Sunday, March 27, 2011

Craving for Choco Hot Fudge Sundae

For the past few days, I have been craving for choco hot fudge sundae especially at night for my snacks. Should I or should I not give in? My throat tells me no but my craving tummy is asking for one for days now. Hubby says yes but I have to stop myself. 

Last night I was saved since McDo has so many pending deliveries that it will take them so long to deliver that we decided not to go on with it. Now I am still thinking about it. I still have an hour to think about it. But the Jollibee choco crumble sundae last night just could not match that of McDo's hot fudge sundae when it comes to creaminess and the choco fudge! Oh stop me!I should just forget about it and just keep on working.

Collectible Coin

My son likes to play with my collection of new coins. Other than teaching him to save money, sometimes I want to teach him to start his very own coin collection even at such an early age. With this in mind, I also thought of those other collectibe coins that I saw last night. 

Would you like to make your own collectible and custom coin? This site I found can help you through their graphic artists who are ready and able to help your coin creation become real. Among their samples, I want to have this one with the Starbucks old logo in it. As you might not know, I am a collector of Starbucks mugs and stuff. So this will be a good collectible coin to add to my collection.

I have never thought of making my own collectible coin before but they gave me an idea. Also if you have organizations who would like to have their own collectible coin then they will be a great help to your organization.


I am watching the Azkals on Sports Unlimited at ANC right now with report from Dyan Castillejo of their game in Mongolia. I was looking and trying to imagine how cold -14 degrees is! At least on the day the Azkals played against the team from Mongolia the weather was quite good at -5 degrees. Still that is so cold for me. I could not even stand the cold weather for us at 20 degrees. How much more if you go down 25 degrees. Imagine how cold that can be for us! 

We are will look forward to watching their delayed game telecast here against Banglaadesh on March 30. Their next game from what I know will be on June for the qualifying game for Asia to the World Cup. It is a long process. We stay positive and pray they will make good progress to make Filipinos prouder for what they have achieved in our sports history. 

There are Options

I told dear hubby that there are options that he can take when it comes to his concern of hair loss. Not a problem which is too much to be concerned of I think but then he has a choice of addressing this by looking into hair loss products that can be found in the market today. I think we can find a good and effective treatment but we just have to do more research to know which we can afford and as I have said is effective. 

When I get to look at those photos showing hubby's hair and he gets to notice his hair loss all over again, I think he should spend some time one of these days to look into this matter since it does bother him at times.


We have been experiencing intermittent internet connection for the past few days. Before that I noticed that the internet connection has been slow. Then it started to get unstable and I get disconnected more often especially last night which might be probably due to the wifi router that might probably need to be replaced. 

I tried to ping and once in awhile I get a request timed out response. I don't like seeing that and anyone else I know doesn't like that either. I hope dear hubby will be able to figure out what is really wrong and get fixed what needs to be fixed.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being Well

Being well and healthy should be a top priority for all of us. As they say a lot of people work hard to gain wealth only to spend that wealth to gain back their health later on. Well I don't want that to happen to us and I know neither do you.

For those people who have health needs, they need a hospital that truly cares for them for there well-being and of course being well. People are grateful to Medicare which covers many of their health care needs and providing health insurance coverage for people who are aged 65 and over. I have just been looking into these Medicare part D plans and it made me think I should also explore as well other health care options that are available these days. 

For many of us, being well now may be a priority but there will come a time, we just don't know when, that we might be needing a health plan that will cover our health care needs.

Earth Hour 2011

We had our Earth Hour 2011 tonight while other parts of the world are yet to do theirs. How was your Earth Hour? We were still out of the house when it started and we almost for got the time though until we heard about people saying it is about to start.

We got home shortly after it started and we had the light on outside the house and we immediately turned it off. But then the little boy won't let us turn off all the lights that we had to leave one on while the rest are turned off. The street lights were not turned off this year in our street. I think last year it was turned off by the power company. Though my sister noted that there are other street lights in the heart of the city that will be turned off in observance of the Earth Hour. 

Actually on our way home not too many seem to have participated this year. They might not be aware maybe? I don't know. Anyway, the Earth Hour is just the start of our onw little participation to save mother earth. What the WWF emphasizes now is that what is more important is what we do during the hours, days and weeks after the Earth Hour which we can contribute in saving the environment, in saving mother earth.

Techie Kids

There are a lot of techie kids this day and age of modern technology. I bet in the future, our little boy might be asking his dad that he wants one of these gaming desktops that I found while looking for laptops online. For now he has the GTab and the iPod Touch to play with aside from his dad's PC. 

I have no plans of adding yet another option of a gadget for him to play with since I am trying to lessen his game time too so he can give his attention too to other more educational forms of entertainment. 

We do let him play on the PC but we have restricted it to Dora and other educational games at Nick Jr. and now we have temporarily removed his access to that too so that he won't have too much time on the computer that will strain his eyes and so that he can have time to do the home work that his teacher had recently given him in writing. It might be good to have techie kids but then again there are other non techie things too that they should not forget.

Monday, March 21, 2011

MYM: Yellow Plastic

It has been awhile but when we recently visited Mang Inasal at Robinsons Cybergate. On our way home we bought a pack of barquillos that they were selling and they placed it in this rather large yellow plastic bag (above). 

I decided to save it and reuse this plastic bag again. But first took a snapshot of it for my MYM entry.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When the Need Arises

There was a point last week when I was seriously thinking of getting money from our savings because something that I was expecting did not come yet. We needed some money for our daily expenses and hubby was relying on me for his allowance. Not unbelievable because yes there are times when I would have to do something so I can give him money to go to work.
When times like this happen, one can only wish they can readily avail of that cash advance online when the need arises. Not all people are financially blessed as much as others who are making more than regular working people who earn the minimum wage. Unless of course when you have extra source of income. Then again there will be times when the need arises and you can't help but start to worry. Worry no more, there are always ways out of any financial crisis no matter how big or small. 

Life Goes On

As a mother, I simply have to deal with all the ups and downs of life and I say life goes on. We cannot simply stop living if people hurt us. As a mother I have to remain strong and move on. I have my little boy who gives me strength to live each day and make a living for us. 

The world can be depressing with what has happened from natural disasters to that nuclear crisis to conflict of power and protests going on in certain countries affecting us all in terms of the economy and living. But we must make life go on. We simply cannot give up. We have to move on and make the journey as worthwhile as possible for our children's sake.

Monday, March 07, 2011

When It Gets Hot

Some people are already asking if it's summer already here. The weather must have been so hot today wherever they are. When it gets hot, people can always turn on their aircon or rely on their electric fans for air, cooling and ventilation. 

School will be over soon and with the little kid in the house, we must turn on the aircon almost whole day long even through the night at certain times. But I have been thinking for long of getting a ceiling fan in the living room to complement our box type electric fan. 

We were at a small local restaurant last night and they have this large ceiling fan that looks like one of those large monte carlo fans that I have been interested in for quite sometime now. Practically though, it need not be as elite and elegant looking as this one on the photo that I like but it is free to wish for one so I'd go for that. But if budget is in question, they do have more simple looking, affordable and yet of still good quality made ceiling fans to choose from and use when the weather really gets hot during the coming summer soon.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Time to Catch Some Zs

Time to catch some zzzzz! It is rather late at night and I have to shut down my laptop and take some much needed rest before I start to feel something that might require a visit to a doctor. The last thing any busy mother needs is to get sick. We need to be as healthy as we can be so that we can continue to do our chores and responsibilities at home.

Good night peeps and let's go catch some Zs now!

Medical Teaching Course for Doctors

Being a doctor is one of the most noble job and career anyone can have. Doctors heal, treat, and save thousands of lives. A lot, if not almost all of us are grateful to have doctors serving in hospitals all over the world. A lot of people rely on doctors and their career often requires continuous training and development.

A friend of mine said that studying to become a doctor does not end when one becomes a licensed doctor. Being one requires constant education, learning, training, seminars and conventions. There are quality career development as well as medical management courses for doctors. 

Then there are doctors who may want to share what they know and want to teach. For example, the Oxford Medical has a medical teaching course for doctors and this enables them to go on and teach the teachers. Their career development courses do include teach the teacher and train the trainer courses. If you happen to be a doctor in UK and you want to get the best medical teaching course for doctors, get it from the best medical training company there.

Sleep My Darling

Sleep my darling little boy is what I hope he will do now so that I could do some work focused and less distractions. I still have some pending work to do before I can call it a night otherwise it will put off until tomorrow again. I wish to free myself from these pending work so I can focus on some tasks that I have in list ncluding some cleaning and organizing on some stuff in the house.

Price of Gold

It could help for those who want to explore trading gold as an investment if they know and be aware of the price of gold. As for me now it is just but out of curiosity actually as I would often hear in the business news that the gold prices surge high along side the gold stocks as well as in gold trading.

I tried going through the price of gold history for the past four decades with my sister. That free gold guide I saw last week might become very useful and helpful when one likes to find current gold prices and gold charts online. One needs to know too the gold spot price charts in ounces, grams and kilos as one goes through the process of learning gold trading. It must be something big for someone we know to be dealing with gold trading as a means of earning and investing. I wish one day I would be able to try that hopefully even if it may just remain wishful thinking but who knows.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Found It

Just a simple accomplishment of finally finding a laundry basket that I want and buying it. It is for the little guy's clothes. It was an accomplishment after looking for one around the stores in town and not finding the one that I like. LOL! 

The ones I found before this one are not cute yes that is one of the factors why it took me long enough to find one. The others where not made of good quality. I know it's just a basket but I want one that is blue and cute. This one we found last night will do at least and it isn't that expensive.

Basketball Injury

I was surprised to see our neighbor's teenage son limping with one crutch on his left two days ago. I just saw him last Sunday on his way to a basketball practice. He must have hurt his ankle obviously during their practice at school. He now has an ankle brace for support and brace. 

He will surely miss their basketball game tomorrow. he cannot play running walking around the court with a crutch and an injured ankle. His mom told me this morning when we met on the street on our way out that it will take a month or so before he can play basketball again depending on how fast his ankle will recover and how much her son will follow the doctor's advice. 

Good thing he did not need to have an operation. It would have been more difficult and will need a longer time to recover before he can play again.

Letting Go of the Milk Bottle

I finally decided that since the little boy has turned four, hubby and I may try to really let him go of drinking milk from the milk bottle with nipple for good. So far for the past two days, he drank milk through his Lock and Lock water bottle that he has been drinking his juices and water for almost a year now. 

Now I don't have to worry about sterilizing anymore. It will be easier to do that with the water bottles with no more nipples. I just hope this is BPA (BIsphenol A) free just like their other water bottles.  From what I have heard from my elder sister, BPA is said to be affect intelligence, behaviour, as well as learning abilities of our children. So make sure you buy bottles that are BPA free.

Distinctive Packaging

While the boys are busy watching an educational video that the little boy wants to see, I get myself a little busy with a favor from my brother. Where could I find those Dutch Master cigars that has disticntive packaging for my brother's boss?  He has asked for my help when he could not find them on the imported sections of local stores. It has a distinct aroma like no other. I am not familiar with cigars but I'll do my best to find it online. It is for their farewell gift of sort since their boss will be reassigned to another branch in the country.

Bonding Time at an Old Resto

Bonding time with hubby before we both go back to work. Had lunch at an old restaurant where we used to dine a long time ago with their baby back ribs as their specialty and it happens to be a old time favorite. I was supposed to go for a dish that has fish but I was not able I gave in to trying that old fave dish once again. 

They have moved to a new location more than a month ago and so we were curious to see their new place. We found out that they took over the place of one of the restaurants we have tried before but happens to have the same owners. That new restaurant did not last long and their branch here had to close. 

This old restaurant's baby back ribs was cooked well and delicious this time unlike the last time we ordered but that was still in their old place, that is why we have not been back there for a long time after that.But I remember years before that their serving size was big but now it has reduced to half yet still more than enough for moderate eating food trippers like us.