Monday, August 30, 2010

Addiction to Bubble Explode

I may have already given up all the games at Facebook the last of which was Farmtown and so far successfully snobbed all the other new games. Now I somehow have this slight addiction to playing Bubble Explode a game that hubby placed in my iPod Touch. But you should know that I rarely get to use my iTouch since the little boy has somehow claimed ownership to it. Then there is hubby who would sometimes take turns playing with it with the little boy.

The Bubble Explode game is very simple, you just touch at least two bubbles with the same color and they will explode. The more bubble you explode, the higher the points. Very simple. But this game helps me destress somehow when I want to clear my mind from my work. Currently my score is at 4.2M. My little boy managed to reset the game I first started when the score was already more than 400,000. I just play it  for a few minutes before I go to bed or when we are outside with no wifi and waiting for something. Another waste of time maybe but it helps me relax my brain somehow even for a few minutes just playing it. But no I don't really waste to much time in it all day long unlike the other games at FB before.

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