Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Want Fruits

I wanted some fresh fruits now. I wish SM is just so near and that I could ask someone to buy some fresh fruit medley for me or I can go there myself if only I have my sis here to watch the little boy.

Don't you just love having so many choices of fresh fruits sliced and ready to eat every day? Well I do but I cannot stock too many of this for days. If we buy today, we have to consume them immediately or the latest the day after. 

I hope they have delivery though! It would be so convenient! Aside from that of course it would be a lot of help for my diet as if I am taking the most effective fat burners that one could ever find in the market that could actually help me eliminate excess weight. Yes I have to admit I still am overweight for my height even though I already lost a few pounds. I still have to weigh myself again.

I remember a friend went on a diet by eating lots of fruits everyday and no rice for three months. There was one celebrity also who had for breakfast only blended fruits of various kinds and that is all she had  to drink/eat for breakfast. She did effectively lose weight. I'd rather take it slowly though - just lots of fruits in the diet now.

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