Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drive Carefully

I always believe anyone who takes the wheel and drives on any road in Houston, Texas or wherever in the world you may be should, drive carefully. Drivers should know the risks and responsibilities that lies in their hand when they drive on the road. A drunk driver has no right to be on the road.
Being caught driving drunk is a serious matter that should be handled well for example by those Houston DWI lawyers who can help work out a solid defense for you just in case you are caught by the police to be driving with influence or what they also call DWI. So it is best for driver not to drink when they plan to drive after. It is called being responsible for your life and other people's lives who are traveling on the road just like you. The lesson here is to always drive carefully.

Monday, November 29, 2010

MM Time

What do you cook when home alone? ::: Very simple or easy to cook dishes. Sometimes pasta salad.

What is something you'd like a chance to eat or cook? ::: Japanese food and dishes since I am not really a fan of it but I'd like to try tasting it one day.
What is your favorite cookbook? ::: No particular or specific favorite cookbook that I can think of now. Will let you know when I have one already.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping for Thanksgiving

The last two years have seen terribly low volumes of post Thanksgiving shopping in America. What with the recession and all, many simply gave up on shopping these two years, and Thanksgiving lost a lot of its fun.

This year, though, people are expecting a lot of shopping. Retailers are expecting a greater return to the good old days before the recession when all of America came out on the streets to buy gifts for family and friends.

Like before, people will not worry about spending too much. There is a new hope for a better economy, despite forebodings from the experts. Americans will be taking out payday loans, if necessary, to do their shopping after Thanksgiving, and may depend on Payday One to make their Thanksgiving shopping meaningful.

So, what are you going to buy this post Thanksgiving sale? For those who can afford it, this Thanksgiving will be a good time to give the gift of gold. Yes, gold is at its all time high price right now. Buying gold is always good in the long term. It acts as a hedge against recession, it can be quickly liquidated during emergencies, and the glittering metal looks beautiful too.

People like to give all kinds of gifts, but there are some that are better planned hence thoughtful than others. One of the more thoughtful gifts - again, as long as you can afford it - is to arrange a vacation, all expenses paid, for people you love. You can arrange to fly your parents on a vacation to Tahiti or Mexico, or a trip through continental Europe.

Whatever you do, put a lot of thought into your gift and it will certainly be memorable.

Donating to Charity with Some Extra Money This Christmas

Though I find them immensely beautiful, I have decided to not splurge on a Chopard necklace this year. These are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Instead, though, I plan to spend some extra money on others in my family for the holidays. Generally, I take a little extra money each Christmas and get something special for myself. Not this year.

Not only am I planning to get better presents for my loved ones, I have also decided to put some money toward charity. Deciding on the charity, though, has been difficult. Eventually, I decided on a charity called Child's Play. This is a fairly new charity; it has only been around since about 2003.

What exactly do they do? Well, this charity donates things like video games and movies to children's hospitals. These items are meant to help make the days a little easier and brighter for the children that are having to stay in these hospitals. Being a kid in a hospital is a sad enough thing in and of itself. Being able to contribute to making life a little happier for these kids is something that I have been interested in doing for a while.

I'm happy that this year I am not spending the extra money on myself. Sure, it's great to have a little extra, but being able to help out those who are really in need is so much better than spending tons of money on jewelry for myself.

I told some of my friends about this. They agree that it is a great idea, and are all finding a charity that they are interested in and are donating to it. The more people that do this, the better off our world will be. Being able to help those that need it is what Christmas is all about.

Realistic Gifts Every Woman Wants

It is that time of the year again; time to buy presents for the women in your life. The Christmas gifts on every woman's list varies from woman to woman and year to year. Every woman is as unique as the gifts that she requests. From jewelry to perfume, cameras to software, fur coats to shoes; the gifts on her list can be found. Sometimes it just takes a little shopping around or asking the store clerk for help, and if you're lucky you might find them all right at your fingertips on the Internet.

Avoid clothing, no matter what it is. Women will almost always find something wrong with it. Know your lady well enough to know what she would purchase for herself and what she might like that is romantic. Maybe she has an old camera that should would like replaced with higher pixels for a better picture quality. An old comforter that needs replaced or a stereo with iPod accessories, these are all personal and great ideas that any woman would appreciate.

When buying perfume, go with something soft, romantic and subtle. If possible, try to figure out what scent she already wears, but whatever you do don't get a fragrance that is overpowering. Ask the clerk what scents are popular, and if the clerk is a woman, ask her what she might recommend.

Gift cards for spa treatments or massages are always a welcome gift, and they are something that most women would love to receive. Especially if the gift comes with babysitting!

A gift with a bit of a thought behind it will go along way with a woman and the Christmas gifts she receives. Women appreciate it when her partner really thinks about the kinds of things she might like, but if nothing else then these suggestions will help get you started.

Spending Time

Each and every day is filled with numerous activities that simply have to be done. Caring for children, cleaning the house, cooking meals, etc. These activities seem to just eat away at our time and lives. Sure, we don't mind doing them, we even like doing some of them. The point I'm getting at is that sometimes we need to stop caring for others so we can have a chance to care for ourselves. Even if it's just a few minutes a day, we need to be able to have some time to relax, clear our heads, and meet our day head on.

First things first, we need to set aside a time, every single day, where the hubby or any other relative or loved one, can care for your children. You wouldn't want to let your kids run wild while you're trying to have some alone time. After that, make sure that you have a place where you can just be by yourself. Whether you need to completely leave the house or simply lock yourself in a bedroom, find a place to be alone with your thoughts and try to regain a sense of self. 

Next, find an activity that you enjoy doing that is just for you! Whether it be going to a movie, taking a nice bubble bath, or even playing online casino games, do something frivolous just for yourself. 

Lastly, don't just do it once and call it good! Make sure that you have your "you time" on a regular basis. Weekly, monthly, whatever you choose. 

There are so many pressures on us to be the best mother, wife, homemaker, and independant woman. We need to make sure that we are not only caring for others; we need to take care of ourselves along the way as well.

No I am not, but...

Okay, so here is a little exercise I am going to try today. I used to think that writing exercises were silly because who knows better how to write than a writer? But lately I am beginning to feel more like the guy that said "A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people." His name is or was Thomas Mann. I don't know anything about him, but he seems to be a pretty smart guy, because that is exactly how it feels sometimes. Anyway, here we go... Nine things I am not and contradictory statements that I am.

No, I am not a clothes horse, but I do love my Apple Bottoms jeans.

No, I am not nosy, but if you really must tell me the gossip, I'm not going to be rude either.

No, I am not trying to look slimmer or lose weight, but I will definitely be wearing this outfit again since it made you ask me that question.

No, I am not afraid of snakes, but if you bring one near me you had better be ready to deal with some retaliation later.

No, I do not have a perfect husband (nobody does), but when I treat him like he is one he tries much harder and we both end up happy.

No, I don't like dark chocolate, but I love anything that has been dipped in it.

No, I don't like helping fix the car when it breaks down, but if you refer to it as 'man's work' I will do everything in my power to figure out the problem before you do.

No, I am not a great writer, but I do it anyway.

No, I am not lazy, but there were supposed to be ten in the exercise.

Okay readers, your turn! Comment when you're done!

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream of Living in New York

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having a penthouse suite in the heart of New York City. I'm talking about one of those swanky places that overlooks Times Square while also providing views of Central Park. These are the places that have doormen who greet you when you walk in and call up to your residence when a visitor comes.

Sadly, as I grew older, I realized that unless I hit the jackpot, inherited a billion dollars, or married rich, I was probably never going to be able to afford a penthouse like that. The average penthouse without all the bells and whistles easily starts at $2 million and that is with the slumping housing market.

Even though a small part of me realizes that I will never be able to afford these types of living quarters, it hasn't prevented me from taking a look here and there at the various houses and condos for sale in the Big Apple.

Can you imagine my surprise when I realized that there were actually New York condos for sale that weren't too expensive and had some of my dream apartment accessories. By just taking out a few items, such as an overly large apartment or condo, a panoramic view of New York City and a few other things, I was able to afford a condo in New York City. With just a little bit of planning and investing, I was soon able to afford a lower priced condo right in the heart of Manhattan.

While it might seem a bit far fetched, it just goes to show you that no dream is too big. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to amend your dreams just a little bit. But overall, if you keep trying, you'll be able to achieve that dream no matter how impossible it seems.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking for Another Web Host

Hubby has mentioned that he might be looking for another web hosting provider. This is just a back up in case the other web hosting companies encounter any problems. I  came across this Webhostingfan with customer reviews of the best web hosting services that one may be able to find these days.

I told hubby if he has time maybe he can read the HostMonster Review and the HostGator Review so he can assess and get more feed back on these web hosting providers and we will see if we can get one of them to be our alternative web host for some of our sites.

For web site owners, the up time and reliability of the web host provider's services is very crucial. It can be frustrating when your host's server encounters a problem and you have a deadline to beat and pending work online that you need to do but cannot since your sites are down. You got to do your own research and read on credible reviews on a web host before availing of their services.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Traditional Way

They say that the most traditional way of investing in gold is by buying gold bullion or gold coin. This unique kind of investment had been on my mind for as long as I can remember browsing through the  United States Gold Bureau. It must have been that dream of giving my precious son a future that is secure most especially in terms of his finances. You cannot blame me as a mom to seek out ways to hopefully make that investment in its traditional way or not as long as it will be for the good of my son's future. I know it will be a long term investment that he can truly benefit from one day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Thing

Last thing I thought of before I went to sleep late last night was to look for more gift ideas, remember to pay our water bill today and check out this glucomannan that my friend was talking about the other day on the topic of weight loss and low calorie diet that we were chatting about that day. 

I actually did not realize I slept in the sofa in the little boy's bedroom when I was supposed to check on those things. I was too tired to transfer to the bed. The last thing I remember I was still checking my emails and reading an article about losing weight. Anyway, here I am up and about this early Friday morning!


I must have been showing my little boy my forehead wrinkles and he probably seen it too often that sometimes I would also catch him trying to imitate me. He would try as much as he can to make wrinkles in his forehead. We would both end up laughing actually. Much more when hubby joins in the fun.

I do realize he easily imitates certain things from me and his dad. He copies some of our funny and crazy facial expressions out of fun but I also tell and remind him to do these things only between us. I also don't want him to have lines or forehead wrinkles so soon. He is way too young to have those lines.

Beauty School

There are certain times that I come to think of that possibility of enrolling myself in a beauty school after I have heard some people I know who took up short fashion course and make up seminar in order to know how to beautify their own self. I have heard a few times about this beauty school in Phoenix  and it somehow interests me to find something like that here. That beauty school uses a unique approach to cosmetology education to new markets. Their graduates are sought after. Who knows the knowledge and skill that one gets from them could lead to a person building up his own salon business just like an old classmate of mine. Pursuing a totally different career for me should not be impossible and it may start when I do enrol in that kind of school.

Personalized Christmas Gifts

I want to get christmas gift ideas at Personal Creations as I wanted to give some very special people personalized Christmas gifts to be unique and make it more special somehow.

Then I saw this photo hanging display with pictures frames where you can put photos of the family members for example of the person you are giving this to. I wanted to give this to my eldest sister and since I have a lot of photos of my nephews and niece, it should not be a problem. In fact, I wish there were more frames to this display because I wanted to give my mom this too. I tell you this is a great personalized Christmas gift. My mom and sister would surely love getting this.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for Women's Sweaters

I got some free time to shop a little yesterday and I was looking for some women's sweaters. You know it could get cold too here especially during December and January. It is still the middle of November yet I could already feel the weather getting colder.

My sister was looking for sweaters already a few months back. I could understand since it so much colder where she lives compared here where it does not snow. None of my old sweaters actually fit me anymore. So before the dawn novena masses for Christmas comes next month, I got to find a nice, comfy sweater to wear. These fashion sweaters I am browsing right now are great. 

These Sequin pullover, Beaded pullover and the snowflake pullover sweaters are among my favorite choices.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Dream Big

Everyone is free to dream and so I am daring enough to dream big for us and the boys especially. Given that we are still quite far away from reaching and realizing that big dream we had to invest in gold bullion one day and hopefully soon, I am telling people about it so they can also dream big for themselves and for their family.

It is a unique investment perhaps but it is more stable in terms of long term investment. After all it has for a long time have the proven ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power. So what you got to do, dream big and work hard to achieve it.

Animal Toys

Not only did the little boy got a toy train yesterday but he also got animal toys as well. We saw that it would help him at school somehow in identifying those animals. They also had toy animals as materials in their classroom and so we thought it would help him know them better coz he gets to play with them each day from now on. 

We hope to find other kinds of animal toys because the other kind of animal toys they have were dinosaurs. We decide to buy that later until we find what we are looking for.

Garage Sale

Organize a garage sale if you have got lots of stuff to get rid of like clothes, books, toys, shoes, house things and other knick knacks, You may put up a sign in your place at least two weeks before you plan to hold the garage sale in order to let your neighbors know about the garage sale date. With a garage sale, you don't only get to get rid of clutter in the house by disposing stuff at home that you no longer need but yoy get to earn some moolah too!

Precious Bullion

I called my mom the other day to talk about a certain blessing that I am expecting this month. I hope we will not have a problem claiming it. It is not so much but I still consider it a blessing. It would be as great as a blessing if I could invest it by early next year in a precious bullion particularly gold or even in silver or platinum if there is. Precious as it is, man has had an affinity for gold bullion and it is from centuries ago up to this day and age been considered a unique investment.

Toy Train

Hubby got the little boy a toy train at SM yesterday when we went malling as a treat for the little boy as well. Now they had opened and used the toy train and we didn't realize it was battery operated. Good thing we had an extra rechargeable battery. The little boy loved this new toy so much! Thanks dad!

Where to Go

Hubby and I are planning to go out for a few hours while my younger sister is here to be the nanny of the little boy for a few hours too. Question is where will we go? I asked hubby that and he has no idea. He just said we will go somewhere. I wonder where we'd go. No nice movie tonight. Might as well do some pending errands tonight.


People think that those ordinary people who wish to buy gold and precious metals are just kidding. Well I am serious in that. It is just that hubby and I still do not have enough financial resources yet to realize that investment as of now since we are still saving up for our house project. 

I am also serious in that project that is why I work harder and learn more as much as I can about precious metal investments from the United States Gold Bureau. I sometimes get to read some of their articles when I have some free time here at home. It is good to know about it more little by little. Now I have to go back to serious work so I can save and invest.


How I wish the little one will go back to eating veggies again. Moms can include veggies in your soup and get the little ones to eat them. In the classic chicken sopas, for instance, add chunks of squash while boiling. Moms can opt to overcook  the squash also so that it will blend with the rest of broth. Now the question with the little boy is that he does not eat much yet. Now that will be a challenge for me to let him eat more... veggies!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Shopping for Winter Clothes

My sis had gone for a little shopping for winter clothes especially for my dear nephew including new sweaters for her and him. She said she maybe sending some of their old stuff in case we might still find them useful.

I said we would be delighted to get them with or without winter here since it can still be cold at times in the coming months. I can still wear her old sweaters when we attend the morning novena masses for Christmas in December. 

There is always a feeling of something extra special in wearing those imported sweaters! This also reminds me we need to buy new clothes for the little boy as well.