Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Lieu of Using Curtains or Blinds

Hubby and I had a quick talk about possibly changing the curtains with one that we can slide to one side during the day. The one we are currently using is just in place and may just be tied when we gather it in the middle but it won't slide since it was just hang tied to some wires. There is a Christmas decor on top of the curtain that has been there whole year round and which we did not taken off since it would so much of a hassle already.

Hubby suggested though why not use the rolling blinds instead but I am hesitant to use that since the little boy might keep on playing with it until it will be damaged. He likes playing with the blinds in one of our fave resto and that blinds is similar to what hubby and I initially has in mind.

There is one option though that I am also interested in that is in lieu of using curtains and blinds. That option involves window tinting just like the one in the photo which then might eliminate the idea of having any more curtains in our front window. I was looking into this window tinting lynchburg which would give us a clear view of the outside from now on. Our front window is covered almost all the time with a curtain. Their 3M window films offer fade as well as solar protection and increase comfort for your home as it gives you natural light and view of the outside. 

We still can put a thin white curtain though if we like but this time one that we can slide to the sides and put back in case we really need privacy. But I also like the idea of not having curtains if we can assure ourselves that people outside cannot see us from outside just like those tints used in the cars or some offices for privacy inside. The night vision film which I am interested in is good for protection from solar heat gain, and glare too. Let's see what hubby and I can decide once we have the budget for this home project lined up for now.

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