Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bonding Time at an Old Resto

Bonding time with hubby before we both go back to work. Had lunch at an old restaurant where we used to dine a long time ago with their baby back ribs as their specialty and it happens to be a old time favorite. I was supposed to go for a dish that has fish but I was not able I gave in to trying that old fave dish once again. 

They have moved to a new location more than a month ago and so we were curious to see their new place. We found out that they took over the place of one of the restaurants we have tried before but happens to have the same owners. That new restaurant did not last long and their branch here had to close. 

This old restaurant's baby back ribs was cooked well and delicious this time unlike the last time we ordered but that was still in their old place, that is why we have not been back there for a long time after that.But I remember years before that their serving size was big but now it has reduced to half yet still more than enough for moderate eating food trippers like us.

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