Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

I just tuned in to the TV and watched this show at the Lifestyle Network called The Best Thing I Ever Ate from the Food Network. Oh my this show about the best food that one has ever eaten just makes me so, so hungry! I could hear my tummy literally grumbling now.

Looking at the favorite food choices of each of the guest chef, cook and cooking show hosts who were featured, oh well I want to taste all those food that they love eating most. I could give up diet for the food there are always some fda approved diet pills that could help me lose the weight I need to lose in case I feel I need to make up for whatever I will gain. 

But definitely one needs discipline. You can eat the best thing you've ever eaten but not as often I guess. That way if in case your fave food may be a little heavy on the what not to eat too much then you won't have any worries on health and gaining weight at all.

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