Sunday, February 06, 2011

For Safekeeping

I was at the little boy's school last Friday to fetch him after their class. Good thing that they have been provided each with a Locker for safekeeping of their school supplies and other important stuff that they might need while in school so they do not have to bring it every single day to and from school.

School Lockers are important for schools with students who have so many books and school stuff needed at school. During my time, I have such a heavy bag that I carry to and from school five days in a week. Somehow I managed to bring all those books, notebooks and stuff every day. I would have really appreciated it if our school then had provided us each with lockers. 

It would have not been such a heavy burden as in literally to carry them every day. If there had been Lockers for sale then like those from MoreLockers, school life would have not been such a burden each day I mean when it comes to bringing all my school books and other stuff which I could be left in those lockers at school for safekeeping, if only we had them then.  

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