Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We do have a mailbox in the gate of my parent's house and I wonder if we can have one for the gate of the apartment so that mails that are left there inserted in between the grills won't have to get lost with people here waiting for their mails that have unfortunately gotten lost or have gotten wet when it rains and no one has taken care of them to give to the respective recipients. 

These extra wide, wall mounted blomus mailboxes would be nice and they are indeed nice looking mailboxes for your home or for commercial places. Their stainless steel mailboxes are made of great craftsmanship plus I like their stainless newspaper holder that matches with your mailbox protecting your newspapers from getting wet just in case it rains even before you can get out to get your mail and paper in the morning. I love the look of these modern mailboxes that would serve also as a decoration to the front of your home of even office or commercial building. 

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