Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Printer

We have thousands and thousands of photos and it has crossed my mind to start having print copies of some if not all of those photos we have since. I even thought maybe it would be good if we print the photos at home by ourselves just like what a friend of our would do. I don't want to have our photos printed in those service centers anymore after a bad service I got from our last printing order. I had lots of photos then to print but decided not to go on with it anymore. Now there is still a lot of photos waiting to be printed.

Anyway, hubby and I did come across some nice new Canon PIXMA photo printers that have a sleek design with high-quality performance and ease of use for various home printing needs that anyone may have. It produces deep, vivid colours and bold, black text. Plus it will also produce copies that are truer to the original and will scan clean, clear pictures every time. Just what I have in mind. Now my concern now is the budget to buy this printer. Will be praying for a blessing so we can get one.

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