Saturday, March 26, 2011

Techie Kids

There are a lot of techie kids this day and age of modern technology. I bet in the future, our little boy might be asking his dad that he wants one of these gaming desktops that I found while looking for laptops online. For now he has the GTab and the iPod Touch to play with aside from his dad's PC. 

I have no plans of adding yet another option of a gadget for him to play with since I am trying to lessen his game time too so he can give his attention too to other more educational forms of entertainment. 

We do let him play on the PC but we have restricted it to Dora and other educational games at Nick Jr. and now we have temporarily removed his access to that too so that he won't have too much time on the computer that will strain his eyes and so that he can have time to do the home work that his teacher had recently given him in writing. It might be good to have techie kids but then again there are other non techie things too that they should not forget.

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