Thursday, February 24, 2011


Passing frequently at these two stores of two of the popular electronics manufacturer and the latest TV models in the world makes us often want to window shop to check what's new there. I did remember one time last year when the led TV was still rather new, hubby and I were really wishing we have that much money to buy one and we would often look at those two stores when we get the chance for some malling and window shopping. 
We did read about the various led tv reviews on the internet and the more that we wanted more than wished for one. What we have is just an LCD TV but we are already grateful for this. Though based on the reviews, the LED is clearer and is said to consume less energy and power compared to an LCD TV with the same size. Mercury Free and a VERY Thin Design. Just found out that our LCD has mercury IS used in manufacturing it. Though hubby reassures that I should not worry much about it.

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