Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cleared and Cleaned

Finally one of the helpers and caretakers around here in the apartment has helped us get the front space of our unit cleared from those growing and creeping vines plus those extra oregano plant that makes it a little difficult to clean and maintain the front space in our area. I cannot devote too much time cleaning our front area everyday and so I asked the caretaker to cut the branches of the tree outside. He said the neighbors next door may be moving out soon and I guess no one will be needing too much of that oregano plant they planted before which they use as natural medicine for cough for the children. 

I am happy the area at the front looks cleaner now. It looks better though I wish we can put new and "cleaner" soil in there. There seems to be a lot of snails out there since it has been raining lately around here. Well now we just need to tie up that bending tree to the fench so we can use more space for hanging clothes when we do the laundry. Thanks to the caretaker Gene for his help!

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