Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smart Phone

I have heard a few times about smart phones like this htc desire android smart phone above from some of my friends though I am not techie nor am I have been updated anymore with the latest phones even smart phones. But friends say they love their smart phones and keeps them updated even when they are out of the house and when they are mobile. Hubby has been asking for a cellphone though I still have to know if he will take good care of it unlike his previous mobile phones. As for me, this will be something I'd wish someone would give as a gift!

Love to Sing

I'd love to sing karaoke songs with my sisters and especially with my dad. I was going through some photos during the last time that my sister and her family was here for their short family vacation more than a year ago. I saw those photos when we were singing those songs during our karaoke time in one of our get together simple party in their house here. 

I'd definitely love to sing another duet with her again on new year's eve. I just wish she and her family were here for the holidays but they could only come for their next vacation next year yet. I hope they still have their karaoke so we can sing the night away when they are here for their vacation once again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Anyone would really like to work, save and invest in something valuable and becomes more valuable over the years ahead especially when we want something to secure our family's future. For example, when one opts to buy gold bullion, it has remained valuable over so many years even for centuries and is considered one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power aside from its known ability to diversify investments. It is one valuable and unique investment that we can perhaps consider in leaving to our children one day as a long term investment for their financial security in the future. Anything valuable as an investment like this is truly worth leaving behind to our family and child. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoes for the Nephew

I got the thought that one of my nephews has been wishing for a new rubber shoes for Christmas. They don't really ask for it but his siblings somehow gave me an idea that is what he wants for Christmas. So I started hunting for shoes for the nephew and I saw these Puma shoes and wondered if he would like to have a pair of those. There are actually different kinds and styles of shoes and I just have to know which he specifically prefers so it would be worth buying for him. But I know whatever he would get if ever, he would truly be grateful for the gift this Christmas.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Before I Forget

Before I forget and before I go to sleep, I got to write down some things to do and remember for tomorrow. One of those is to remind my dear hubby that we should probably look for those kitchen sinks that will be amon our choices on our plan to fix the kitchen sink at my parents' house. 

One of my sisters has pledged to finance that home improvement project that we thought my mom would really appreciate us attending to since she is the one who is often at the kitchen and often using the kitchen sink at home. Before I forget too, I got to talk to my mom again tomorrow about some details on this project which we hope to have done by early next year.

Shutting Down

It's rather late at night around here and my eyes seems to be shutting down on its own even before I could shut down my laptop. I started to feel sleepy when the rain started pouring outside a few hours ago. I was still looking for a plantation shutter for a possible replacement for the little boy's window. 

We want to have some more natural light come into the room during the day. Yet the little boy does not like too much light coming into the room. A friend actually told me about this kind of shutter that is made of high quality custom made wood shutter that is said to let you save energy during winter and summer. Let's talk some other time on this shutters while my mind seems to be shutting down right now.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Plans for Next Year

December has just stepped in and yet it is not too early to plan for next year. One of our plans is to work harder so we can save more and explore some means to be able to make an investment. Starting at a little investment may go on a long way and hopefully grow over the next few years.

Thinking of the United States Gold Bureau United States Gold Bureau which time and again is something that reminds me it is good to take investment seriously. My sister once told me about coming across the Wall Street Journal and WSJ says Buy Gold. A sound and solid financial advice for serious investors. So if you do have plans next year to invest, you may want to think about making precious metal investments.


My nephew is addicted to the internet and almost everything that you want to know and find in the internet can now be searched easily thanks to search engines right. But my sister is quite worried as to what his son is doing in the computer when they are asleep or not around. You know kids these days are so advanced even at such a young age. It is important for parents to know and control what their children find in the internet. There are a lot of negative influence that young children can find at the world wide web. You need to know about those things they search online.

Parents can track what your kids do online when they use the internet most especially. If only there is a cyber nanny right? So we suggested her to use Key logger or some data extractor that will be able to track and record all computer activity. Even on other user accounts in the personal computer or laptop used. There are also surveillance tools that one can use to know who uses the computer using a hidden camera like those used in stores and even in computer shops and certain offices. Even at home you cna place this at a startegic place to have a perfect view of what you kids may be doing online.

Earning Extra for Christmas

I was recently contacted through email regarding an affiliate program. I have not tried this ever since but I have heard of a few bloggers who have indeed earned from this kind of work. Doing this kind of work may be new to me but I am willing to explore this opportunity if it means earning extra for Christmas especially for the little boy. 

I came across this health and beauty affiliate network for the second time around and it is said to have one of the highest paying affiliate programs. I wish to know someone who can have indeed experienced it so I can know more and convince myself to pursue this kind of affiliate work. It really means a lot for me to earn some extra money for Christmas.

Giant Pork Chop at Pablo's Steaks and Crabs

I just remembered this Giant Pork Chop at Pablo's Steaks and Crabs as we were trying to find a family guest a good restaurant and he was particularly looking and craving for pork chop. Who wants to be thinking of diet and weight loss pill side effects when you have such a big serving of  this dish with meaty satisfaction guaranteed.

We tried this giant pork chop dish quite a long time ago and I hope the guest won't be disappointed. The last time we went back to Pablo's we did not order this one though. But it would be great to taste it again next time we visit their resto.