Monday, January 17, 2011

Too Much Water

My sister sent me an email about a warning on drinking too much water that can lead to water intoxication and hyponatremia where one does not have sufficient sodium in the blood. I don't drink too much water so it is not much of a concern.

Others who drink a lot of water will find themselves bloated as bloating is water weight. From what I have read, using natural diuretics is a quick way to cut down on extra weight and that unwanted bloating. I often hear a friend complaining about being bloated. 

Well for me, I often realize I don't even drink enough water but when am not feeling well or when I have cough or colds, I make sure I drink more water. Though I doubt I was able to drink as much as 7 liters of water just like that woman who reportedly became blind after drinking that much water each day for three months that her brain cells swelled and eventually caused her to become blind.  I guess with everything we take into our body, it should be in moderation. Not too little and not too much. Now I know, I'd watch how much water I drink from now on and more importantly not too much as it can be fatal according to a doctor. 

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