Friday, July 23, 2010

Planning on a New Home

We have been planning on getting a new home for quite sometime now. While we already have a home it is located too far from hubby's work. We are not sure if we will sell it or rent it out yet, but we are wanting to move to a spot that is closer to his work. Now we are spending some time looking at some house plans for our new home, which will be better located. We know from our old house some of the things we don't want in our new house, as that is how it goes, you learn from living.

Anyway, I have been browsing through the beautiful home plans of HDA, Inc. and it is so inspiring for us to make a house plan of our own that would fit our lifestyle. Their top selling home and project plans number well over ten thousand, and there are some truly beautiful choices. It was easy to search the homes using their search tools. If we don't find a particular house plan that meets our taste we can have a house plan drawn up from scratch by the company's professional design team. The result is a totally customized home plan based on the size of home we would like as well as our other personal preferences and requirements such as the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms we would like and so forth.

By the way their popular log plan home style also caught my interest. I am not sure if hubby will agree but I love their designs. Well we still have some time, but I am sure we will be able to find just the right home for me and the boys.

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