Monday, January 17, 2011

Pizza Making Camp

The little boy will be off to a pizza making camp as their second field trip this school year. The little boy loves pizza but not of a different pizza company. Anyway I hope he will love the experience  the process of of being able to make his own pizza for the very first time. This is a good hands-on activity given they will have a kitchen tour, taught about food safety and preparation (which I hope he will be able to understand and follow well), to actual flavoring and baking! 

This will just be a half day activity but I wish as a parent and foodie that I can go along too. Aside from wanting to take photos of the little boy, I'd want to learn how they make pizza too! The boys and I love pizza and just last night we had pizza last night and the thought of those fat burner supplements I have been reading about yesterday morning just made me want to pass on the pizza. But who can say no to yummy and delicious pizza plus the ham and cheese calzone. So I guess I might just give in to the pizza and calzone then look for that supplement I was reading on. 

Okay I have to finish what needs to be finished tonight and we have to wake up early tomorrow for pizza making camp. 

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