Thursday, February 24, 2011


I got reminded that it's a Thursday today and the last day of school for the little boy since tomorrow is a special holiday for schools. 

It is a Thursday too and I also got reminded when I thought of being thankful for being busy at work. It means blessings of opportunities that we get to let us go on with our lives and pay off whatever we need to pay like the little boy's education and basic needs and some of his little wants too.

I am thankful for the nice and no longer so cold weather we have today. It was windy this morning as I have mentioned previously in my post earlier. It would have been a wonderful day to lay down lazy but we have to be productive and work! I am thankful for work and will be doing my best to get them done on time!


My son is back to showing me his form of what being strong is. He does this motion like what body builders do in their competitions that I used to see on TV years ago. Or maybe the little boy is imitating the action of the toy Incredible Hulk that he got from a McDo Happy Meal.

If there are those best muscle building supplement out there for adults which hubby at one point thought of using, could there be something similar for kids? Well for me I'd like to try those intended for women if there are any. i sometimes think strength training would be good for hubby and me and it'll help us lose weight while at the same time make our muscles and bodies stronger.

Echofon Not Updating

My Echofon app for Twitter is not updating. It has been a persistent problem for days or should I say I have noticed this a long time ago. Though there are times that it would update well but then there are days that it simply won't. I had no choice but to open Twitter in the web browser.

I would prefer if I just can totally rely on Echofon since it is more convenient for me rather than having another tab opened just to check on my Twitter updates every now and then.

Deep Fried and Spicy

This deep fried and spicy spare ribs is dear hubby's favorite dish to order at Ahfat Seafood Restaurant. I already told him that he needs to stop eating this no matter how delicious it may be! Or else I am not the only one who might be needing the best diet pills that is safe and effective which available in the market these days.
I did not eat much of this the last time we dined at that resto. I have been really trying to diet but really this deep fried spicy spare ribs is one our all time favorite in that Chinese resto.

Mr. Sun is Out

Why am I surprised to see that Mr. Sun is out and shining this afternoon. Okay I was just enjoying cool and windy morning and now the sun is out and it will be hot again in the city. It is not that hot though but I hope it will be shady when we go out to fetch the little boy later on from school.

I guess now those who had laundry to dry are smiling to see mister sun is out. Are you one of them? The neighbor's washer is! *smile*

Need to be Strong

I need to be strong especially when a stay at home mom like me has lots of work to do at home. I cannot afford to get sick especially this week when I am busy and the weather makes people prone to being sick. 

With no help at home when hubby is off to work, there are heavy chores that makes me think about that best creatine supplements which are said to be designed for strength enhancement. I need more strength when dealing with heavy chores not good for my back problem and dealing with an active little boy at home 24/7. Okay except of course when he is asleep. 

Got more chores to do and I need to be strong even when I feel like I am going down with something. If only I can say I have no time to be sick. I need to be strong and healthy!

Work and Saving

The year seem to started rather slow at work and yet it seems to be picking up now and I am starting to get a little busy which though tiring at times because the little boy has become demanding for my time when he is not at school. 

Being busy now is such a great blessing. I will be able to save up for backup just in case on the little boy's enrollment in school on his second regular school year in pre-school. Plus there are other expenses that we should also save up for. 

So we are praying hard for more blessings in terms of income so we could cope with the ever increasing cost of education, basic commodity among others.



Passing frequently at these two stores of two of the popular electronics manufacturer and the latest TV models in the world makes us often want to window shop to check what's new there. I did remember one time last year when the led TV was still rather new, hubby and I were really wishing we have that much money to buy one and we would often look at those two stores when we get the chance for some malling and window shopping. 
We did read about the various led tv reviews on the internet and the more that we wanted more than wished for one. What we have is just an LCD TV but we are already grateful for this. Though based on the reviews, the LED is clearer and is said to consume less energy and power compared to an LCD TV with the same size. Mercury Free and a VERY Thin Design. Just found out that our LCD has mercury IS used in manufacturing it. Though hubby reassures that I should not worry much about it.

Windy Day

Woke up to a windy day as I took a peek outside from our window. I am feeling better of the weather today compared yesterday which made me really drowsy and sleepy whole day long with the gloomy and overcast skies. Plus with a colds seeemingly starting on me yesterday, it contributed to making it hard for me to work faster. 

Now it's a better day and hoping to do better at work with this windy day inspiring my thoughts to feel better and work more today. It's still cold yet I love the wind blowing outside.

Thank you Lord for this day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Printer

We have thousands and thousands of photos and it has crossed my mind to start having print copies of some if not all of those photos we have since. I even thought maybe it would be good if we print the photos at home by ourselves just like what a friend of our would do. I don't want to have our photos printed in those service centers anymore after a bad service I got from our last printing order. I had lots of photos then to print but decided not to go on with it anymore. Now there is still a lot of photos waiting to be printed.

Anyway, hubby and I did come across some nice new Canon PIXMA photo printers that have a sleek design with high-quality performance and ease of use for various home printing needs that anyone may have. It produces deep, vivid colours and bold, black text. Plus it will also produce copies that are truer to the original and will scan clean, clear pictures every time. Just what I have in mind. Now my concern now is the budget to buy this printer. Will be praying for a blessing so we can get one.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Save Mode On

I have to psych myself that the save mode on is active now for us when it comes to spending. No more unnecessary spending and will have to cut out especially on our food. It will help me diet hopefully somehow though we just called McDo for some french fries delivery this late at night. Oh well I will be praying for some divine intervention from above to help us decide each day when the save mode is on.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Artist Series Air Purifiers

Hubby and I have been looking for an air purifier around the stores in town for quite sometime. We could not find it even in the big appliance store. They do not have a stock of it. Yesterday I found this Rabbit Air purifiers. Was I glad to have stumbled upon it. I have been trying to convince hubby before that we may need a high quality HEPA air purifier since those times last year that the little boy and I would get sick and we thought a reliable air purifier would help a lot when used at home. 

I would love to have their Artist series of air purifiers. Functional and decorative as well. It looks like an art piece on your wall. I just loved it!

Catch Some Sleep

I know it's early morning yet here but I need to catch some sleep while the boys are still sleeping. I slept quite late last night doing some rush work and now I woke up early too when he came home. I did some work yet now I feel my brain is somewhat in a stand still and lulling itself to sleep. I need to recharge my mind even for an hour and get back to the daily grind once again. Come on let's catch some sleep!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The idea of wanting to have a carpet in the house has long been on my mind yet I am just putting it on hold when I think about carpet cleaning and maintenance. With no help at home, it would surely take a lot of my time to maintain and keep it clean with a little boy in the house. 

One of my sisters said however that I don't have to be so concerned on that and I know there are cleaning services dealing on this stuff such as this carpet cleaners raleigh nc that offer friendly, affordable, quality carpet,upholstery and rug cleaning to residential and commercial customers. I came across it last week as I was trying to look if there is anything like it just near our area that makes carpet and home clean.

Making A Serious Step

After so much thought on investment and after one of my elder sister took the step towards serious investment for real, I decided to follow suit. Since I just started so I still got a lot to learn. Buy Gold Krugerrands which I read have been minted by the South African Mint since the late 1960's is something I wish my sister and I though were able to purchase. But that would be one investment dream we can pursue if and when we have the right financial resources already.

Having known as where you can buy silver, gold or other precious metals and coins, the United States Gold Bureau is where you have to go when you want to do this kind of purchase. For those of you out there who have the right financial resources right now, you can try venturing into this if it is your way of making a serious step towards investment ventures.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

For Safekeeping

I was at the little boy's school last Friday to fetch him after their class. Good thing that they have been provided each with a Locker for safekeeping of their school supplies and other important stuff that they might need while in school so they do not have to bring it every single day to and from school.

School Lockers are important for schools with students who have so many books and school stuff needed at school. During my time, I have such a heavy bag that I carry to and from school five days in a week. Somehow I managed to bring all those books, notebooks and stuff every day. I would have really appreciated it if our school then had provided us each with lockers. 

It would have not been such a heavy burden as in literally to carry them every day. If there had been Lockers for sale then like those from MoreLockers, school life would have not been such a burden each day I mean when it comes to bringing all my school books and other stuff which I could be left in those lockers at school for safekeeping, if only we had them then.  

Saturday, February 05, 2011

For Now

For now I am too tired but cannot sleep since the little boy is still wide awake and active. He has asked for his milk now and so I hope he will fall asleep in a little while. Now he has asked me to go to bed with him now so off I go for now to put the little one to bed. Hope I can still come out to work later on.

God give me more strength and patience when I am physically tired. Thank you for the joys that you give me that makes this physical limitations go away.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Reliable Webhost

I have been blogging for almost four years now. I have learned through those four years about the important of having a reliable web host. Website owners, business minded people or businesses with online stores, even just regular blogger need a good web hosting service provider like Superb Gridiron that delivers a truly dependable service with no downtime or with a hundred percent guarantee when it comes to uptime plus must assure site owners of fast loading of our sites so as not to frustrate and drive away readers and web site visitors or clients for those who do business online. It is also important for can dedicated support staff who are available when you need them anytime as in 24/7.

Hubby who manages the technical side of our blogging has mentioned so much into the possibility of availing of managed hosting which Superb also offers and which also assures you of stability and security that should be expected in any web host. So if you may be a among those small to medium businesses are interested in web hosting, they can be your choice even for those who are looking for colocation plans with data centers that are truly state-of-the-art plus servers have reliable power, backups, and physical security at all times which we all should be able to expect from a good and reliable webhost.