Friday, March 26, 2010

Travel Insured

Someone I know who frequently travels mostly for business trips while on other times simply for pleasure told me that when I plan to travel next time, I should travel insured. It's always better safe than sorry to travel insured as this is intended to cover medical expenses and financial as well as other losses that might be incurred while you are traveling. There is one travel insurance reviewer that I happen to browse through the other day as I was looking for possible travel destinations. In there, you can find such helpful and informative way to rate, review, rank and share your thoughts and personal experience on travel insurance and with your travel insurance company as well whom you may recommend or not so that other travelers interested may know what they need to know. One such travel insurance company is the International Medical Group which is said to be with great coverage with great service. Just what a traveler would need from his or her travel insurance company. It is easy to buy too. I noticed it had the highest rating among the listed insurance companies there.Make sure you do travel insured by a reliable and trusted company so you won't be sorry but you'd feel safeand secure too.

Time for FF

::: The right word or words to say often escapes him when you talk to that man.

::: Do help me with the house chores and shut the door quietly, please.

::: Up and dress up for we are off to a food trip with the boys. We are going to try new places this time for a good change and worth the budget. 

::: Where there is food that is where you'll find me... LOL! You'll know am such a foodie when you get to see me in person. 

::: Ooh! What is that Lady Gaga wearing again? You know she can wear weird stuff sometimes or should I say almost all the time.

::: Hubby giving me a day off or "me time" is a good idea.

::: And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a food trip with the boys, tomorrow my plans include finishing important tasks and some house chores and Sunday, I want to hear mass with the boys or maybe I should schedule that tomorrow instead of Sunday so we can stay home or do other things together!

Happy FF everyone and have a fun and exciting weekend too with your loved ones!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Burn and Cleanse

Some get obsessed to burn those fats away fast and cleanse their body from those toxins. I really wanna burn fats and cleanse my body. I wish I have the body of Kim Kardashian. Who does not know the Kardashian sisters particularly Kim? I have recently come across a slimming product said to be endorsed by the Kardashian sisters. It is called quick trim that is said to cleanse and detoxify your body, burn fat, and even reduce cellulite, which seems as others think is meant to work as a spot treatment for some. This review site particularly for that product suggests that it could be that the sisters don't actually use this product themselves. That was just a suspicion by many.

I think though it takes a combination of that kind of product plus regular exercise, then a healthy and proper diet that makes the K sisters have those kind of bodies. There is a long way to go for me and a lot of other women I know wanting to burn fats and cleanse their body. Now we gotta start working on it. I have started my walking habit. Trying to walk as much as I can rather than just sit and work.


Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. Maybe it is time to get that one. Hubby was thinking of buying one but he has not bought one yet till now. Maybe I should remind him of buying one so I can still work a little longer even if there is no electricity and while the lil one sleeps. We are experiencing a brownout that is not on schedule anymore. Now I need to work double time when the power comes back later. Hope this brownout won’t last longer than the expected rotational brownout.

A substation near our area broke down. I just hope the aircon is okay coz it was making a weird sound earlier as if it was damaged when the power tripped before this emergency brownout. Hope there is also a UPS for an aircon. Or maybe a generator is what I need then.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's Losing It

He's losing it not only his chance for maturity but his hair which he should attend to rather than play poker at Facebook by reading on that hair loss treatment review I have been telling him about so he can have this problem treated. But of course like any concerns at home, he takes this for granted. I don't want to waste money buying a hair loss treatment for him over and over that does not work safely and effectively. He has got to do his homework somehow, do his reasearch, read on customer feedback and reviews before he loses all of his hair from playing that online game that makes him scratch his head more often probably causing his hair to fall more. I wonder in the first place if hubby cares if he's losing his hair or not.

Celebrity Look-a-Like

I have been following the American Idol Season 9 and finally got a connection that one of the top 12 finalists Siobhan Magnus has a celebrity look-a-like in actress Anna Paquin who won an Oscar in The Piano, starred in the X-Men and True Blood.

Indeed they do look a like and they have a resemblance. I like Siobhan's smiling eyes and as the American Idol  judges almost always say, they find her unique among the rest of the remaining contestants. Siobhan and Anna could play the role of sisters in a movie or TV show.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking for the Best

I am sure there are a lot out there who are certainly looking for even dying to find the best way to lose weight. Are you one of them? I may say I am one of them too. I may have lost weight but that entails skipping some meals which is not good too. A friend told me the best way is first of all make sure you don't gain weight so that you won't have to lose any. Prevention may be always better than cure but for some who are already there as in they have gained weight already, you may have to find the diet supplement that works best for you and that probably has both fat burners and cleansers and that which help you to keep burning away the pounds in the long run. Read reviews, do your own reasearch and consult the experts. I'm sure somewhere along the way you'll find the best way which you've been looking for.

Wish I Had Magic

Sometimes as a mom who juggles life being a stay at home mom and a work at home mom, there are times that you would wish you have some kind of magic. A magic wand that within an instant, you'd have the dirty dishes washed and dried, same goes for the clothes in the laundry basket, that the bathroom is cleaned and brushed spic and span, that the front yard has been swept, that the garbage has been disposed of properly, that the lil boy has been bathed and clothes changed and a lot of other chores at home done in an instant so you can focus on your work when you need too especially when you running after an upcoming deadline. Or maybe using magic to do all things in an instant may not be a good idea at all.

Foods That Burn Fat

Aside from exercise and diet, there are some foods that burn fat they say like cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, apples and berries, citrus fruits, soybeans, essential fatty acids (EFAs), garlic, seaweed, and green tea as they are said to increase one's metabolism and makes one burn calories more but you must also combine this with regular physical exercise and healthy daily diet. I have been drinking citrus green tea and I wish it does help me lose weight but I don't exercise that much aside from just walking here and there so maybe I shouldn't expect such a significant change at all. But eating these food may help indeed. You just have to work all these things out.

Power Back

Thank goodness that the power is back! Time to work as the power is back after the two hour rotating brownout strikes back again.I thought the power crisis here was already improving but I guess I was wrong. I think they just let us have no brownout then after a week it's back again. I can cope with the two hour brownout as long as it is during the day and not at night. Okay enough talking and back to work. But that means more noise in the house as my lil boy just asked me to turn on the TV as he'd been wanting to watch cartoons since he woke up almost two hours ago. I hope I have enough power to work and watch my son at the same time. This is how it is as hubby won't get me a nanny or helper here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Low Cost

Here you may not get as much information when it comes to getting a low cost car insurance unlike in the USA, you can find it much easier to get cheap car insurance quotes which you can really count on and in the end lower your costs regarding insurance and never your expectations from such a service. These days thanks to technology and internet for it is easy to shop online for the cheapest car insurance without leaving the comfort of your very own home or even in your office. Anytime now, you may be able to access cheap car insurance rates from anywhere like for StateCarInsurance that lets you choose the best car insurance that you can find on the web. I remember one of our neighbors told me how she wish she was in the States as you can just check these online to get quotes that will help her decide which one is best for her needs but still low cost.

Monsters Inc

My son suddenly stopped playing and I did not wonder why coz Monsters Inc is now showing at Disney Channel. He likes this Disney animated movie a lot. He used to watch this many times in a day. Now not as often anymore but he still does watch it when he sees it being shown in the Disney Channel movies. I am thankful to the kind and generous Ms. Margie of TMD who gave my son her daughter's Baby Boo doll after she read in one of my other blogs that the lil boys likes Monsters Inc so much then. Thank you so much! Now we're off to finish watching Monsters.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peek at the Pond

Sunny, gloomy, sunny then it became so gloomy again! But the weather did not stop me and the lil boy from taking an afternoon walk just around the neighborhood street. We were able to take a peek at the neighbor's small pond that has a fountain. The housekeeper seems to have a hard time cleaning it. But it would be nice to have a pond at home.

My dad had a small fish pond before back home which I used to help him clean when I was way so much younger then. I even remember I suggested that dad needs something like the garden pond filter the purpose of which will help keep the pond clear, clean and then keep the fishes healthy. I had come across PondFilter before and they have the brands like Savio, Atlantic Water Gardens, Lifegard, Pond Keeper and more. Plus they always guarantee reliable service. It is good to invest in a pond filter that will guarantee less hassle and saves you time cleaning it from time to time like my dad before.

MM A Day Late

How did you decide to live where you do? ::: I have lived in this city since I was born. But as to where we live now, we actually decided to live here because it is near the downtown area of the city, near the malls, school, near a church, and most important it is nearer hubby's work place. But then even if he is nearer, he still opts to ride a taxi because he goes out of the house much later than when he should in order to save money. So the purpose of moving nearer his workplace was not followed. he is spending as much as when we were still living much farther down south.

Do you like risks, or do you avoid them? What major risks have you taken in your life? ::: I take risks as long as I know I can live with the possible consequences. I don't think I have taken any major risks.

If you had to choose, which could you live without: TV, the internet, a telephone or friends? ::: I could  definitely live without TV! I have not been wathcing TV for a long time now. Though I watch certain TV shows from time to time. 

I need the internet to earn, the telephone connection for the internet and I could not live  without supportive, loyal, trustworthy and real life friends friends.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Swing Set for the Lil Boy

My lil boy obviously likes to have a swing set like the one he sees in the  playground, kids play department store but that one we saw there is too small for him. He really loves to have that swing set as he keeps on pointing at it to me and hubby whenever we pass by that place.

Let playing save you money as emphasized by one article I have recently read and so I told hubby we will start saving for a swing set which we may be able to buy hopefully soon or as a Christmas gift for the lil boy when we could always avail and make use of coupons for Swing Set Superstore that will give us both substantial savings and free shipping deals too.

Plus not to forget this swing set will make our lil boy very happy and excited! I'd love to see his face when we do hopefully get him this swing set. He will surely have fun playing outside with the other kids in the neighborhood.


I am thankful for yesterday and today... days of good news I have gotten. Hope all these will be realized and that they may be done soon and easily. Had fun with the boys with our bonding time last night. Thankful for my boys, my family and the people who come to trust me with work. Thank you most of all to the Lord who makes things possible! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Brownout

No brownout it seems coz hubby's PC is still on. The boys and I went out to have dinner out and bonding time. So when the lil boy took an early afternoon nap which was unusual but which I am grateful of, we waited for him to wake up and then we went out of the house before the scheduled brownout today. The sked which was usually from one in the afternoon to five in the afternoon recently was moved to five thirty to nine thirty. So I thought we can take this opportunity to go out. We went to DG, had snacks at IG then tried out P, the new  seafood resto.

Well I hope there won't be any rotating brownout later tonight anymore and I hope tomorrow our sked will go back during the day or much better - NO more BROWNOUT PLEASE!!!!!

Time to Invest

Speaking of saving mode turned on, it will also be very beneficial if you also think about the time to invest. Sometimes saving money you have worked so hard for to earn iand putting it in the bank is not enough. But if you are a wise and serious investor, experts say you should think to buy gold bullion and invest in gold for it is secure, stable and a very valuable investment am sure you would not regret putting in your hard earned money. You would not worry much when the economy suffers from inflation as gold does not easily loses its value unlike other more risky kind of investment. Now is the time to invest. Don't wait before it is too late. Secure your family now... invest.

Saving Mode

I turned to saving mode again. I need to be able to save something from my blessings now. Got to let my piggy bank eat something so it will grow if you know what I mean. There is a time to spend for treats to ourselves for our hardwork but there is also a time to be stingy when it comes to spending money we worked hard for especially these days when it is si easy to spend rather than earn much more save. So the saving mode must be turned on in ourselves. We can still give in to our little wants but not too much. A little sacrifice can go a long way in the end.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Famous Shop

Do you know there is a famous shop known as being the leading online retailer for those who love cigar? I am reminded of an uncle who likes it and if he was still here, he'd probably be one of their frequent customers. This famous smoke shop sells discount cigars with the largest selection of cigars from inexpensive to premium ones available and sold at the lowest prices. My late uncle would have been a happy man and a grateful customer of this cigar shop. When I was young I would be fascinated with the cigars that he would smoke. Thinking about him, if only I could possibly send him a cigar from this shop as a gift, he would probably be smiling gratefully down at me and smoking happily by now.

Another Hot Afternoon

And yet it is another hot afternoon. We were out with the boys but after having lunch even if I wanted to drop by one of the near malls, I decided to just go home straight since it was so hot outside. I also had a lot of things to finish today so I guess this heat of the start of summer over here is a blessing in disguise so I would just stay home and work. Yes I need to work coz I need moolah to continue to save again for our project. I hope there will be continuous blessings pouring in as we continue to work harder juggling time being a SAHM and doing the chores in between while taking care of a lil boy who sometimes does not make it that easy on a hot afternoon.