the manufacturers who are involved in this Topamax lawsuit where they have pleaded guilty to. You might also need the help of these O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. Just keep in mind for pregnant mothers to take extra precaution always for your sake and especially with the child you are carrying in your womb.