Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's a Thankful Thursday ~

::: I am thankful for the financial blessings that I have recently received. God provides and He is a great provider as long as one works hard.
::: I am thankful that I was able to pay off all our utility bills from my very own earnings for now. But I am more thankful that hubby promised to reimburse it all so I can still add it back to my savings.
::: I am thankful that we have all surpassed thye tummy aches we had last week. I am so happy that the little was not admitted and he is well now. We truly pray that whatever bugged his tummy last week, it's gone forever and will never ever bother him again.
::: I am thankful for the inspiration and motivation that friends has been sharing and giving to me when times get tough and difficult to understand.
::: Thankful for the rain and praying it will ease out the water shortage in places that are affected by the water crisis. Let there be more rain but no flooding, more water supply and no more water shortage. 
::: I am thankful to my sister who came to baby sit for me today. 
::: I am thankful for my daddy who despite his age is ever helpful to my and my boys when we need help and assistance.
::: I am thankful for all the blessings and opportunities that continues to come our way.
::: I am thankful to hubby and the little boy for their love, hugs and kisses that makes my day complete! :)
::: I am thankful for what ever positive change that has come his and my way. 
::: I am thankful to online friends who are ever generous and helpful when it comes to opportunities. Thank you and you know who you are! God bless you more!

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