Thursday, December 02, 2010


My nephew is addicted to the internet and almost everything that you want to know and find in the internet can now be searched easily thanks to search engines right. But my sister is quite worried as to what his son is doing in the computer when they are asleep or not around. You know kids these days are so advanced even at such a young age. It is important for parents to know and control what their children find in the internet. There are a lot of negative influence that young children can find at the world wide web. You need to know about those things they search online.

Parents can track what your kids do online when they use the internet most especially. If only there is a cyber nanny right? So we suggested her to use Key logger or some data extractor that will be able to track and record all computer activity. Even on other user accounts in the personal computer or laptop used. There are also surveillance tools that one can use to know who uses the computer using a hidden camera like those used in stores and even in computer shops and certain offices. Even at home you cna place this at a startegic place to have a perfect view of what you kids may be doing online.

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