Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream of Living in New York

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of having a penthouse suite in the heart of New York City. I'm talking about one of those swanky places that overlooks Times Square while also providing views of Central Park. These are the places that have doormen who greet you when you walk in and call up to your residence when a visitor comes.

Sadly, as I grew older, I realized that unless I hit the jackpot, inherited a billion dollars, or married rich, I was probably never going to be able to afford a penthouse like that. The average penthouse without all the bells and whistles easily starts at $2 million and that is with the slumping housing market.

Even though a small part of me realizes that I will never be able to afford these types of living quarters, it hasn't prevented me from taking a look here and there at the various houses and condos for sale in the Big Apple.

Can you imagine my surprise when I realized that there were actually New York condos for sale that weren't too expensive and had some of my dream apartment accessories. By just taking out a few items, such as an overly large apartment or condo, a panoramic view of New York City and a few other things, I was able to afford a condo in New York City. With just a little bit of planning and investing, I was soon able to afford a lower priced condo right in the heart of Manhattan.

While it might seem a bit far fetched, it just goes to show you that no dream is too big. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to amend your dreams just a little bit. But overall, if you keep trying, you'll be able to achieve that dream no matter how impossible it seems.

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