Monday, March 07, 2011

When It Gets Hot

Some people are already asking if it's summer already here. The weather must have been so hot today wherever they are. When it gets hot, people can always turn on their aircon or rely on their electric fans for air, cooling and ventilation. 

School will be over soon and with the little kid in the house, we must turn on the aircon almost whole day long even through the night at certain times. But I have been thinking for long of getting a ceiling fan in the living room to complement our box type electric fan. 

We were at a small local restaurant last night and they have this large ceiling fan that looks like one of those large monte carlo fans that I have been interested in for quite sometime now. Practically though, it need not be as elite and elegant looking as this one on the photo that I like but it is free to wish for one so I'd go for that. But if budget is in question, they do have more simple looking, affordable and yet of still good quality made ceiling fans to choose from and use when the weather really gets hot during the coming summer soon.

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