Monday, August 30, 2010

Addiction to Bubble Explode

I may have already given up all the games at Facebook the last of which was Farmtown and so far successfully snobbed all the other new games. Now I somehow have this slight addiction to playing Bubble Explode a game that hubby placed in my iPod Touch. But you should know that I rarely get to use my iTouch since the little boy has somehow claimed ownership to it. Then there is hubby who would sometimes take turns playing with it with the little boy.

The Bubble Explode game is very simple, you just touch at least two bubbles with the same color and they will explode. The more bubble you explode, the higher the points. Very simple. But this game helps me destress somehow when I want to clear my mind from my work. Currently my score is at 4.2M. My little boy managed to reset the game I first started when the score was already more than 400,000. I just play it  for a few minutes before I go to bed or when we are outside with no wifi and waiting for something. Another waste of time maybe but it helps me relax my brain somehow even for a few minutes just playing it. But no I don't really waste to much time in it all day long unlike the other games at FB before.

Worth Investing

I really want to invest what ever little savings I might have in the bank right now to make the most of it rather than just let it stay there dormant if I may call it like that. If there is something that is truly worth investing for me now and which I am really interested to try for the very first time is to buy gold coins. Time and again experts in precious metal investments have said that gold aside from being a unique investment is more stable than the paper currency that we have and its worth become more valuable as time goes by so I think this is something worth investing with the money I have worked hard for to save.

Feels Like Sunday

I feel like it is Sunday today instead of being a Monday that is a regular holiday here. It is also quiet on the streets. Maybe people are at the malls or at the beach perhaps. Maybe because most of the working people will have their payday tomorrow yet so today they are just at home probably resting for it really feels like Sunday today given this long weekend holiday.

Productive Day

I think it has been a very productive day in terms of my work as a WAHM. I am thankful I got to finish almost all of the tasks. I also got to take time out to have our lunch out. It served as the break for my mind so I can think anew when I go back and sit down to finish the other pending tasks. It is a good start of the week. Classes will resume tomorrow so I hope hubby and I can do the errands that we were not able to do today with the lil boy at home.

Investment Idea

Looking for an investment idea? Have you ever though of trying to make that interesting and unique investment in gold coins, silver coins or in gold bullion perhaps? Many may be surprised with this kind of investment idea.but when you learn more about this kind of investment, one would realize that this is indeed a great potential investment that you will benefit from later in your life. Gold bullion is a very unique investment to make but for many, many years it has been regarded as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. So if you want a good investment idea then investing in this would be a good one for sure.

Calling It A Night

With the little boy still sleeping, I might as well be calling it a night! I have done most of the work that needs to be done. Though there are still some that needs to be finished but I think it can wait till later in the morning. I just need to catch up with lack of sleep lately. We cannot abuse our health all the time. We need to give it a rest as robots and machines even need to rest too. 

Good night peeps and have a great week ahead!

Marine Engine and Boat Engine for Boat Enthusiasts

A few months ago we attended hubby's company outing by the beach. I recall how the lil boy got so fascinated seeing a big boat well it seems like a yacht to me which was parked next to the beach resort where the outing was being held at that time. There were also a few speed boats that passed by and am quite surprised that the number of boat enthusiasts that we have here in the city over the recent years. 

Speaking of boats, I happen to recall coming across US Engines Inc which is truly for boat enthusiasts as they provide customers with affordable, reliable and durable rebuilt Marine engine and Boat engine that are guaranteed to last long for a variety of vehicles. They do have high quality Marine engines that improve driving performance and support safety. Being in this kind of business for twenty four years, they have been committed to giving the best service to their repeat customers with best technicians in the industry. They do provide professional engine installations which are available in house. You just have to call them for availability and particular price rates for each vehicle. So for boat enthusiasts out there who do have concerns on marine and boat engines, you know now where you could go to and they do look forward to working for you.

Cheap Insurance Quotes

There is always that constant reminder for drivers to drive safely and never use the cellphone while driving plus never take for granted to focus on the road when driving fast. Another reminder is that life is short and it is best to have a ourselves insured aside from our cars. You know after watching the first part of a movie last night that was shown on HBO involving a car accident where the scene was showing a father and son driving on the road with the son on the wheels and they were talking alternately to the mother on the cellphone. Then suddenly another vehicle driving fast overtakes them and then the accident happened when the car which overtook them suddenly swerves and it was too late for them to see the parked car on the road. 

Accidents like this happen almost everyday somewhere. It's a tragic reminder for us not to take our lives for granted. Better be insured.There are lots of cheap insurance that we can avail of and are being offered out there now. One can easily get cheap insurance quotes online these days as fast and easy as 1-2-3! From quotes for life insurance, to health insurance, home insurance and even to getting quotes for a cheap auto insurance, you get them at CheapInsurance123. Just make sure you don't sacrifice quality to get a better pricing. You still need to get the best benefits from the insurance that you'll invest in even if it's at a cheap and affordable cost.

What's Wrong

I wonder what's wrong with one of our host servers which has been having some problems lately. It gets in the way of doing my work fast since there is an error that comes out once in awhile. It could really test my patience especially when I am in a kind of hurry trying to beat deadlines so as not to waste those work opportunities. Hope whatever is wrong will be fixed soon.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Investing in a good kind that is stable and beneficial in the future has been on my mind for months now. I know a lot of people are also trying to make the most of their savings from hard earned money and put it in a good investment that they won't regret getting into. I have often read and come across bullion and the possibility of investing in it may it be in gold or silver. While others prefer to invest in gold coins or silver coins, there are also some investors who vary their investment portfolio by investing in solver bullion as well as in gold bullion. It does sound like a very big kind of investment to make but if you are a serious investor then making that decision won't be hard as long as you are educated on how this kind of investment works. The United States Gold Bureau maybe a good resource that can help you with this kind of investment and they can help educate you as well so go check them out now.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I Envy Right Now

What I probably envy right now are those people and friends who are already sleeping. The little boy has gone off to dreamland more than an hour ago. I could hear him softly snoring and it lulls me more to sleep actually right now. 

It is already quiet here and it has been a busy Saturday. Though am happy to be able to squeeze in a few hours to have lunch with the boys and have an overdue haircut for the lil boy at the mall. I wanted to eat ice cream too right now but am fighting the urge to do so coz I know I might end waking up in the morning with a sore throat. That is the least I want to happen. But then again I want to sleep now. 

Maybe I'll have to call it a night for now. It has been a productive day somehow beating deadlines. Good night everyone! Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow! Have fun with your families!

Online Tutoring

Math has somehow been one of the subjects in school that some if not most students have a difficulty with. When I was in school still, some of my classmates who excelled in English had difficulty in Math then vice versa too those who excelled in Math had some difficulty with the English subject as well. But there are a few ones who did well in both subjects. Well that was just a common observation way back then.

Those times there were no online tutoring available yet as far as I know. But these days given the advancement of technology and easy access to the internet for most people especially student, there are services offered such as this Online Tutoring from TutorNext for K-12 and college with the cheapest rate where they say you can take the next step to academic success. Availing of their services, students can connect to a tutor as often as they need help and just when they are ready to learn.

If you have kids who have difficulty in Math, they can help you by tutoring them with their 5th grade math as the tutors are available 24/7. Your kids will be able to improve their math grades with the help of those tutors at their own pace on a one on one kind of tutorial. How I wish there was this kind of service way back then. But at least now I know where to go when our little boy in the future will need an Algebra solver perhaps.

Linear programming is something that may be difficult to students just as it took me time to learn this during my time unless you are one of those math wizards as we use to call it. One of the many online tutors can help you with that. Just ask a question, you can get an answer and connect to a tutor for free and they can help you in solving different kinds of practical problems.

So if you need help solving Math or Algebra, find online tutors available anytime at you kids and students convenience and they are also affordable. You can even get to ask question online by just typing a math question on their site. It's Math made easy so that your kids even those in college won't need to be in despair with their worries in their math subject.

Long Weekend

It's another long weekend for most of the people here. It starts with yet another cloudy Saturday. while it was raining last night already. But am not letting my spirits down. There are lots of things to do in this busy weekend for me being blessed with work and opportunities. Thank you to generous blogging friends!

But I have to find time to go out and have a bonding time with the boys today. Plus hubby reminded me that he needs to go back to the specialist. Yet remembering later he need not go back today after all since the result was negative and he just needs to continue with the medications prescribed to him for his allergies triggered by the rainy weather this time around. 

Okay so let's all enjoy the long weekend despite being busy. The little boy is busy with his Backyardigans while hubby is tinkering his blogs as well. As for me, I have due tasks to finish! We can't let them expire!

Have a great, long weekend friends!!!

Entertainment From Online Casino Games to Practical Guidebooks

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Finally, there are a number of yoga and pilates classes, and other workout regimens, available online. This makes it easy for those of us on the go to squeeze in a workout or relax after a long day, whether we're in a hotel room or in the comfort of our own home.

Eat or Sleep

Eat or sleep? If you are torn between these two options, what would you choose? Right now, I want to sleep for I am truly so sleepy already. Yet I am hungry and that bread pieces at the dining table is calling out to me to eat them right now! Maybe I would just eat and maybe it will give me a little more energy to work tonight even for just a little bit more. This is not good but I have been busy with the fun day at school with the little boy and so much of my time supposedly spent on work was spent there yesterday. It was an important day for me and the little boy to have some precious bonding time together at school for almost the whole day. Okay I am giving in to taking a few bites of that bread. Hope it will wake me up a little bit. Come on let's eat!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great Countertop

While waiting for hubby to finish preparing and to get us going on our day off, I found this large and beautiful kitchen with great countertop made of granite in a picture of a home that I was browsing through. Definitely it added beauty to the kitchen in that modern home, making it distinct from other kitchens I have ever seen before.

The motto "We Do the Jobs Right the First Time" makes this supplier of granite countertops Richmond fulfill their goal to always provide great satisfaction to all their customers. They do provide their valued customers with the highest quality of natural engineered stone products available.They also guarantee that they can serve their value clients through their hired talented and professional craftsmen as well as by using the latest technology. Clients have been impressed by their ability to fabricate granite, marble and a complete line of quartz products. Plus their exceptional inventory of full granite slabs which comes directly from Brazil, India, Italy, Spain and Turkey.They will always guarantee their quality and assurance of customer satisfaction that you can count on.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Half Day Off

No longer our day off but this will be hubby and mine's half day off. We are going out to have for ourselves and enjoy the special non-working holiday in the city to celebrate the festival in the city ~ the Kadayawan Festival. I am still waiting for hubby to finish taking a bath. I dunno where we are going actually. But I want to look for a stand lamp that might be on sale now in a certain store just near our place. Then maybe an electric stand fan not as powerful as our 3D turbo industrial fan so that we can turn off the aircon and use the fan during certain times of the day when it isn't that hot since we are going into the BER months already.

Then maybe hubby and I could go for some coffee and dinner out perhaps. Nothing special. We just want to enjoy the rest of this day looking around the various activities in the city maybe. Thank goodness my sister was still able to come even if she was almost four hours late. Now they are playing Fishworld with the little boy. This is not totally a day off since when we would be back we will still finish the laundry as we have just set the timer until we come back later. Okay wish us fun! Hope it won't rain too tonight!

For Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Looking outside it is but another cloudy day here. While waiting for my sis to babysit our little boy as hubby and I take our day off, I decided to check on  A friend was looking for a carpet cleaning Portland OR after her little boy spilled some food and drink on their carpet. She said it could drive her crazy with no help at home and lots of chores waiting to be done. It could make me freak out too knowing there too much cleaning more to do with that.

Thank goodness for cleaning services that helps us make cleaning carpets easy for us these days. If you are looking for the ultimate carpet cleaning and water damage restoration professionals in that area, then BenchMark is the best help you have in that area. They are great in cleaning, repairing and restretching carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, tile & grout, as well as restoring and drying flooded and water damaged homes and businesses throughout that area. You can always call their friendly customer care coordinators. 

Tweet Dreams

Tweet dreams is what I sometimes tweet as I bid my friends good night at Twitter. Now I need to sign off and get some rest. I will just try to continue my work later in the morning as I need to sleep now and hopefully the little boy will not wake up and just continue his sleep as well till morning.

Good night friends! Tweet dreams! :)

Labeling Needs

Now ordering parking permits is easily done online and is offered at competitive price. You can also design and order online your own parking hang tags as well as parking stickers by simply just following the simple steps which you can find at MaverickLabel. They are made of premium quality for indoor or outdoor use. You will have them within a week's time.They use the latest technology as a label source known for its quality and good customer service for about sixteen years now.

You can ask for a quote online for your labeling needs as well as make your order online too for your convenience. They do the rendering and proofing also online. You can even just order one label which happens to be their minimum quantity for orders. They will be very willing to help in many ways when it comes to label design, making suggestions for based on your needs and preference. They will guarantee your satisfaction with our products a hundred percent. Along with this guarantee is an offer of a prompt refund or replacement of your labels in case you are not satisfied. So if you have labeling needs for your company or personal use perhaps, try them out.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creativity of Our Little Boy


This is our three year old little boy's creativity as he makes and forms these toy building blocks as what he would often call as "elevator". Hubby bought these colorful building blocks for the little boy to stir and  make him explore his own creativity just like what they do in school. We are looking for more toys such as these one that would help him explore and be creative. Better than car toys which he used to like so much when we would go to the toy store.

In Lieu of Using Curtains or Blinds

Hubby and I had a quick talk about possibly changing the curtains with one that we can slide to one side during the day. The one we are currently using is just in place and may just be tied when we gather it in the middle but it won't slide since it was just hang tied to some wires. There is a Christmas decor on top of the curtain that has been there whole year round and which we did not taken off since it would so much of a hassle already.

Hubby suggested though why not use the rolling blinds instead but I am hesitant to use that since the little boy might keep on playing with it until it will be damaged. He likes playing with the blinds in one of our fave resto and that blinds is similar to what hubby and I initially has in mind.

There is one option though that I am also interested in that is in lieu of using curtains and blinds. That option involves window tinting just like the one in the photo which then might eliminate the idea of having any more curtains in our front window. I was looking into this window tinting lynchburg which would give us a clear view of the outside from now on. Our front window is covered almost all the time with a curtain. Their 3M window films offer fade as well as solar protection and increase comfort for your home as it gives you natural light and view of the outside. 

We still can put a thin white curtain though if we like but this time one that we can slide to the sides and put back in case we really need privacy. But I also like the idea of not having curtains if we can assure ourselves that people outside cannot see us from outside just like those tints used in the cars or some offices for privacy inside. The night vision film which I am interested in is good for protection from solar heat gain, and glare too. Let's see what hubby and I can decide once we have the budget for this home project lined up for now.

Cleared and Cleaned

Finally one of the helpers and caretakers around here in the apartment has helped us get the front space of our unit cleared from those growing and creeping vines plus those extra oregano plant that makes it a little difficult to clean and maintain the front space in our area. I cannot devote too much time cleaning our front area everyday and so I asked the caretaker to cut the branches of the tree outside. He said the neighbors next door may be moving out soon and I guess no one will be needing too much of that oregano plant they planted before which they use as natural medicine for cough for the children. 

I am happy the area at the front looks cleaner now. It looks better though I wish we can put new and "cleaner" soil in there. There seems to be a lot of snails out there since it has been raining lately around here. Well now we just need to tie up that bending tree to the fench so we can use more space for hanging clothes when we do the laundry. Thanks to the caretaker Gene for his help!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too Many Distractions

Even if I wanted to focus on work even for a few hours each day, there are always some little distractions and sometimes there are just too many distractions like Facebook, Twitter, The Backyardigans playing on TV, and other things that go on around me. Sometimes I just want to go off and have my own "office" somewhere even for just a few hours each day. But where? I simply don't know! But one thing I know now, I just want my son to get bored and get over with this Backyardigans marathon watching. Even as I take a nap their song seems to keep on playing in my mind! I need to have some quiet time around here and stay away from those distractions.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's Invest

If there is one thing that I want to encourage people right now in terms of financial decisions is that they must save and let's invest them. If there would be any of you out there who may get interested and would like to buy gold eagle coins. They are said to be the only bullion coins whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the government of the United States. They are also said to be easy to buy and sell. So if you have the enough financial resources to make such kind of investment then let's invest then! It helps too to find a good precious metal specialist who will help you out in the process.

Anlene Concentrate

I missed drinking the Anlene concentrate milk in choco flavor. I have been a milk drinker almost my entire life since my mom always made me drink milk and I cannot go on with a day before without drinking milk. Now after I gave birth though I stopped drinking milk totally basically to save and just allocate my share for my son's milk. But recently I tried the Anlene concentrate since it is said to contain four time more calcium than the regular milk making up 65% of our daily calcium needs. The choco flavor reminds me of the chocolate drink that my son used to drink. I am gonna buy Anlene again soon and I hope I'd remember when we get to go to the grocery.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Easily Locked

I need to buy a new door knob that can be easily locked. One of our keyed door knobs has not been working well for months now. Only hubby can lock it so far though I am still thankful for double locks and other security latches that we still keep our home safe and secure. But we need to replace it with a new knob that can be easily locked without any particular ritual and pulling with so much effort.

I like the egg shaped ones know but it is only a passage or dummy knob set that has no lock. I need to find something that has a lock and can be easily locked. I'll do some window shopping online for that now! Come on!

Monday, August 09, 2010

MM Time

Right now, what's on your mind? ::: Having brunch! We woke up late. Well we actually slept again this morning when hubby came home.

List 10 things you expect from a good friend.
::: Honesty
::: Understanding
::: Loyalty
::: Good advices
::: Practical and realistic advices
::: Love
::: Patience
::: Will stick with you through thick AND thin
::: Will celebrate life with you
::: Will pray for your good at all times!

What's something you've done that you wish you hadn't? ::: Let my food cravings make me gain weight. I should have remained physically active but with the way things were running at home then, I rarely get a chance since to have much free time to exercise.