Friday, July 09, 2010


I am worried just like any mother when their little boy is sick and quite not feeling well. The little boy has just thrown up when we were supposed to go to a dinner out with my two boys. I kept praying more since we got home and the little one complained that his tummy is aching. 

Now I hope I won't get that too stressed that those rather big zits will pop out again somewhere in my face anytime now. In fact as I was looking into this pronexin, I felt and saw two zits, one in my left cheek and the other one in my chest. Worries add to stress and obviously it affects your body too not only my face but I feel like am not feeling well too but I just have to fight it and be strong for the little boy who at least is active at this time. 

Lord please heal the little boy for whatever is going through inside him now. The last thing any mother would want in her child is for him to be sick.

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