Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2010 is still more than two months away. If I am not mistaken it will be on 29th of November this year. But I remember my friend in the US say it is good to shop and scout for best online holiday sales and deals of the year during this time. Some people also say that if you are a smart shopper, you can always avoid the long lines and the large crowd of people yet still find the best bargains and gift ideas online from the comfort of home or the office with good deals on electronics, computers, games, toys, DVDs, jewelry, home and kitchen stuff and much more.

I have something I wanted to buy for our home and I hope that my friend could help me get a good deal with it on this day with that item I wanted to get. Okay don't tell hubby because it is something for him actually so I hope he does not get to read this. But if he does then I may just have to ask him to help me pay for it right? I know he knows what I have in mind that is if he still remembers.

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