Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am watching the Azkals on Sports Unlimited at ANC right now with report from Dyan Castillejo of their game in Mongolia. I was looking and trying to imagine how cold -14 degrees is! At least on the day the Azkals played against the team from Mongolia the weather was quite good at -5 degrees. Still that is so cold for me. I could not even stand the cold weather for us at 20 degrees. How much more if you go down 25 degrees. Imagine how cold that can be for us! 

We are will look forward to watching their delayed game telecast here against Banglaadesh on March 30. Their next game from what I know will be on June for the qualifying game for Asia to the World Cup. It is a long process. We stay positive and pray they will make good progress to make Filipinos prouder for what they have achieved in our sports history. 

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