Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nap Time

I could hear the little boy's softly snoring in the sofa bed. I think I should better take a little nap time for myself while he is still asleep. But my mind is still busy thinking and it takes awhile for me to doze off to sleep. There are times that I really cannot sleep anymore when I lay down on the bed even if my mind is telling me that I should sleep.

I guess my mind is still so preoccupied with whatever I was thinking previously with life's concerns, work or chores that has been set aside still waiting for me. Okay I think I can get some sleep aids that are safe and effective. I have come across the recently as referred to me by one of my dear good friends online. They can help you find best sleeping pills that will help you have a restful night of sleep without feeling tired all the time or otherwise experiencing side effects. I should also consider not eating before bed time as my sister told me it might have an effect to why I could not sleep easily.

Okay now, I could hear the rain started to fall an hopefully that would lull me to sleep as the little boy is still in dreamland. Nap time starts now.

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