Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unused Make Up

I found unused a pack in one of our cabinets with a little make up collection given by my sisters, friends and office mates before. Some are still good to be used but since I am no longer working in the office so I don't get to use them anymore and I am a person who is not really into using making up. 

I wish though there is this concealer that I found which I hope will make a good wrinkle filler. I feel I need one right now. But there are so many choices of such product when i tried to look for one online yesterday. But as we know only a few are actually worth the money we pay for it. We need one that is truly effective at the right price.

Actually the stress of the past few days is taking its toll on me plus the endless house chores and hubby's duty schedule is not favorable to me and my work here.I have so little time to do all things in a day. But I cannot let the stress get into me. I am already not feeling well but I cannot give in to being sick since there is no one else to take care of the little boy now.

Now since I found this make up anyway, I suddenly though why not try using some of those still usable and just make myself pretty now. I may not be going some place else with a still rather sick boy tagging along but I think we can do a quick photo shoot just like what I did with the little boy yesterday. Now he can be my photographer and I can be his model and I'll just be my own make up artist. Now wish me luck!

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