Monday, December 26, 2011

Rainy Days

Rainy days are here after Christmas day. An LPA or low pressure area lying over Mindanao has been causing these rain and bed weather days ahead. It is not that easy to work during the holidays while having a bed weather day. My eyes are drooping now and our bed or even our two-seater sofa are all calling out to me - SLEEP!

But I cannot just do that because I had a weekend break during the Christmas weekend. I have to work, earn moolah and make my mind work though I find myself taking quick naps in front of my lappy catching a few winks. The delicious chocolate cake didn't help. I still feel sleepy the more I look outside the window and see the rain slowly falling. Yawn! Wake me up during these rainy days.

Airport Play Set

The little boy got an airport play set as our Christmas gift, actually our third since he got two other gifts this December from us as our gifts to him. He chose it himself when we went to Toy Kingdom at SM after our simple Christmas meal and get together with my family and their respective families at Bigby's yesterday afternoon. 

We have been looking at some model planes actually as he saw me browsing through those the other day. I know he would wish his mom would shop for those model kits from planes to cars while thinking of those collectors of such stuff. I wish I could too this time but maybe next time around but for now, the little boy's airport play set will be enough for him as our Christmas day gift.

No Fireworks and Firecrackers

Our city implements ban on fireworks and firecrackers. This has been implemented for many years now since 2002. Watching the news now, the people of the city have adjusted over the years and are grateful for this ban because it has spared a lot of people from so many injuries related to firecrackers and a few casualties. 

The news now is reporting a young man somewhere in Bulacan I think who might lose one of his leg due to a firecracker-related accident. We have been spared from this kind of news here in our city for 10 years now. Though at first it was kind of difficult not to even see fireworks display during Christmas and especially during New Year but we have learned to adjust and appreciate that the ban is indeed for the people's safety and well being. No more firecracker scared kids and adults anymore hiding in their homes during these holidays. We have a more peaceful and quiet way of celebrating Christmas and New Year here in the city and we have been liking it that way.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Professional Cleaning Services

If you think moms love cleaning the house on a regular basis, think twice. It can be a dreaded work at home that we sometimes think we have no choice and no escape from. Unless you learn to realize there are professional cleaning services like that of the Maid Service Ashburn VA which has been in services of many homes for the past twenty years in Virginia.

I know many of us moms and housewives just have too many things on our hands. For those moms who have health concerns, cleaning the house can just be too much to handle and accomplish on a regular basis. In as much as we want to personally clean the house and see to it that everything is as clean as it should be especially for OC moms like me, the body can just limit us to do the chore well. Do not worry because the professional cleaning services they offer can just be the kind of help that comes to your rescue that you may have long been looking for.

They have been providing many homes for two decades with professional cleaning services. You can get an instant quote so you will know how much it is going to cost you to get your place looking like new. I am more interested now with their cleaning services which includes: furniture and upholstery vacuumed, carpet edges vacuumed, and under accessible furniture vacuumed. I just do not have the energy to do these particular tasks as they easily make my back ache to be honest. I am better off leaving these particular tasks to professional cleaning services.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Red Ribbon

This is a Red Ribbon branch in the city. The cakes and pastries on display all look so yummy and delicious. Red Ribbon has been one of my fave bakeshops in town during this time. It was a real sweet treat indeed when we get to buy from Red Ribbon. 

Can you give a wild guess as to what year this photo was taken? Just for the fun of it! Let me know if anyone wants to make a guess, just leave a comment below. 

Guitar Straps

My cousin is trying out to be a part of a band. He is playing the guitar as he had been as far as I can remember. I do remember I met him and his brother one time at the mall last month looking for straps that will allow him to distribute the weight of the guitar equally over his shoulder. I remember that guitar strap I found online that is great for heavy instruments and players with back / neck conditions. 

These musical instruments can be heavy on our body especially the neck and back. The guitar straps that my dear cousin wanted was one that will make it a lot easier to carry the guitar and make him a lot comfortable in playing it. Hope we was able to find a nice one. Will ask him about it when we do meet again.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Fruit Baskets

Christmas Fruit Baskets were already on display at the Robinson's supermarket last weekend. The supermarkets are well on the way of preparing what consumers need for this Christmas holiday season when it comes to shopping. 

This could also be good for prizes or giveaways for your Christmas parties. I am sure guests or company employees will appreciate getting these fruit baskets. Better than nothing at all, right?

Graduation Gift

Time flies and soon my eldest niece would be graduating from high school. I was reminded more about it when I found these high school graduation gifts and mind you compared to my time, these gifts are techie gifts for the graduates. Choose between digital camera, Apple iPod nano, iPod clock radios, digital picture frame, camcorder, or simply an SD card.

How I wish these were the kind of graduation gift that one gets during my time. I might have asked for a digital camera or better a DSLR from my parents when I graduated as the Salutatorian in our class. Not bragging about it but personally I may have stood a good chance to ask for that graduation gift in mind. What do you think? *Wink*

Unattended Box

First time that I saw an unattended box in this mall. It gave a little scare at first. I noticed it as soon as the guard cautiously went to this stall where the box was left with no one standing near it watching it. If the man carrying this was only cautious for this could have caused a scare. I was standing literally near it waiting for hubby after he was done paying the bills upstairs while I went for a bank errand. 

This guy beside the guard must have instantly owned the box as belonging to him. Otherwise the security might have called for a bomb squad to check on it. So if you have boxes with you like this and you leave it unattended, please keep in mind that you may cause unnecessary alarm on the people in the mall or anywhere else. And that is no joke!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Furnished Apartments

I am once again thinking of looking for a permanent house  for us to live in within the city that has a nice location and good water supply plus more important that we will be able to easily connect to internet service similar to the one we have now. 

Getting one of those furnished apartments would be great if there is one we can hopefully have as our very own. I sometimes do wish we could find one like those from DabneyProperties that we can actually buy. Browsing through their fully furnished corporate apartments, condominiums, and townhomes as well as temporary housing solutions where you can have a stay lasting a month and longer, the thought of living in our own home finally would be a dream come true. Their furnished apartments are ideal place to stay whether you may be in vacation with the family and friends or in a month long business trip.

We love the place we are staying right now due to convenience of its location. However living in your own place also has its pros and benefits that I wish we can make the most of may it be a furnished apartment or town home as long as it is our very own.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Backup of Videos

Speaking of videos, I wonder where we can find a good place to upload videos for online backup. If there is one that has this kind of service similar to what Flickr provides to some people where they can upload their photos for free. I don't have the budget yet to finance this need for now. I do appreciate though if I could find one that offers the service for free. Is there anything still free these days? Yes there is still a few things for free! And I wish there is one for backup of videos.

Christmas Music Videos

It will be Christmas in a month and yes I would love to fill the house with Christmas music in the air. I found a link to Michael Buble's music video Santa Claus is Coming to Town yesterday. 

I wish we can just download those videos when I saw this best video download that says you can easily download videos from YouTube inMP3, AAC, MPEG, FLV, and HD formats in lightning fast download speed. But of course you should keep in mind this is okay as long as the materials are not copyrighted that is. It can let you play those Christmas music videos for keeps.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mister Donut

I wonder if this Mister Donut coffee in prepared cups taste good. We just happen to discover this exactly a month ago yet until now we have not tried this. Maybe I'll try one out of curiosity on its taste. It may come in handy during travel or when you're on the road and may need some coffee fix.

Anyone of you out there have tried this? Was it good? *Wink*


You may have heard of medicines used to treat people that have been reported to have side effects. I have heard of a few which makes it a concern for those who may be taking medicine just like this case of a diabetes drug that may cause people taking them to be diagnosed later on with bladder cancer. There is an actos cancer law firm that can help your loved one fight for compensation to which your loved one will be entitled to. 

There are many pharmaceutical cases that come out in the world which we may be unaware of. But if unfortunately someone you know maybe be needing legal help or find themselves in this unfortunate case then you know how you can at least help them fight for their right to be compensated.

Making His Own Biscuit Spread

The little boy is making his own "biscuit spread" without demanding from me now. He is either really hungry or the serious adult like talk that I had with him explaining that he need not demand for it anymore when he can make it by himself. I am busy doing some work aside from doing the colored clothes laundry in between. I want to finish my work (I wish) before tomorrow so that I can be free for our own weekend.

While I was working, I saw him at the dining table seriously making his snacks without even calling out to me anymore or even asking for assistance. Yes he can be kulit at times but I don't want him to grow so dependent on us even on this very simple tasks. 

The school emphasizes prepared environment which I try to tell hubby does not mean that we have to prepare the biscuit with spread ourselves. I am happy with my four year old boy now. See he is peacefully eating his snacks while watching Dora now. He never called out to me anymore because he knows am busy as I told him before. I even asked him to help me with the laundry (which is not actually what I meant) but I think it worked and made him realize, he'd rather prepare the food himself because I am honestly busy now.

Hot Tea

I could drink some hot tea from Mandarin right now. It's raining and a little cold here. I could use some hot drink to keep myself warm right now. Aside from that cleansing effect that this tea gives when we drink it. If only they  could deliver just this at home right now. LOL! Maybe I could just try to find maybe I still have a few tea bags left in my tea/coffee keeper. That would save me money and time waiting. Yes!

Lead Free

It rained when I was still deciding whether we go to the mall to watch an event. So I decided to stay home instead and look for a high quality and Lead Free Solder wire that one of the caretakers was asking us if we can buy for something we asked him to do for a home. I have read before about there is an issue of lead-free soldering that has gotten a great deal of interest in the electronics industry. These days in this kind of industry, we need those materials that are lead free that we can get in the most logical and economical ways possible.

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

We lost something that we have relied on for years. Hubby came home early morning one day recently and told me the bad news. It took awhile for it to sink in on me. It had been happening to many others and somehow we know sooner or later it will and might happen to anyone but we never wanted that to happen.

But as they say when one door closes, another one opens. We are still hoping it will be back soon. We worked hard for that and that reason given is something we will never honestly do. Bring it back please!

Monday, November 07, 2011

I Wish to Have a Garden Like This


I wish to have a garden like this one at home or maybe something nicer.The thing is though I don't have much time at hand and persistence to maintain a garden to keep and maintain its look like this. I wonder if hubby is willing to pitch in with gardening and maintaining the look of a garden that looks as clean as this. On second thought, if budget allows, one can always hire a gardener, right?

This photo is taken by my dear hubby during the Agri-Trade Fair at SM Davao on August of 2008 during the Kadayawan Festival. I want to remember who made this garden. 

Good Health

Good health is probably every mom's prayer for her kid and family. Health is wealth and so we make ways to keep ourselves healthy despite the rather not so healthy lifestyle that some if not most of us live in this day and age. 

Having good health is something that people with high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease pray for. As I read about the Crestor lawsuit that I stumbled upon through a mommy friend of mine,I hope that people will have good health that they no longer need to risk the possibility of encountering medicines that harm them through serious side effects that may be unknown until they have taken the medicine to treat those with high LDL cholesterol, high total cholesterol, and triglycerides. 

Let's pray then that we may have good health always.

Day Off

It's our day off and our own weekend starting today. It happens to be a special day for the mom who has always been there for me and my boys as well as for my siblings and their families. We will be seeing mom later today and I hope that she gets to relax and enjoy time during this special day. 

I am happy that hubby was able to negotiate and work out his day off to be scheduled today. He had a busy OT weekend at work. We are grateful for his work at the same time grateful that at least this year they have two days off already. 

Please guide and protect us Lord. This is a day to be thankful to the LORD!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Storage Shed

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon and the little boy wanted to go out. I thought of passing through that new building being constructed at one of the streets in our area. It has an interesting color unusual for me because it becomes the one with the most unique color among the other ones in that area. 

It does remind me of one of those DIY building kits from where you can find pole barn kits and garage kits to those fully constructed Turnkey buildings, garages and pole barns. There are many options available. I am looking into this with personal interest since if only financial resources are available and would allow me to purchase one that my folks could use more for storage because our folk's house has been more or less filled with a lot of stuff that they don't actually use. 

I like the designs that they have that looks simple yet truly functional for the purpose that I have in mind. It could save anyone both time and money for those building kits functionally and visually could serve your specific pole barn or garage needs. Or in my case, more of a small storage shed in my folks house that has been pre-assembled already.

No Preview

I am just sad that some old photos way back 2008 of our dear old D60 has no preview and cannot be uploaded for back up file. Hubby said this may have been the files then that has been damaged when the old hard drive was damaged. 

I wish I knew a way by myself so I can recover those files. Hubby is just so busy this week with work. I don't wish to bother him anymore with this but I am praying there is still a way to save those precious captured memories in photo files. I can just be glad there are still a few left that are saved but only a select few from each folder. Hope the rest of the files now are okay and no more damaged files. 

Friday, November 04, 2011

Mom's Birthday Coming Up

My dear mommy's birthday is coming up pretty soon! I was thinking of giving her something as a little gift. I then found these titanium earrings that reminded of those pair of earrings before similar to the one that one of my elder sisters used to wear and which we know she liked to borrow. Maybe I could get her a pair like that or maybe one of my dear elder sisters will be willing to share and chip in for this gift.

I know mom would love it since she wears earrings though she is not much into jewelries and material stuff. The design of the earrings are simple yet beautiful and elegant still. I could use one pair for me if only someone generous would buy me a pair. I would never say no! But since it is mom's birthday coming up and not mine, so if I'd get a pair it would be for mom and not for me.

Davao Blugre's Frozen Brazo... I Missed This!

I missed this Frozen Brazo from Blugre coffee shop in Davao

I wonder if they still serve this there. I wish I can rush to the coffee shop now but I have a doctor's appointment to go to which have already been postponed earlier because the doc had an emergency meeting.

I can only wish for now I am having this for snacks. I happen to see this photo as I was going though my old photo files way back July of 2008. Oh my! This was more than three years ago. That long! Oh yes baby I am craving for this now. Where's dad? Maybe he will let me buy one later after am done with the doctor. *wink*

Monday, October 24, 2011

Badminton Tournament

I wish I could watch my friend play tonight at their badminton tournament. The venue is just near our place. She mentioned about canvassing for trophies and medals the last time we were able to chat that was when she told me about joining them for some badminton practice last week. I could not join them because we had plans with the boys during those days last week.

My little guy just slept so I could not leave nor bring him with me to the game while he sleeps. Maybe this weekend during their championship match if they make it, I could watch my friend play that is if we won't be going to some Halloween events this weekend at the mall. 

Yes just too many events lately. But honestly I want to play badminton once again for fitness sake and just sweating it out once again. I really need that these days.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Girls’ Weekend Out

Everything lined up perfectly. My husband was going out of the country on business, a couple old friends were traveling and in town, and I had no plans. It was the ideal time for a girls’ weekend out. Here are some highlights.

First of all (and yes, I know this makes me seem old and boring), I couldn’t bear to leave the house before getting a few errands done on Friday. I polished the glasses, finally, watered that damn plant by the front window, and then cleaned up my husband’s mess in the garage. Trust me, he was never going to do it on his own.

Once that was all out of the way, I headed downtown to meet my girlfriends for dinner and some drinks. My husband called while I was en route to tell me that he had landed in Frankfurt, I think. It was really hard to understand him on that cheap German Prepaid Cell Phone he was using.

I met my friends downtown and we went out to a great seafood restaurant. I got the trout, which is a fish I usually don’t particularly like, but it was a special that night and it was absolutely delicious. It was really great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in, I don’t know, at least six years. Time really flies.

After dinner we hit the town for some drinks, just like in the old days. Then I took a cab back home (slightly tipsy, not going to lie) and proceeded to pass out and sleep until my friends called me at 9am. They were outside and waiting for me, ready to head out to the spa.

We went to a spa two hours outside of the city in a lovely little town on a lake. I know my spas pretty well, but I had never been there before. It was a great find. We got facials, went to the pool, hung out at the restaurant, and generally just relaxed all day Saturday and Sunday. Finally, sadly, we headed back to my house Sunday night, where they dropped me off and continued on their way. It was a really nice girls’ weekend out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Digital All in One Laser Printer

The hubby is the first to the bathroom since we must prepare to go somewhere this morning and that is  giving me some time to quickly checkout those Brother laser printers particularly that digital color all in one before we go out.

It has an excellent network connectivity via built-in wireless and Ethernet interfaces. It can print, scan, copy, and fax. With a capacity of printing seventeen pages per minute with a 600 x 2400 dpi print resolution. The spec says that it can be installed on a wired or wireless network for multiple users to share printing, scanning and PC-faxing functions. This seems for better use in an office than at home. Will check out some other options for home use. Though I have to say this is seems good enough already.

Now I have to go and prepare for it's my turn. Later again!

Restless Night and a Weird Dream

There are just rare times when you have these restless night and those weird dreams.
I don't know if it had been the fast food coffee that I drank during dinner last night since I want to try it for a long time or something was just really bothering me. I had a restless night that had me waking up so early as 5:35 in the morning while I slept already past one in the morning. To add to that, I woke up that time because of a weird dream that I just felt like crying it out to release the weird emotion I felt afterwards. 

Good thing I was able to sleep back and woke up though still tired yet at least that weird feeling from that weird dream is somehow gone by now. Back to reality. It's a Monday morning and back to the daily grind for us here. Will try to rest later on when the kid is in school.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Calendar for 2012

The end of the year is fast approaching and the thought of having a personalized calendar for 2012 with a photo of our family crossed my mind. I heard from a friend already planning out the photos she will include in the customized family calendar that she will be ordering for printing soon and which she will be giving as a gift to family and chosen friends. 

Indeed calendars will make great year end gifts to help those companies for example promote their business and provide a little extra convenience to your target audience. I remember my dad and I look forward to certain businesses giving out free calendars to their loyal customers. I need not buy a calendar because my dad assures me we do have a free calendar always from a certain company whose products we patronize.

If you plan to avail of calendar printing services for your 2012 calendars for gifts this Christmas or New Year perhaps to your family, friends or customers, Next Day Flyers could be a partner in printing services that you could be looking for with fast turnaround, high-quality wall calendars and competitive prices for printing services as well as highest on-time shipping record in this kind of business. They use glossy UV coating on self-cover and quality-assurance system. Clients and customers are also assured of fast and easy online design and ordering.  

So if your planning on giving away 2012 calendars this Christmas, send your orders now before you run out of time. Days pass by so fast and before you know it, 2011 is over!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Ride

I can just wish for now that we do have a new ride. But I am so happy for my long time friend who finally got her wish for her birthday - a new ride all of her own. She was so happy to share the news to me the other day looking for me at Facebook chat. 

Her hubby first asked her early this year what she wants for her special day. She said at first she was really tempted to convince her hubby to avail of those rv loans so that they can have one of their very own without having to borrow that of her brother-in-law.

But when she started to go back to working again a few months after that she thought it would be better if she has a ride, I mean car of her own. Need not be brand new but as long as she can easily drive it to and from work where it is way out of her hubby's way to his own work too she said.

I am so happy for her for I know she had been seriously praying for it for so many months and she got her birthday wish! take care my friend when you drive your new ride around town.

SumoSam Opens at Abreeza

If you are a fan of SumoSam then you should have heard that SumoSam opened recently in Davao at Abreeza. This is an alternative place to dine for all Japanese food lovers out there here in the city.

We got to meet two of their management team from Manila when we first dined there on their second night on soft opening phase yet. We will be back here next time to try out their other Jap food offerings. I know that my dear hubby still wanted to try out the other food which we could just not eat all at one dining. 

I am honestly no fan of Jap food unlike my hubby but I have to say it was much better than I expected. It was one tummy filling SumoSam dining experience. 


I was wondering what we would eat later for dinner with the little boy while at the same time I wonder where I could find that digital device for precise measurement of small distances. I want to incorporate a very small screw on something that I am fixing. 

I hope I get this fixing done soon so we can go out maybe and buy dinner out instead somewhere cheap so I need not cook anymore. I wonder what viand the nearby cafeteria will be cooking later for dinner. I find it practical sometimes since it saves time for me and I don't want to eat too much anyway if hubby is not around.

Okay got to find the little boy and that device to help me with this fixing task.

NCCC Cinema Davao 3D Grand Launching September 2011

 NCCC Cinema Davao 3D Grand Launching September 2011

NCCC has finally joined in the 3D cinema trend in the city. Today September 15 they started the regular 3D screening of the movie Avatar. Their price is way cheaper at P120. We have seen Avatar so many times. But hubby and I will surely want to try out NCCC's 3D movie offering one day.

We saw this poster last weekend when we got to visit NCCC after a long time to have a simple family gathering with my family for bonding and a simple birthday celebration for my brother. Thanks to SGTab for being handy in taking this pic. *wink* 

We may wait for their next 3D movie showing and we hope it will still be at P120.

Happy and Beautiful

Every person especially women deserves to be happy and look beautiful. That is why a lot of women love to be pampered in salons and spas. Thanks to the dedicated salon staff who are talented and skilled men and women who were trained in such beauty schools or institutes similar to that of the Cosmetology school which continues to grow and expand over the years as they continue to provide a unique approach to cosmetology education this day and age. Their graduates have continued to make people happy and beautiful by means of beautifying them to the best that they can.
This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 7100 Northland Circle, Suite 312 – Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New Blogger Interface

I am trying out the new blogger interface for the very first time right now and this is the first post I am writing using the new interface. Looks okay to me.

Actually a fellow blogger in the city named Mark who I met for the first time at the Blogger's Fiesta at Cafe Demitasse asked me if I have tried this one already. I said no because I have not blogged so much using Blogger for quite sometime. 

Well I could easily get used to this. Not intimated so far. Will explore this more next time.

There is a message though on the top saying:

"Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss"

Will check this out with hubby later on when he comes home from work.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have been quite careful with my diet lately. With dizzy spells probably due to having low RBCs lately maybe has caused me to look into my diet and reality check at the same time. 

Speaking of diet, the search for a good diet and ways to maintain a good one led me to dieticians and even Dietetic Technician Jobs. Those jobs are for those people who are trained in food and nutrition and are an integral part of the health-care and foodservice management teams. I wish I knew what they knew about diet. That will be something I could research on soon hopefully especially when I want to improve a lot of my diet and my boys' too.


Doing overtime now on finishing some tasks before I sleep. Need to sleep early but we are still up and about. I need to do work ahead of time to give me time off tomorrow. My sister just got here! Talk about being early.... to early for tomorrow morning actually. LOL!

Hope to get a nice rest so we can wake up early tomorrow. Praying for a good weather! Safety and fun! Already wishing everyone to have a great weekend ahead! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011


The little boy just noticed that all the TV screens on a restaurant were mounted using flat tv mounts and it makes him wonder how we could change the channel. I told him they could always use the remote control to which he agreed later on. 

That made me think maybe it is also time that we have the LCD TV mounted. It would also at the same time give us more space in the living room to put another table or cabinet for the little boy's stuff since the TV will be mounted, we can remove the TV stand in the living room. I wish we can implement a minimalist look inside the house, more space would really be great. 



Only hubby was able to convince me recently to eat this after a long time. I am not really a fan of shawarma and often wonder why many people really like eating it. So one day, I gave in and knowing hubby was hungry I bought two of this for the two of us. I didn't eat all of my share and just shared it with my sis. It tasted good. But maybe I am just no shawarma fan just yet. It may take time but for hubby's sake, I will buy him another one if he asks for it.

Waiting for Hubby

Hubby went off to get our Access Pass for tomorrow's event. I did not come with him anymore because I would just get tired with the travel and I would rather do other important stuff that I need to finish before the weekend.
While waiting I was checking emails and sorting out through them, I saw the email from my cousin asking me a favor to ask one of our dear uncles if he wants some Dutch Master cigars when our cousin comes home in a few months from now for a much deserved vacation from work outside the country. Well in my opinion, he could go on and buy it for I am sure our uncle would love anything that he will get from our cousin even if it would just be a box of local cigarettes. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Case of Personal Injury

In case of personal injury and you need legal help and representation, this Austin personal injury lawyer  is certainly what one needs. From injuries sustained in car, bike, motorcycle, truck, bus, ship, plane or whatever vehicular accident to construction accidents and injuries, these personal injury lawyers can make legal representations for you and they will fight for your rights to claim and recover from damages as well as the pain and suffering from the accident itself. They will be the advocate of your rights when such injuries from accidents happen. 

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Hate Late

Their box says "Hate late?" and On The Dot.

Well I actually hate late especially when you are running late for school with a little boy waiting for his pizza and it arrives twenty minutes late from the time it is expected to arrive at your doorstep. Then the delivery guy tells you that the pizza is not free even if they were late for twenty minutes from the allotted time of delivery. Okay!

Busy Days

Busy days are here with events around the city in time for the annual festival that celebrates a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. I wish I can go to every event in the city but with my hands busy with work too plus it is still school days. Good thing on Friday there will be no school for the little boy since it was declared a local holiday here in the city. Busy, busy days! Yet we try to have fun still.

Heart Matters

My sister and I were talking about heart matters over the phone the other day before she left for an official trip to attend a training seminar when I remembered about the Actos lawsuit. It involves the injured heart or heart injury case filed by those who had experienced serious injuries such as heart attacks, heart failure, and an increased risk of bladder cancer as serious side effects due to intake of an oral medicine for diabetics called Actos. The personal injury lawyers who can help them when they seek legal actions can also give them a free heart injury case review. 

I mentioned this lawsuit to my sister and she said the more I should take care of my health and my heart. We should keep in mind that these heart matter which may be different in nature somehow do affect any of us. So common rule here then is that we should take care of our heart because our heart matters to life and good health.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Floral Arrangement

I wish I can attend one of those floral arrangement workshops. I missed the free workshop given by a  mall recently. It would be nice to have floral arrangements as decors at home once in awhile and I am just reminded about it as I look into these beautiful floral arrangements from an online store that also provides a new way of sending flowers to anyone especially your family and loved ones. 

This particular casual design of flowers is one similar arrangement that I saw at the workshop's photos. Well you can also have it delivered to you direct from the florist of your choice in one online store that I found recently. There you can find custom designed flowers from consumer rated florists which makes these nice floral arrangement such as this one shown here. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Been Awhile

It has been awhile indeed since I last made a post here. Been busy living a life and with the little kid and school plus other life matters. Attending to the little boy after school with practice writing the alphabet letters, numbers from 1-36 (I have yet to buy a bigger paper) since he won't let me go to the next page. Plus just spending more time with him as much as possible.

August also happens to be the month of the Kadayawan festivities. It might become more busy this month. I hope I can blog about what goes on each day but just as a quote said... Life can just be too beautiful to describe or put into words, just live it! And so I try to live it though at times I wish I can still find time to write it down.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden Supplies

My mom was looking for garden supplies last week among which is an organic crabgrass killer which she will use in our little front yard garden. She is on her crabgrass control project at home to keep herself busy when she is all done with the house chores. I agree that she needs to do something with those crabgrass based on the last time I saw the front yard. Taking off all of the grass is not something she really wants to do. She just wants to get rid of the crab grass and leave the nicer looking grass in place and continue to grow.

Well good thing these days, if you are looking as well for other organic pest control products, there is always something you can find at an online store that sells environmental friendly lawn and garden supplies. I was able to recommend one for my mom so she will tell my dad to look up to it. There are still other garden supplies I have yet to find, I'll go check back on that list she gave me last week now. Hope I'll find everything she needs within this week.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guard and Part Time Waiter

We had dinner at Gerry's Grill Abreeza tonight and I was impressed with this guard who had become a part time waiter at the same time. Well not actually the first time I saw a guard acting like a waiter cleaning up the tables and taking out the used dishes. But I wonder if he is getting an extra pay for this. Maybe a tip for helping out. 

Actually the waiters/waitresses at Gerry's Grill were really busy tonight and they were not enough. One waitress was lifting and moving tables by herself just to accommodate the new diners coming in groups of five or more. Good job to those people who work more than for what they have been paid for.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I missed the chance to go and watch an old friend play and hit some balls on the golf course in the southern part of the city. We met him at a friend's little and instant get together a few weeks ago and he just came from a open golf tournament to which he was invited to by some of his office mates and friends. I asked him if he had a gps for golf course to which he answered he still has to get one though. I asked because he did mention it first. I have been reading about the product online so thus my little curiosity.

Anyway, I wanted to watch golf too out of curiosity to try to photoshoot sports that hubby and I once talked about. From just looking and browsing through photo galleries recently from a sports magazine online that showed some photos taken at various golf tournaments made me think that it would be nice to venture into it not as a sport but a sport to capture through photos as well. Okay enough golf talk for now. I might as well take a break and be back online later.

Saturday 9: Against All Odds

Have you ever tried to rekindle a past relationship against the odds? ::: Nope, never will.

Do you like your job, or daily routine? ::: Now I am liking it more compared to last year I think.

Do you find time to 'smell the flowers' so to speak? ::: We do not have flowers here to smell. *wink* But I try to find some time to stop and enjoy the day, or each moment or minute that I find precious. We know that time lost, will not return to you again.
Do you have any problems thinking of things to write about in your blog? ::: I have so many things that I want to write but I just do not have time to write them all down with a busy life offline these days too.

Do others consider you well organized? ::: Well I don't think so.
Do you always have a “Plan B” just in case? ::: Yup unlike my partner here which could be frustrating at certain times.
How do you find yourself adjusting to new situations? ::: There are times that it is easy, and there are times that it isn't that easy.
Are you happy with where you are in this point of your life? ::: Yes! I am blessed despite difficult times at certain times in between. I am thankful for life and being blessed even if we are not rich.

Do you find the aging process we all go through easy or difficult? ::: What I know is that I wish to age gracefully and so hubby help me with that! LOL! If he gets what I mean.

Steamed Rice Cake for Dinner

Steamed rice cake for dinner is all that I'll have tonight. I bought it earlier when hubby and I were at Abreeza. I usually buy from Jaltan in the food court on the third floor of the mall. It costs  only P21 and it is a rather big piece and actually heavy to the tummy already. But I stick to it for some diet as I think again of potentially taking diet pills as further step to losing weight. 

This rice cake is my substitue for rice with viand tonight. Hubby was wondering if I would be full already by just eating steamed rice cake for dinner. Yes I will be and yes I am since I ate it already as of this writing.I am just fighting the urge now to have an ice cream stick. Oh goodness stop me from opening the freezer and taking one ice cream stick we stocked up there. All I wanted was just the steamed rice cake for tonight.

Money Causes Traffic

Well people are really attracted to money and when they see money even those scattered on the road, they would grab the chance to get it even at the expense of their safety. Well I just heard in the news that there was this incident when fake money caused a morning traffic jam on a highway in Moscow, Russia. We are talking of a ten (10) lane highway. 

Well to make a long story short, the money which made people scarmble out of their cars to grab was found to be FAKE! From what I heard no one was hurt which is really a good thing to hear because if there were, it was really not worth it.

This is not the first time something like this happened. I have heard a few stories about this before and I have even seen scenes of this kind of thing in movies. Well it goes to show people go to some extent when they see money up for grabs. Only in this news, the money was not real at all. It was in fact a joke made by someone.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


We got invited to a birthday party of the daughter of one of hubby's officemates. They got this nice and beautiful invitation. I have not taken a photo of it yet since hubby left it at the office. I love getting stylish and trendy birthday party invitations even for any other occasion! I have yet to ask the mom where she had her invites printed. I am surely recommending it to other mommy friends because it is really nice and trendy for a little girl's party invites. 

I hope hubby will be able to change his shift on the day of the party. If not we may not be able to attend with the little boy unless I have my sister with me that day. The venue is quite far and am not familiar with it. Let's wait and see but we'd love to be there to celebrate and I know the little boy loves to be at a party! He would surely say "I love to be in a party!" again just as he had said in the few parties we have attended this year.

So Many

So many things I want to blog about but it seems that there is just too little time to really sit down and write them down. It ain't an easy task with a little boy to take care of and no help in the house except when hubby's home.

We have to live a life too not only "online" but "offline" as well in the real world. My time now away from the online world is spent on teaching the little boy at the smae time doing other important things in life. In as much as I want to blog a lot of things to share, well as they say, time does fly. Plus with so many virtual homes, it can also be not as easy as it seems to others. I am not complaining. I am just letting people know wondering where I am, in case. LOL!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Camera

My sister got a new camera and I noticed it during the baptismal of my two nephews. I am just not sure if it's new or second hand. The last time we talked about the topic of affordable digital cameras just for everyday and practical use for capturing memories, we mentioned of many brands of digital cams including the camera casio digital among others. It's 14 mega pixels which is better than our LX5. Plus it can also serve as a GPS. 

My sis digital camera has no GPS as far as I know though. As with the GPS, it is for accurate geo-tagging of images. Your photos can be labeled with the location and building name when available therefore making it a lot easier to remember where the shots were taken. That's one nice feature to have in a camera especially in a place that you are not familiar with or where you are traveling for the first time. 

Speaking also of new camera, how I wish we could get a new one for ourselves....soon! Well I am gonna cross my fingers. But then again, there are far more important priorities.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Update

Another update from G has made the PR obsessed world of site owners and bloggers on a frenzy for a while. I am not much affected now unlike before. Though I still continue to wish the changes were alyways favorable to me and will be better.

I lost more PR in my homes in this update comapred to the last when I retained most of the high PR of my homes. A little sad but not that sad anymore. I know things will go round and what goes down, will go up once again. With the ever changing algorithm of G, the PR will come back. Hopefully soon! Please be kind and more generous next time to us G when you have another update. *wink*

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hubby and I would be happy if our little boy would show interest in various sports including ping pong which has been a fave sport among us siblings when we were much younger; tennis which I used to follow so much on TV during my teenage years; soccer which he has played starting this last summer though he was really interested in it since last school year; and even bowling. Or basketball perhaps just as we have seen the NBA Draft the other day.

I just found this photo of him when he just turned three years old and he instantly showed interest in bowling as this was the first time he ever tried the sport. He really enjoyed it and you could see that he easily learned and was trying to play it like he knew the game well.


Wealth may not be something we physically have but we as a family feel blessed enough financially as we could say we are able to live in a comfortable life better than what we imagine. Do not mistake us for being rich because we are not and we also have financial concerns that we strive to cope and handle. That is why we continue to work hard to earn.
Though is you have the wealth then think and handle it well. If you know well then you must have considered the services of this firm Missoula, MT wealth management group that handle and manages the wealth and investments of the valued clients. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The other day while waiting for the little boy who is playing at the new mall's play house, hubby and I went around and found ourselves at Gui where they have a few digital slr cameras including Canon, and our fave Nikon among which has one of the DSLR model which we want to upgrade to.

They only have the kit set and were not selling the body only. We already have the lens same as that of the kit lens so it would not be practical anymore to have two same kind of dslr lens. We may just have to wait longer till prices go down and they will have the body only unit. Then maybe we can upgrade. It would be great to have a new one by the Kadayawan Festival 2011 which is a truly good event to have a photo shoot.

Playing with the Tape

The little boy is playing with the tape again as he watches Barney this morning. He is actually taping all of the note pads he has posted around the LCD TV with his initials / nickname written by him on them. We encourage him to write more his name. 

I just might need to buy another scotch tape soon at the bookstore. I am looking for more creative things for him to play with. I find various note pads and post its with designs printed on them. He loves playing with these materials. For now, he is content playing with the tape until it runs out I guess.

Learning to Grill

We had a simple family get together yesterday. The night before a friend shared some photos of the food she grilled for their weekend get together. It made hubby and me think maybe learning to grill food on our own would be a good idea and bonding activity to do with the little boy during our weekend since our weekend usually does not fall on the regular weekend.

I know there are good choices of gas and electric grills. I like this table top or those portable grills that you can carry with you on out of town trips perhaps. I am not sure though what kind of grill my friend used. But the food she grilled especially the salmon looks so delish in the photo. We missed my brother in law who passed away already. He was good at grilling and doing barbeque. Those were years ago. 

Now it would be fun to learn to grill and do it at my sister's house. She shared last night while we were waiting for our ride home that she plans to extend her patio and make the front lawn more spacious for us to use during our family get together. She has a big space outside her house.It would accommodate enough space for us in the future where we can grill and have a simple barbecue party with the family and kids to enjoy.

Temperatures Around the Country Today

Some weather update today for Father's Day... here are the temperatures around the country today, June 19:
  • Metro Manila 24-29°C
  • Tuguegarao 25-30°C
  • Laoag 25-30°C
  • Baguio 15-24°C
  • SBMA/Clark 23-29°C
  • Tagaytay 21-27°C
  • Legaspi 21-28°C
  • Puerto Princesa 25-30°C
  • Iloilo/Bacolod 25-30°C
  • Metro Cebu 24-29°C
  • Tacloban 24-29°C
  • Cagayan de Oro 22-30°C
  • Metro Davao 24-30°C
  • Zamboanga 25-30°C
Hope you'd enjoy the weather today! Happy Father's Day to all dads out there especially to our very own daddy, my brother and my dear hubby!

Friday, June 17, 2011


While doing some house chores, I saw hubby looking at a golf match for awhile on TV that reminds me of that golf gps finder I read about last night. To our surprise, the little boy joined in too and he said he wants to play the game. Not in reality probably but in a game app.

He is into soccer but we were surprised he got interested in golf. Though he knew golf when he used to play virtual game of golf in the iPod Touch. We used to play it together months before. But when he got bored with the iPod Touch, he spent more time then using the Galaxy Tab but there is no golf game app installed there. I wonder if there is a golf game app for Android. Better have this sport game app than those other non educational games that I see elsewhere. 

No Drowse Meds for Colds

I have a colds right now and it has been here for the past three days I think. I wonder if it's really effective to drink those no drowse medicine for colds. I mean are they really effective in not making you drowsy? I wonder because when I started taking one, I felt more sleepy and my nose literally started to drip. Sorry for ther term. I had to have the tissue by my side all the time aside from trying to fight off the drowsiness as i try to catch up with some work here at home. 

There are aactually two choices for me to drink when it comes to these no drowse meds for colds. I am not sure though as to which one is more effective and does not make me drowsy - the Deco or the Neo. If I have my way, I'd rather just drink as much water and juice as I can rather than drink these meds for colds. But then again maybe taking these meds becomes necessary.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Some people are truly particular with their look and beauty. For some they go to the extent of learning the art of cosmetology just like an opportunity offered by this Baltimore beauty school for those who may also want to pursue a career or perhaps a business of their own by having a salon one day. This beauty institute continues to expand up to this day opening doors and opportunities to people who love beauty and making other people beautiful.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 8660 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore, MD 21237

Saturday, June 11, 2011


It is Saturday now and a weekend. I don't know but I woke up feeling it is not yet the weekend. But it is here and we have to make the most of it. The boys and I have a few hours to enjoy this real weekend for us though we already have our "own weekend" a few days ago during hubby's  days off from work.

We don't have a normal sked like many families. We are among those with weird daily sked that is why some friends wonder if hubby has work or not since they sometimes see us at the mall during "normal office hours". 

A few years ago, it was hard for me to accept his work sked especially when I was still working in the corporate world. After I resigned to become a SAHM/WAHM, I have learned to adjust and now has  somehow forgotten how weird our sked can be sometimes. But in the end we can just be thankful that he has work and we have weekends of our own time and day.


I just realized last night that someone took my blog away. Blogger locked down one of my blogger sites last year and I just do not know but out of the blue, I decided to visit it last night. Then I found a new blog yet still empty has been made for it by a different person. 

I wanted to ask that person to return the blog to me for there are still links from my other blogs to that site. Anyway, I doubt he will give that back. I then remember hubby said recently that he was able to get back a blogger blog which has the same fate as mine. I did not check my site back then. The blog was taken last month. Anyway, maybe I should just update the dot com blog that was supposed to take over that blogger blog's niche. If only I have more time in these busy days ahead of me.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


When I overheard these two men walking behind us in the mall who I assume they were lawyers talking about some product liability claim case, it made me think of the Topamax lawsuit all at the same time. I never wish to be involved in any product liability case. Even if the birth defect that results from having used that product could not be a mother's fault, still I never want any child to suffer because of it.

Just in case you need help, you can contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.


Rain came pouring down just awhile ago. I guess our plan to go out will have to be postponed. One of us will just have to go out and do the errand tonight or just postpone it all for tomorrow. We decided to stay home for now while waiting for something. 

Rain in MM has been crazy they say. I read tweets of that since last night. That was just a low pressure area related rain last night. Good thing the rain here isn't that crazy. Classes were suspended today in MM but there will be classes already tomorrow. While here in the city classes were normal. And it was hot all day. It only rained after the sun has set. I guess it was a way to cool down the earth after a hot sunny day here.

Afternoon Snacks at McDonald's Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao


Had some afternoon snacks with the boys one day at McDonald's Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao. Still as busy as their other branch in an old mall in town. I guess more people come to their fast food chain because it is more affordable compared to other new fast food restaurants.

The crew here are those they have pulled out from the branch near us outside the VP mall. I recognized two of them. I guess they have to put the best ones in this new branch at the newest mall in town.

Busy Lawyer

We were supposed to meet with some old friends and another friend last weekend. But she is one busy lawyer that it is often hard to catch her free time when one of the older friends who are already based abroad would come home and would like to meet us.  

I know being a lawyer is no easy job but it can be very rewarding too. But handling lawsuits just as I got to think of the Topamax lawsuit handled by the O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 tells me it is not an easy job after all. So we do understand now the very busy schedule of our friend who is indeed one busy lawyer. The last time we met, she was handling another product liability claim by one of her old and valued clients.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sleeping Early

Maybe the little boy and the rest of us can practice sleeping early from now on with the school season about to start after next week. His class may still be in the afternoon. It gives me more time too to do more work while he is in school compared to him attending the morning class when it seems that time flies so fast.

I am no longer sleeping early tonight though good thing that the little boy slept early because he got so tired from playing at his fave funhouse for four hours. At least there he gets to play with other kids around his age. Playing there too for the past few days makes him sleep early at night. Tired from having so much fun!

Sweet Temptations


I faced these sweet temptations last night at a coffee shop and I was just as happy that I was able to stop myself from buying and eating one of these sweet treats for dessert. Thank goodness that thinking about and being reminded by that slimvox I read yesterday made me think twice about ordering any of these delicous treats. 

As a doctor would say on what good and bad to eat for one's health, he replied that there seems to be nothing bad to eat because the question lies on how much we eat and how often do we eat those kind of food that makes it good or bad for our health. If we eat too much of anything, it becomes bad for our health including these sweet temptations!

God is Good

God is good all the time and that even if there are times in life when we feel there are so many challenges and trials, we just have to have the faith and hold on. We have to be strong for others no matter how tempting it is to fall and break down. 

Life must be lived well. For those of us still living, we have to make the most of what we have for God has been and is good to us no matter who we are and what we are.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Injury Lawyers

I have been reading this from friends as well but it is indeed serious matter when someone you love like your very own child perhaps would have been physically affected by taking a medicine such as what happened with those pregnant moms who may have taken Topamax, an anti-convulsant drug which is being used to treat epileptic seizures in children and adults as well. 

Those moms who gave birth to children with a birth defect as a bad side effect of the said drug may need the help of a lawyer such as that of an Austin personal injury attorney who specializes in cases or lawsuits related to this. It ain't easy for the family so they should really get the best help from those lawyers.

Theme Hunting

I got some free time from work and I wanted to do some theme hunting. Theme for wordpress blog that is that is free of sponsored links at the footer. Are there still nice free themes for wordpress blogs out there that has no embedded links at the footer and sometimes they are even encrypted that if you remove them, the theme will not work anymore and sometimes your blog's appearance will be greatly affected. 

I cannot find nice themes anymore from the old sources. There are more nice themes for blogger blogs that I see. Anyone knows where I can find those nice WP themes I want?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Junk Food Tees

My sister showed me a link at Facebook that led me to these Coke's anniversary t shirts or what they call junk food tees. My friend's sister had been looking for something like this so I shared the link to her. 

The store who sells these so called junk food tees pays tribute to popular and favorite musicians, superheroes, and sports. Their tees are indeed stylish, fun, feel-good, and easy. I'd like to have one of these tees like some sort of souvenir and I need new casual shirts too! Love the white tee. Wish I can find one of that here or that my sister would buy one for me and just have it shipped here. Teehee!

American Idol Season 10 Top 3 Performs

I tuned in to see American Idol Season 10 Top 3 Performs

You see I missed a lot of this and I have a lot of catching up to do. I tuned in to the local cable TV channel and I am not sure if this is live or a replay. I guess it is a delayed telecast. 

The top 3 Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina sang three songs each. By the second round, American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez are all for Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. While Steven Tyler was for Lauren.

It has really been awhile since I have seen this show. Really been busy since. But hope to follow till the finals fo this show. Will they let a girl win this season? 

May 25 is the American Idol Season 10 Finale. Who will be the American Idol 10 winner?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My classmate in college is into running and has been frequently participating in fun runs in the city which is more often now than I could remember years ago. It is a healthy activity anyway so I say go and run.
Then another classmate of ours who is now based in Singapore has taken interest in running too. 

The other day, we get to have a little chat over at Facebook. I am just as surprised when they both asked me if  can recommend any testosterone supplements that work. It seems the other friend remembered I mentioned something about reviews on this supplement. I am no expert but there are resources I know where one can read more about on these products known to increase muscle and strength fast. 

I need strength and endurance indeed in order to run just like those two friends do. Yes of late I have been thinking more of doing running as an exercise given we are just near a new mall that has just opened and we could run in their grounds suring early morning. I can start with just walking anyway then work my way until I can just like them go running! I wish!


The little boy asked us to buy Stick-O, the big size, when we were at Robinson's Supermarket in Abreeza to which hubby gave in. I did not want to but since the little boy did not have this chocolate for quite sometime, and he was sincerely begging for one, I thought why not. 

Now I want to call hubby and say that we will no longer buy this one again. The little one keeps coming back to me asking for another stick. He already had more than enough and is asking for more. It seems he won't stop till it is all gone. 

Good thing now his attention seem to have been diverted to something else because I did not answer him anymore. If I would say anything the begging would have gone on like forever. Next time, I won't give in to what the boys are asking since chocolate is not good for the little-big boy.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I missed watching golf. It has been a few years since I followed news on this sport except on the Tiger Woods' talks on his marriage that affected and brought a downside to his golf career. 

Just recently though I did try to watch a bit of golf again like the recent Masters. I wonder if those professional golf players like the Masters champion Schwartzel also use those gadgets called golf gps pda or that golf gps watch that can give the player a competitive edge and strengthen their golf game. Maybe when they were starting playing golf or during practice perhaps but not now when they rely on their instincts and skills in the sports of golf.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Longer Sleep

The little kid has been getting longer sleep as dear hubby and I observed in the past two days. Well he has been sleeping early and waking up early therefore changing his body clock for the past two days and somehow his sleeping pattern as well. Sleep is good anyway and I think he needs it while he is growing up still.

While I myself try to get some power naps when I can too especially during this time of the month when I really get sleepy most of the time during the day. I need more sleep and avoid staying awake up late at night. Still I get to ask myself how to get rid of dark circles even after I have caught up on my "less sleep nights" I should say. 

But more obvious for me are my eye bags that becomes bigger when I get to sleep late for a few consecutive nights. I can only wish I can sleep longer just like my little kid does but I got work to do around the house while he is in dreamland. I may just have to take a real vacation and do some real long sleep during those days. I wish!

Free and Instant Haircut

I had an instant haircut right here at home thanks to my dear hubby turned "Hurry Cutter" as we joked earlier today. The salon I go to is just a few minutes away from where we are but I decided to just postpone having a more proper haircut in that salon until this weekend maybe. 

Hubby just cut it straight and in less than a minute he was done. He was obviously happy with what he did. I feel my hair became lighter with two to three inches off it now. Thanks dad for the free  and instant haircut!

I have been thinking of getting a really short hair cut after years of maintaining a long hair. I don't want to get anymore hair treatments in the salon as much as possible after reading about some health concerns on hair straightening products with some ingredients that are harmful even possibly causing cancer. So the best that I can get for my hair now is to have my hair "ironed" straight when there are special occasions. Other than that I'd stay away from any hair treatment for now. 

Easter Basket

My nephew proudly showed me the Easter eggs and what is left of the  goodies in the Easter basket he got last Easter Sunday. I was looking into a photo of that taken by my other nephew that same day. 

It reminded me of the Easter basket store that I was shopping at two weeks ago. I was looking while wishing I can have an Easter basket myself full of these easter chocolates. My nephew had long eaten his chocolates! While I now thinking about it is craving for chocolates. 

As they say "whether as an Easter bunny, Easter eggs or a candy bar, nothing can top Easter chocolate!" Don't you just find these easter chocolates I was looking at so tempting! Even my son wanted to have that same easter basket like what my nephew had but my lil boy cannot have chocolates still being a no-no yet in his diet. Well same for me but I can take one or two you know whether it comes from an easter basket or not!


Smiling from ear to ear if I may describe myself now as I look into the photos of our little boy a few months ago and some latest ones taken. We feel blessed that we have the little boy. I reminisce the moments from toilet training to his first day at a M-preschool.

There are also photos of him riding his red police motorbike and lots of photos that made me realize how chubby he was then compared now that he is very active yet still quite choosy with food plus he just got well to which I say he lost weight. I really did not consider him chubby until I saw the photos and videos months ago and now. 

But then the doctor would say he is somewhat over weight for his age when he looks just fine to us. Well now that he lost weight I should be smiling. But what is most important is that he is healthy and that would make me keep on smiling. 

He now was granted his wish of playing soccer and he becomes more active now. He may not gain weight as much as he did months ago but as long as he is healthy and not sickly as I continuously pray for each day, then I would keep on smiling. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Care of Your Heart

I remember the last time I felt some pain in my chest, I wanted to have an exam. It reminds me that we should take care of our heart. My sister gave me a BP monitoring machine last year and I wish there is an affordable ecg machine or something that can check if something is wrong with the heart or maybe that pain was caused by something else. Healthier eating should be one option I should be taking a step too aside from getting my heart checked. 

Well I just thought about it now again after hearing of someone I know younger than me that my sister shared to me yesterday. He has died of pulmonary cardiac arrest last Wednesday and it had me thinking I should get a test soon just to rule out any worry on my mind. People are passing on early. Two causes I heard recently were cardiac arrest. That should have us thinking of the importance of taking care of our heart. 

Sleep Heals

I will think and believe that sleep indeed heals. Like what Kuya Kim would sometimes say "sleep heals" before he calls it a night at the Twitter world. 

Sleep and getting enough sleep of at least seven hours a day is important for our body to heal, rest and recover especially when we are sick. I am a little sick right now somehow showing the symptoms that my son had last week. No fever and I hope there won't be any. I am praying fervently to be healed now and will be getting more sleep in a few minutes from now.

God is a great healer and I believe He will heal us. Good night everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Tips

Moving to a new home in a new location can be hassle or hassle-free. It all depends on you! Some people dread moving because of all the work that needs to be done. Except in cases when you get to hire real experts and professional movers, it can be less of a hassle.

If you are doing it all on your own, then here might be some helpful moving tips that you may like to consider: 
  • Hire a mover. A professional one that can be truly trusted to do this task of packing and moving and transporting all your stuff without giving you a headache or won't stress you any other way on the moving process. Packing and unpacking should be all easy for you when you hire professional movers. 
  • Choose the right size box to put your stuff in. Big stuff goes to big boxes and small stuff goes to smaller boxes. Grouping things according to size will make unpacking a lot easier. 
  • Label properly your boxes according to the room or part of the house they will be going to in the new place. You may also roughly label boxes as to what is inside it. This will make unpacking easier even for those who does not what is inside each box. You won't spend more time looking for which box goes where in your new home. 
  • Mark with "FRAGILE" those boxes that contain breakable things. These stuff should be more cushioned so chances are they won't break while being transported. Use bubble wrap for breakable things.  Use old towels or blankets to cushion those stuff that can easily break.
  • Make sure you also check the maximum weight each box can carry. You don't want to be picking up pieces along the way. You know what I mean. 
  • Sort through your stuff. You decide which stuff to keep, donate, dispose or throw away. Garbage as in garbage that you no longer can use or recycle should be thrown away and disposed of properly.Donate stuff that you don't use or need anymore. There are still people out there who can benefit using them even if you don't need stuff like old clothes or furniture or other stuff anymore. Remember you do not want to bring old clutter into your new home. You want to start anew with more space and cleaner space that is. 
  • Unpack according to importance. You may want to unpack the kitchen and dining wares first. One can get so hungry in moving in and that is one thing I learned when we moved for the very first time. We ended up eating out because the kitchen stuff were not yet unpacked. 
  • Inform those who needs to be informed of your new address like banks, credit card companies, etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have never had any claims whatsoever for any product liability and I pray I would never have too deal with any ever. I do understand what other people may have experienced on this and the pain and concern it may have caused in their life forever. 

As a lawyer and friend of mine would tell us before, we should not take for granted just because it was given by a doctor for example that we should just take it without even asking if there could be any possible side effects. If they withhold any information then later on you would suffer some side effects then they could be liable particularly the manufacturers of the said product or medication for example just like in the Topamax lawsuit handled by experienced O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. You may be able to win and claim damages from those concerned but it is always best to prevent any of this in the first place. Manufacturers should be responsible to make medicines for example that are completely safe to take.

From Sunny to Cloudy

The weather these days can just amaze or surprise you. I just blogged about an hour ago about how sunny and hot it was outside. Now it has become dimmer inside the house since I turned the lights off to save electricity and when I looked out it is so cloudy already and ready to rain. 

From sunny to cloudy! Yes this is the kind of weather to watch out for and we should better be prepared. We may easily get sick when it shines then rains then the sun shines again. Take your dose of vitamin regularly because the last thing we need this summer or any season at that is to get sick. I don't want to get sick and neither do the boys. I am even feeling sneezy already. For those outside right now, just prepapre in case it rains soon.


I just bumped into my friend at the mall a few weeks ago and she had been asking if I had any idea on where she could find the new iPad2 around town. I said most of those who got it already here had friends, relatives and contacts in the US and elsewhere abroad who got the units for them. She was planning to get the iPad but decided to wait it out for the latest one.

I heard that the iPad2 officially coming to Hong Kong and Singapore this weekend. And they say it is coming here in the country sooner than most of us think. Oh well I am still very much satisfied with our Samsung Galaxy Tab which now has a newer version too. I know I am tempted with the beauty of the iPad but the practicality of these times. I might just save and invest the money on something else that is much more important and essential than a fad that sometimes do tempt me. And YOU! Don't deny it. *wink*

Side Effects

When the little boy was brought to the emergency room of a hospital where we usually go to for medical emergencies, he was given an injection for antihistamine to treat the allergies and viral infection he has. Before they injected it on him, I had to ask the resident pedia on duty at the ER if there would be any side effects to be concerned of. He actually got this shot about two years ago. But I had to make sure again and ask. It would be better safe than sorry.

If you don't know what the side effects are of the medications your are taking in and don't even ask, I don't want to end up like the people who had to file this Topamax lawsuit needing the help and expertise fo the O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949. Those who took the medication intended for another symptom though not like my son, had side effects that affected their children. As a mother I don't want that to happen to us ever. 

So moms should really try to ask first of any side effects though we may not be as well versed or familiar with those medical terms they may tell us at times but we just have to know we don't want any side effects from medications given to our kids.