Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MM Time

If you could only have one section of the bookstore to visit, which section would it be? ::: The section where they have the inspirational books or where they have the recipe books / food and drinks books section.

If you could only subscribe to one publication for the rest of your life, what would it be? ::: Good Housekeeping. it is what I often buy in the magazine stands lately aside from the local papers.

What activity always makes you lose track of time? ::: Using the internet for surfing, blogging, browsing and playing games in Facebook.

Life is Short

Life is short so despite the trials and challenges people may go through in life, we have to try to enjoy it. But at the same time we should learn to value life and forget those things and those people who negatively affects us and contributes into making life shorter. Anyway, we can at least protect our life especially our loved ones whom we'll leave behind eventually or when we're gone and getting a life insurance is one way of insuring they'll be able to move on at least a little easier despite the loss of a life of a loved one. When you get an insurance, it would really help to compare first between offered policies from various insurance companies and this will later on let you save money. They are often free and quick to get these quotes online. It makes it easier to compare that way, thanks to technology and the internet these days. During my those times years and years before when my mom was into this line of business, it was through agents that you have to get these quotes but now they are available online. It's always good to choose wisely. Enjoy life while you have it!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Read... Exercise for the Neck

Read this and have an exercise for the neck. This was shared by my sister and I wanna share it here too. Have fun reading and exercising. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Faux Earrings

I showed the earrings I wish I can have to my other sis and she said she also wanted to have those faux sapphire earrings too. Now that makes two of us wishing for the same thing and so I thought maybe we can ask our dear elder sister who gave me a nice headband last Christmas that maybe she wanted to grant us our belated Christmas wish too. Sapphire is said to be a common gift on wedding anniversaries and is traditionally given on the 5th, 23rd and 45th anniversaries. It'll be our 5th this year so maybe I should ask hubby instead right? As for my sister, she can ask our sister abroad to sponsor. I know our sis will easily give in.

Stop Rain

If only we can stop the rain, I would wish it would stop raining tomorrow so we can go to the beach for breakfast. It has been a plan long postponed and we suddenly thought we need fresh air and a change of environment somewhat away from the city yet not so far that is, so we thought of going to the beach tomorrow morning. Even for just awhile just to have a short break will do so I hope the rain will stop and cooperate... please!!!

Won't Let Go

The lil boy opened some more birthday gifts from me and hubby. It seems though he won't let go of the paper gift bag that has the gifts of magnetic letters and numbers plus the pair of matching neon green shirt and shorts from his godmother Tere (yes she has the same nickname as me). That the boy and I can guess that tomorrow when he wakes up, the first thing he will look for instantly is this paper bag with the stuff in it.


For the past few days, I keep hearing about weddings and more weddings. I simply love weddings! This year started off with two weddings that I saw the other day and I love these happy and memorable events especially for the newly wed couples. If you are of those couples who plans to tie the knot this year or are still in the planning stage, you may want to have one of those destination weddings held at a beautiful hotel resort  like Karisma with a beautiful beachfront with white sand beach facing the beautiful setting sun in what they call a tropical setting sharing thie special event with family and close friends to share it with! Oh you gotta plan it well or you can always avail of a wedding planner's services which the hotel-resort may have as part of their wedding package. I sure look forward to weddings even just being able to browse through photos over the net would still be fun. Now there is one wedding whose photos I remember to browse through, I'll check it out now.


I am full from this pizza night that we are having with the boys. The lil boy was most ecstatic when he saw the big box of YC pizza. This is our consolation for not being able to go out tonight because it continued to rain outside so we just decided to have food delived instead. The lil boy was already full with one slice while I had only one and a half... so far!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Been Looking

While I was looking for medicine for hubby's headache, I found the prenatal vitamins left in the drawer which my OB gave me years before. I have been looking for it as I was planning to give that to a friend  before who was planning to have a baby then. I was not actually able to use much of it that time coz I took the ones my sister gave me way ahead before receiving those from my doctor. Those planning to get pregnant should know the importance and benefits of these vitamins that has folic acid, iron and calcium among others. But keep in mind too that before you do buy prenatal vitamins, you should consult with your doctor or your OB-Gyn.  


2012 is basically a story where never before seen solar storms had the earth's core is heating up causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes whose strength has never been experienced before and causing havoc around the world even killing the President of the USA in the movie.And then the world's leaders race to build "arks" that would intend to save a chosen few of humanity. When I first saw this movie, I said it's incredible and impossible especially the circumstances where the lead actor and his family were able to escape. But when I saw it again, I learned to appreciate the movie and it struck me that one of the moral lessons of this movie is to value our family and to treat each day as if it were our last. Say I love you now to your loved ones for who knows what will happen next and if there will still be tomorrow.


I'm starting to get hungry and it is so late at night. This is what we get for having dinner so early and for me having no proper breakfast and lunch today. So now my tummy is craving for something again.I actually had more than enough from that early dinner but I guess it was not enough to make for the two meals I skipped today. I should fight this hunger or those browsing for fat burning products will remind me once again of my goal to lose weight effectively. Anyway, having been able to to skip two meals today, I might as well have the strength and will to skip eating until breakfast tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My sister asked me of I have heard of  proactiv. Her officemate was asking their opinion about acne treatments. I remember I saw an ad about this product sometime ago. It has celebrity endorsements from celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, and Jennifer Love Hewitt which I saw on TV before. It says it is the number one treatment in America. They now have several other extra moisturizers, sunscreens, and other complimentary pieces from what I have heard of and many have imitated their products so it must be good. I have heard a friend's sister used it before and it must have worked because when I saw her sis last year, her face has really improved a lot. What works best for those who have this kind of problem is something they can do some research on and there are reviews sites on this kind of products which they can read on for themselves. I hope my sis' officemate will find the right treatment for her and if it is this product then her worries will go away soon.  


Woke up to another cloudy day yet I am hoping the skies will clear up and the sun will shine upon us just like yesterday. But I like the weather last weekend, cloudy yet it did not really rain and the weather was cool and breezy or at least that was what it was at my sister's place where we celebrated our son's belated birthday party for the kids.

Anyway, I hope it'll just be coudy and not a rainy day. Starting to have colds again. Hope it will go away as soon as possible. I need to work, work and work.

Not That Young Anymore

I honestly will admit am not that young anymore and I have to accept that everyone goes through these stages in life when you start to slow down your movements even have to be careful in moving around coz of some feeling of difficulties of moving our body here and there. There are times I cannot just jump up anymore. Maybe lack of exercise is one major factor but I cannot help but think of the possibility of needing a joint pain relief not for long from now. But I hope I can postpone that later on until I am sure I have the best that really works just in case I really get to need it. For now exercise will help a lot in mobility and keeping fit. Now how do I convince myself to stick to exercising daily? Well that is something I have to motivate myself to.

Off to Dreamland

I could start feel my eyes feeling a little kind of stingy pain and that means it it time to call it a night and doze off to dreamland. the lil boy has slept in the couch behind me and when we tried to lift and carry him to his room, he stirred and said no. He does not like it obviously. We'll let him sleep for a little while longer then we will all call it a night. Still will be very busy later today. Yes today coz it is already Tuesday so early in the morning. Sweet dreams and have a good rest and sleep everyone!

Wish I can Extend It Longer

It had been a long day and yet I still wish I can extend this day longer coz I still need to work since the lil boy has just gone off to dreamland after a long day of play, laughter and sliding. Then out of the blue, I heard the other one ask out loud enough for me to hear, does extenze really work? I dunno what he meant by that but later on I seem to get the idea what he was talking about. If I were to answer that, I would say, let those who've tried it answer that question for us. It was a men's talk at a blog that someone was browsing through and the other just happen to hop into it. Anyway, I'll proceed with work a little while longer before calling it a night. it's actually in the wee hours of the morning. Wish I can extend this day longer or I can wish I can work faster with chores and other things to be done around the house later today.

More Susceptible

While it seems to take forever to open my CW game at FB now coz of a slow internet connection, I decided to check on top treatments for blackhead for my dear neighbor's daughter. I have read that people with oily skin and combination skin are more susceptible to blackheads than others. The teenage girl does seem to have oily skin indeed. Good thing these days, they are possible to treat and cure. They are best treated by removing the causes: getting rid of sebum and dead skin cells from the pores of your skin. So if you are more susceptible to it, then you'd gotta take time to look for treatment cure for it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Never Be Another You

This was a message my dear old friend and classmate since my grade school days, Mercy who is now living in Germany. She lives in another village near our subdivision and during the old days I would go biking and visit her home and have a chat. I was surprised to find this forwarded message from her emailed to me during the holidays but I just happened to have seen and read it a couple of days ago. Never too late to get this message... and am struck with the line "But there will never be another you!" Indeed there'll never be another me nor another Mercy. May we always have happy times in each of our lives from now on and forever. I miss you girl!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learning to Drive

A couple of couple-friends are learning to drive. It must be pretty exciting since it's both first time for both couples. I wonder when hubby and I would probably get to this stage too. I know we have given more priority to a home than having our own car and I'd like to stick to that for now. But if you're a couple planning to get a car and learning to drive, then go for it. it would be nice bonding activity to do things as a couple including finding a cheaper car insurance perhaps just like one of these couple of friends are doing. There are free car insurance quotes you can get online.

These days you've got to find better yet at a cheaper and affordable price in order to save more. Buying the right car insurance coverage and shopping for the most affordable one are important considerations whether you  are buying a new car or used one. Well for us with hubby now, it'll be to save more and more.

7.0 Earthquake Hits Haiti

A 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti a couple of hours ago followed by a 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude aftershock earthquakes. It must be really terrifying coz I heard the quake lasted for a minute. I could imagine coz over the past month, we have felt here some shakes too though they are not as strong as the ones that hit Haiti now but they were strongly felt and thank goodness those did not last as long as this one in Haiti. Haiti  is somewhere below Florida. Currently tuned in to CNN. There was a tsunami watch I think but that has been cancelled after a small tsunami after the quake. Damage had been devastating since their structures there are not like those made with California standards. I read a hospital has collapsed and houses falling into a ravine. Our prayers go to the people affected by this earthquake.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


On a lazy, cloudy Sunday morning I decided to browse through nice selection of blinds and I found nice ones - wood and faux wood. I used to remember my sis and I used to talk which is better - horizontal or vertical blinds. I would go for vertical blinds (either fabric or textured ones) especially when the windows go way down almost to the floor allowing more light into the room and you can be able to moderate that when you wanna more light or dimmer lighting into the room. Select Blinds has a thirty percent off now on orders. I'm gonna check that out. Come on!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Closing CW

At the start of this new year, I have tried to convince myself to stop playing Cafe World and so I am on the process of closing CW by not cooking anymore. I have played this game at Facebook for quite a few months and I think it is time to give more time to other productive leisure time to farming once again!?! Yeah I am reviving my farm but am planning not to stay long on this revival. I really have to be productive with work this year.

In Case of Emergency

You'll never know so in case of emergency, like for exmaple for RV owners like two people I know may just need to have some roadside assistance for their RV and family vehicles which has such benefits as coverage for all household vehicles and unlimited distance auto and RV towing when something happens especially when they are on the road. Specially during this year's summer time when they already have some plans to do a lot of camping unlike last year, they may need to know more about it. I was just browsing about this a little while ago so I am just sharing this to you too especially for Rv owners out there, in case of emergency.

CNN 2009 Year in Review

I am currently tuned in and listening to CNN 2009 Year in Review while I am doing other stuff tonight. Among those featured was Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent who rose to fame, Michael Jackson's death, bombings last August in Baghdad, Sarah Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska, the devastating earthquake that hit Italy, among other news of 2009. I wish this year will be more peaceful, more positive news to remember. More of achievements rather than disasters, or anything that bears bad news.