Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

We had our Earth Hour 2011 tonight while other parts of the world are yet to do theirs. How was your Earth Hour? We were still out of the house when it started and we almost for got the time though until we heard about people saying it is about to start.

We got home shortly after it started and we had the light on outside the house and we immediately turned it off. But then the little boy won't let us turn off all the lights that we had to leave one on while the rest are turned off. The street lights were not turned off this year in our street. I think last year it was turned off by the power company. Though my sister noted that there are other street lights in the heart of the city that will be turned off in observance of the Earth Hour. 

Actually on our way home not too many seem to have participated this year. They might not be aware maybe? I don't know. Anyway, the Earth Hour is just the start of our onw little participation to save mother earth. What the WWF emphasizes now is that what is more important is what we do during the hours, days and weeks after the Earth Hour which we can contribute in saving the environment, in saving mother earth.

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