Friday, September 10, 2010

10 Hospitals With Facebook Fan Pages You Should Join

You are going to learn 10 hospitals with Facebook fan pages you should join but what sets these Facebook fan pages apart from the ones put up by other hospitals? The successful components of a hospital Facebook fan page are rather consistent. Here they are along with 10 hospitals that use them exceptionally well.

A Custom URL

A custom URL seems like such a simple thing but it is a crucial element of any popular Facebook page. When a hospital tries to spread the word about its Facebook page then it needs to be able to give a URL that people will remember. If a hospital took the time to create a URL you can remember this is a sign that this might be a hospital Facebook fan page you should join.

A Good Profile Picture

This is another seemingly simple element but it is crucial. Hospitals that put effort into creating compelling and attractive profile pictures are probably going to put just as much care and attention into the rest of their Facebook page. This is just one more indicator that you should consider joining.

Activity On The Wall

When there is activity on the wall of a hospital Facebook fan page then you know that the moderators of the page put work into it and probably keep their own posts coming. You want to join a Facebook page when there is always something new being posted. You don't want to join a Facebook page that is created and then essentially abandoned. You want one that is frequently active and updated so that you can always be in the loop with what is going on at the hospital or whatever more worldly issues the hospital wants to bring to your attention.

Stay Involved And Current

One of the worst things anyone can do with a page like this is to check out and forget about it. To keep people interested in the page and the hospital there have to be new posts and new information all the time. The following hospital Facebook fan pages take this message to heart.

10 Hospital Facebook Fan Pages You Should Join

The Facebook fan pages of these hospitals make use of all that Facebook has to offer and they do it well. They do not create these pages and then passively hope that people will join. They make concerted efforts to keep all those who join informed of what's going on with the hospital and to encourage more people to join.

1. St. Jude Children Research Hospital
2. Mayo Clinic
3. Dana Farber Cancer Institute
4. Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center
5. Cleveland Clinic
6. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
7. Blair E. Bastion Hospital for Children
8. Children's Mercy Hospital
9. Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
10. Arkansas Children's Hospital

These are 10 hospitals with Facebook fan pages you should join. Each provides a steady stream of information that you can benefit from. And each one employs a targeted strategy to keep you coming back to the page on a regular basis.

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