Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Worry

"Don't worry, be happy"... as a certain song goes! Sometimes we just take life too seriously worrying about things we can just let go off and learn to ignore. My friends used to say that we cannot worry about everything as there are certain things beyond our control and if we continue to worry about them so much, they say I may get wrinkles written all over my face before I am too old and that even the best wrinkle cream may not be able to remove those. 

But if you get the best treatment that's proven effective and safe to use then maybe it'll truly remove every single trace of wrinkle in your face in no time. Yeah sometimes we just have to somehow ignore people who make us worry and people who seem to carelessly burden our lives more with their indifference and carelessness.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Work at Home

I often wonder what kind of job are those home based jobs advertised on the local papers that promises an income of more than $400. There is not much details given nor a company name given which makes it quite questionable. Recently, a blogger we have known for quite some time has decided to resign from the corporate world and work at home full  time. Which makes us think can we afford it that both hubby and me will become full-time work at home couple? Don't you just wish you are part of the most successful home based business there is out there so you can just work at home with no bossy and demanding bosses to report to. Make sure  thoigh if you join anything that they don't use pyramid or other schemes to take your money without helping you to achieve the results you want from it. Don't jump into just any opportunity that comes your way promising a huge amount of income from working at home. Make sure it is really true or someone you trust can really testify that you'd really earn from it and won't scam you in the end.

Looking for Banana

Yes hubby is out somewhere looking for banana for the lil boy. The lil boy's tummy and bowel had been acting weird since this morning. He is still active and playful with no signs of fever. So now hubby went out to buy banana hoping it will help naturally in restoring the lil one's tummy for the meantime then we have to keep him hydrated. Tomorrow we'll be calling the doctor if the lil boy's bowel is still the same. Hope the lil boy will be fine by then.


Aside from slowing down on food intake, I am looking into other alternative and possible solutions to losing weight the more natural way. I have heard recently of these herbal fat burners which could actually be more sustainable if it were true that they do indeed burn fat effectively. How I wish they do not only burn fat ,but they would also detoxify our body and wash out all the toxins present in our body as well. If there is such a proven effective and safe alternative, I'd really wanna try it.


The boys and I just got back home from bonding time. We just went out actually for dinner out a treat from hubby since it is Thursday night and bonding night with the boys. Now hubby is asking for rub on the back which probably ached from carrying the sleeping lil boy in his arms. The lil boy and I will be rubbing his back but I guess it will be more like pounding his back when the lil boy joined in. This kind of bonding time with the lil one often ends up quickly since the boys will end up tickling each other. 

Anyway, while I was rubbing hubby's back there were a few lil bumps near his right shoulder and I told him he might need those back acne treatments where we can see results within a few days without redness or irritation or inflammation. Sometimes it isn't easy choosing among these treatments coz some actaully causes more damage rather than heal those acne. So choose wisely. Now am off to play with the lil boy as hubby went out for awhile to buy something for the lil boy. 

Pooh & Pokwang in TKO The Komedi Overload

Pooh & Pokwang in TKO: The Komedi Overload on March 7, 2010 at 7PM at the Central Bank Convention Hall. This show is a pre-Araw ng Dabaw comedy concert for the benefit of the Co Su Gian Center for the Elderly and the Philippine National Red Cross. 

Tickets are available at P1,500 (VIP); P1,200 (Special Guests); P800 (Patron); P500 (General Admission).

Hubby and I hopefully will really be watching this show. Hope it will be loads of fun and laughter indeed! We both need a relaxing and fun break from our daily routine.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scar Removal

While we were on the hospital pharmacy waiting for hubby to be called by the cashier to pay for the medicines we bought, I cannot help but hear these two young girls seated beside me and the lil boy in the waiting lounge and they were talking about acne scar removal. They are probably in their mid teens and they seem to take this topic oh so seriously and were so determined into looking for the best acne scar remover. I could not remember myself worrying about this kind of thing when I was their age. I did not have acne but just pimples during my teens and mostly caused by sleeping late and stress from studies I guess at that time when you need to excel in your studies. But I do have a scar on my face as a result of chicken pox though I never made a big deal out of it and having it removed. But if there is a reliable, safe, effective and painless way to remove the scar then I'm open to that idea. Well as for those girls, they left way ahead of us and I hope they'd find a safe solution for their problem.

Monday, February 15, 2010

MM Again

What's your least favorite word? ::: Any curse words.

Where do you go when you need really good advice? ::: I go to church, or the adoration chapel and pray to the Lord. Or I turn to my very own family who knows me better than any other people out there. I have learned the hard and painful way never to expect help or even a good advice from people who treats me like others as rejection and feeling of abandonment would only await for me.

If you could participate in any winter Olympic sport, what would it be? ::: I could only wish I could participate in the sport of figure skating. I like watching this sport anyway and it is the one I appreciate most watching.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Great Sound

Great sound indeed coming from the tricycle that we rode yesterday afternoon going to the nearby church for the anticipated Sunday mass. He had what looked like one of those ipods - Touch and Nano along with MP3 players, which I have seen a few days ago that are sold at great sounding savings. It was one short yet great and relaxing ride. Maybe I'll check out as I remember one of my sisters wanted even just an iPod Shuffle for her birthday before.

Not Good

It is not good when someone you trust threatens to destroy something I have worked hard for in the past few years. How could that someone try to prove harder how people can be so indifferent if that someone would really do what that someone said. I don't even see any second thoughts on that someone's face who is acting more like a child. Oh well maybe it would be a blessing in disguise but surely that someone should be constantly reminded of the damage done and that throwing out what I had worked hard for just like that. I don't think that makes life fair.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Good Investment

Since gold is considered among the most valuable commodities we have in this world, it would be a good investment to buy gold bullion and have a diversified portfolio of coin and bullion gold investment. That would be something of an achievement if indeed I can make that. Often people would hesitate when they invest in something since we are investing one's hard earned money. If you do invest in gold, you may have to know which would be more beneficial for you to own, gold coins or bullion. Basically it is more stable than paper currency and becomes more valuable over time.But I am sure it is one of the safest way to protect your family's private wealth. Do you agree?

Now You See, Now you Don't

Now you see, now you don't! Mr. Sun seems to be playing hide and seek today. It started with cloudy skies then the next time I took a peek outside the window, the skies cleared and the sun is shining, then after an hour or so, it was all cloudy again. Just awhile ago, I took a look outside after lunch and it's all sunny then just awhile back when I went out to see who was knocking on the gate, it was all cloudy again. Whatever it will be later, I just hope it won't rain coz we have an important errand to go to and we might need to bring along our lil boy. I don't wanna go out with th lil boy when it's raining. I am still not a hundred percent better from the headache yesterday and the last thing I need now is for it to rain coz I really don't want anyone of us to get sick especially not the lil boy.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Digital Photo Frame

For months now, hubby and I have been searching for a really good digital frame or a digital photo frame that really has a high resolution quality. The ones I have seen here in local stores are not as good as I wanted the quality of the image resolution. If there is one that is higher than the 800x600 probably the 1280 x 1024 but not as big as 40 inches coz that is way too big and probably out of my budget for a digital photo frame. There were many choices at but the one I liked which specs said it is high resolution is already sold out as of now. Maybe it is that saleable that it run out of stock as of now. The Kodak EasyShare digital frames seems like good alternatives too but I'll try to find the Sony digital frames. I just need to read reviews of these products for now and hope they are available when I do decide and I hope they are still on discounted prices too.