Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time for a Little Pampering

Since I have an excuse for the reunion yesterday, I got my time for a little pampering in the hair salon yesterday. This is a rare treat so I cherish this one so much even if it rarely happens. Thanks to the staff in the salon who were very accommodating. I got some time to chat with the one who did my hair treatment. I was looking at him while he did his job on my hair and I appreciate their skill, talent and effort in making my hair look good for the event I attended yesterday.

I wonder if he had any formal schooling like those offered by the Florida cosmetology School that brings a unique approach to cosmetology education to new market today. Beauty salon is a good business and I just recently learned one of my former classmate in high school has a beauty salon of her own. They need staff form those who graduated from good cosmetology schools like the Regency Beauty Institute which are recognized and sought after in the US. I even heard of someone who did his schooling in the US before opening his own salon here in the country. 

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